Sylvie Van Der Vaart

Sylvie van der Vaart Hunkemöller Hottie for The Season of Lingerie Givings

You know of my special crush on Dutch model and all-around girl I'd like to skinny dip with in an inflatable pool with slow leaks, Sylvie van der Vaart. I doubly admire women who pull through tough medical times to keep on keeping on in the visual wonderments department, continuing to bestow her heavenly hotness upon the world like a sweet lady Santa incarnate.

Featured in the Hunkemöller lingerie catalog just in time for Christmas, if you were thinking about picking up some Flemish fancy undergarments, this is the perfect opportunity. As for me, I'll take the lady showing them off. Take her somewhere far away where nobody can hear my pleads and begs, and sobbing should the begging part work. Sylvie so hot. Enjoy.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikinis in Blue for the Killer Wrap on a Week of Hotness

Another day, another sweet bikini peek of Dutch model and TV hostess Sylvie Van Der Vaart in Miami. I guess she packed a whole bunch of bikinis for her vacation, the kind of multi-bikini vacation we've come to lust here at Egotastic! God forbid she'd have to wear the same bikini twice in a week with so many oglers giving her their Herculean eyeball attentions.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart has climbed our charts this week from 'Hey, who's that hot Dutch chick again?' to 'Holy hot bodied moms, Batman, Sylvie is flashing her tight body on the beach again!. That's quite a climb. I'd love to be directly below her as she makes it. Enjoy.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikini Hotness Parade Continues in Miami

Consider me more than impressed by the hot-bodied sights of Dutch model Sylvie Van Der Vaart this week in Miami. Consider me turgid. The exotic TV hostess from Flanders has been showing off something fierce this entire past week in the South of Florida and it's left something of an impression. Like, Sylvie, now that you've dumped your past big time soccer boyfriend, would you consider a lonely blogger who can drink an entire gallon of whole milk in one sitting? It's an impressive party trick that will dazzle your friends. Just imagine the hot tender passion we'll make after I'm done vomiting.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart bikini candids are becoming a very much anticipated part of my daily ogling routine. Just look at that hot mom. Enjoy.

Sylvie van der Vaart Sextastic in Silky Thigh-Highs for Hunkemöller

This Dutch girl is really starting to grow on me. I'd prefer to reverse that arrangement. Sylvie Van Der Vaart is all kinds of wicked Eurasian hot and showing off again these days and it's making me feel like a young boy in the pool again just discovering that kicking my legs in a certain direction feels much better than it should. Oh, can it.

Featured in the new Hunkemöller lingerie shoot, Sylvie shows that her beauty is more than skin deep, it's sextastic in lace and quite crazy hot in exhibition for the explicit purpose of selling lacy black undies. I can't possibly think of a higher calling. Enjoy.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikini Pictures Bring Dutch Treats to Miami Beach

We do so love our Dutch ladies. Well, we love all ladies from all corners of this spinning orb, but after seeing model and TV hostesss Sylvia Van Der Vaart being one super hot mommy on Miami Beach, I'm feeling a good amount of Dutch love today.

You may recall that Sylvie is one of the heroic breast cancer survivors we double laud on this site; she also happens to be a single mom as far as I know, so, I've got my fingers cross and my Rosetta Stone set for that impossibly confounding language of her native land. All I really need to figure out how to says is, 'Excuse me, Miss, may I snap your thong?' The language of love should suffice after that. Enjoy.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikini Pictures Continue Their South of France Dominance

Dutch hottie model Sylvie van der Vaart continued to dominate the diamond and pearl set down in St. Tropez over the weekend, with a multiple bikini weekend that featured both blue (above) and purple (below).

And while I use colors to define Sylvie's weekend, I really should use expressions of sentiment, profound feelings such as 'damn', 'dang', 'hot damn', and 'drool' to better describe the visual wonderments of this little blonde spark plug and her ridiculously hot body. I could get used to having a girl like Sylvie van der Vaart around my abode. I'd even remember to lower the toilet seats. And then hand her a wash cloth as a mint as would be my bathroom attendant responsibilities. Oh, Sylvie, please come live with me in your brightly colored bikinis. We could be so happy together, I mean, I could be so happy while you try to figure out the locks on my door. Enjoy.

Sylvie van der Vaart Bikini Parade of Hotness in St. Tropez

While we certainly reveled in our trip to New York City this past week, I can't imagine our East Coast digs quite provided the same visuals as those available along the French Riviera this time of year, where Europe's finest looking ladies are assembled to finish off their summer tans.

Sweet luscious model ladies like Sylvie van der Vaart, the Dutch sextastic who you may recall we already admire for her struggle and survival over cancer at a far too young age, to re-blossom into one simply seductive beach going woman in two bikinis over the past two days in St. Tropez.

Mother Nature can be as benevolent as she can be harsh at times. The dualities of life. We focus on the blessings, as they come in such wonderful shapes and sizes. Enjoy.