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MSM Sexy Fleshy Weekly Review Includes Kate Bosworth Reprising Susan George, Viva Bianco, and News of a Topless Sarah Silverman (VIDEO)


Quite a week this has been, what with the FBI redirecting precious resources to uncover who took nekkid pictures of Scarlett Johansson (just to save some time: Scarlett took them of herself) and with the movie world switching from summer junky fare to serious heavy Oscar drama, it would be so easy to completely dismiss the majorly ogleable skin-tastic celluloid available in theaters and home viewing with a preview of the weekend courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s flesh-for-the-eyes fare includes Kate Bosworth reprising the infamously topless role of Susan George in the original Straw Dogs, Viva Bianco flashing the bare barkers in X, and reports from the Toronto Film Festival of a topless Sarah Silverman. Enjoy.

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Kate Bosworth to Reprise Susan George Classic Topless Role in Straw Dogs (VIDEO)


Straw Dogs is just one of my absolute favorite movies ever, which of course means not only excellence in cinematic achievement, but the presence of sexy celebrity nudity, in this case, the amazing 70′s screen boobtastic queen, Susan George. Well, leave it to the Hollywood imagineers to reboot this classic Sam Peckinpah film, which I suppose is okay, albeit completely unnecessary, but they have cast the fetching Kate Bosworth to reprise the role of the heavily ogled and eventually taken against her will Amy Sumner character in this devious film. My only concern is that Kate Bosworth needs to start eating and but quick, because it’s really hard to imagine the ripefully luscious performance of Susan George being replaced by a waifish thing actress of modern day Tinsel Town. We shall see. Enjoy.

Here’s the vibrantly hot, but all-too slender Kate Bosworth legging about L.A. yesterday. Sexy, but too thin?

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And, here’s a clippy snapshot of my sextastic celeb crush of a bygone era, Susan George, in the original Straw Dogs as the pokie and boobtastic Amy Sumner.

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