Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers Topless Pole Dancing Career Has Begun

Sydney Leathers Topless Pole Dancing Pics in Long Island
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Now, I know what you’re thinking. You did not see this coming from Anthony Weiner sexting partner turned Vivid sex tape starlet Sydney Leathers. But, quite out of the blue, Sydney had begun her topless dancing career with a gig on the main stage in Long Island over the weekend.

I’ll leave it to you to decide just what denomination of dollar bills you’d be stuffing in her garter, but suffice it to say, the gig is more lucrative than political blogging or being lied to about career opportunities by a former Congressman. If I had boobs… oh, dare to dream. Enjoy.

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Sydney Leathers Topless Bikini Exhibition On the California Coast

Sydney Leathers Topless in a Bikini on a Beach in California
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You might have thought Sydney Leathers fifteen minutes of fame were up, but, nobody told Sydney Leathers that. With what appears to be a newly enhanced top, Sydney made her way to the rocky shores of one California beach for a little bikini top-off flashing of her new hooters.

To be fair to Sydney, what do we really know about her? She’a naughty, she likes making the sexy between the sheets, she’s not easily ashamed, and she’s got big new funbags. You could mock her for that or just consider how much fun you’d have with her on a weekend camping trip to the woods. I’m a boob is half full kind of guy so I choose the latter. Enjoy.

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Sydney Leathers Looks Bigger(er) in Her Stars and Stripes Bikini

Well, I’ll say this, you couldn’t miss Sydney Leathers this weekend in Miami in her stars and strips bikini.

Celebrating the downfall of her former sexting partner, and what appears to be maybe some upticks of her own, Sydney got into her American flag two piece to honor her nation and be impossible not to notice along the South Florida shoreline.

She’s just bigger than before. Much more of Sydney to love, everywhere.  Enjoy.

Sydney and her adult video peer Teen Mom Farrah Abraham have both been in Miami promoting the new Vivid Gentleman’s club. That’s a couple of grown up celebrity sex tape powerhouses right there.

Do You Have What It Takes Be an Egotastic! Intern Like Sydney Leathers?

Sydney Leathers Was Not the Best Egotastic! Intern Ever

Do you find yourself lacking anything resembling grace or dignity or the ability to add simple numbers to other simple numbers? Do your friends like to remind you that they only hang out with you because your sister is hot? Do you find your career counselor reminding you that roadside work crew is not a solid career plan? Then an Egotastic! internship might just be right for you.

Summer is dead and gone and it’s time for Fall/Winter internships at Egotastic in our breathtaking Los Angeles offices or our breathtaking New York offices, proving clearly that I do not know the meaning of the word ‘breathtaking’.

You must be a current college student and you can’t be a total dick. Partial jerks are fine if you resemble a 1970′s Suzanne Somers and you feel the strong need want to do whatever it takes to make your daddy regret not loving you. Also, you should at least be able to lie reasonably well about having work skills and never having been arrested for a felony.

If you’ve got the right wrong stuff, send your letter of interest to

Also, include a resume showing all the awesome fake jobs you had in the past and the children you saved with your charitable efforts and then lie about things you’re really good at. Like not ending sentences in a preposition. Please be aware that there is a good chance you will see nekkid women during the course of your internship. My mom hates to wear clothes during the autumn. Enjoy.

Sydney Leathers Sex Tape ‘Weiner and Me’ Is Extremely Pornorific (Not to Mention NSFW) – Exclusive VIDEO

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Well, the second shoe has officially dropped. Along with the rest of whatever Sydney Leathers was wearing when she filmed this second part of her Vivid sex tape experience, the first being her touchy feely photoshoot. But, this bit of sextastic pornorific excellence, well this is the stuff Anthony Wiener himself could only have imagined. And I am quite sure he did. Right down to the squeezing, grabbing, and plunging of the Congressional staff into Ms. Leathers. It’s quite the thing.

If you happen to love sexting girls from Illinois rising to national infamy, turning that notoriety into both a chance to take down a famous politician AND get shtupped like crazy on film, then you really must get the Sydney Leathers sex tape and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes to watch for about the price of a Starbuck’s tall annoying coffee. Sex tapes always support Fair Trade policies in South America. Enjoy.

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Sydney Leathers Talks Anthony Weiner Naughty Habits in 2 Random Minutes with Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Sydney Leathers Spares No Details About Weinergate!

We really had a blast meeting Sydney Leathers. She’s not what you’d expect to be when you first read about a young woman caught up in a phone sex scandal with a married politician. She was remarkably smart for a person who made a, let’s be generous, not so smart decision. She’s also rather open and crudely honest when talking about Anthony Weiner and the scandal. So much so that I was blushing half the time she was talking. When she started pushing her new online service,, I got really red in the face, though I did check it out.

Take a look at listen to the uncensored details of Weinergate with Sydney Leathers in our brief rapid fire lazy man’s interview that takes but a few minutes. Don’t forget to hide the children first.

To learn much more about Sydney, you can also check out her official website and, of course, her nekkid photo shoot and touching time sex tape is available through

Sydney Leathers Topless Showoff Previews Her Self-Pleasuring Sex Tape

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As we await the arrival of Sydney Leathers into our own humble abode, we of course had to take a sneaky peek at her fine amateur work for our good friends at Vivid, purveyors of intimate portraits of ladies having a good time. We can see why Sydney Leathers was the greater among equals for Anthony Weiner and his Carlos Danger online persona.

Anthony liked to tell Sydney how nice her chest yams were. Now we finally get to see for ourselves. And, if you avail yourself of a few small bucks to purchase the sex tape, you can see Sydney finger diving into her own feel-good happy times. Submerge. Submerge.

(You can get Sydney Leathers sex tape and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes to watch for about a buck less than a Carl’s Jr. six-dollar burger. Plus, watching Sydney and Farrah and Kim Kardashian getting it on won’t give you gas. I love a bargain.)

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