Summer St Claire

Summer St. Claire Topless Lingerie Striptease Heats Up the Joint on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


I look forward to the summer time each year if for no other reason than to have reason to check out the latest hottest photos from the seasonally named sextastic Summer St. Claire, who never disappoints, only excites, in her outrageously alluring lingerie striptease shows.

If only there were a similarly bodacious topless female form named Spring, Winter, and Fall, then we could have all of our equinox topless needs on topic. Still, endless Summer remains a very viable option, especially given the tingles the glamorous model is able to deliver with her fetching smile and that to-die-for body. I can imagine being its protector, if not inspector, or just fondler, in that order of preference. Bless you, Summer, and all the smiles you give the world. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Summer St. Claire Teasy Topless Bodysuit Goodness In Some Lucky Building


How come I never get home to find girls the likes and form and sextastic of Summer St. Claire stripping out of their little workout things in my living room. I once came home and found the neighbor lady who has my emergency key eating all my cereal, but that's not the same. She wasn't super hot, just super high. No, it's this delicious treat of a glamour model I want to find bestowing her visual gifts with preens and poses and funbag dangling when I get home from a hard day's work. Okay, so it's not all that hard, still I would be extremely polite and appreciative and even use my fancy words around Summer. Hot topless girls deserve fancy words.

On this humpday of the week, we like to celebrate all that jiggles righteously in our hearts and minds and retinal cones that make the dreams all possible. Summer St. Claire more than fits that bill, she completes it. Huzzah!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Summer St. Claire Topless Red Lingerie Wonderments Make Me Squeak


Oh, happy day is here again. It's Friday, that day of the week named after Fridiggity, the Norse god of drinking whatever six pack is on sale at the Safeway store. How could you not honor the god of that? I know I won't be a heretic this week. It's the final day of the work week or school week or just the day you get mustard and cheese sandwiches in your cell block mess hall. So let's raise a glass and toast one stellar pair of funbags courtesy of the ridiculously sextastic Summer St. Claire.

While it may only be Spring, let us not forsake the grooviness of Summer and her epic curves falling right out of her little red lingerie something something. Summer has made a few changes to her appearance, but nothing so dramatic that I can't recall the precise topography of her flowering puppies and precisely where I would initiate motorboat activities. A man without a plan is no man at all. Thank God It's Funbags!

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

Summer St. Claire Divine Teat Pulling, Err, Tractor Pulling Goodness


I'm not exactly sure why the sweet blonde hottie Summer St. Claire is laid out next to a red tractor, I only know it matches the bikini top she used to be wearing before she reached her next stage of visual excellence. Oh, man, that body on Summer makes even the loneliest of farmers feel a little more loved out in the fields.

On Thursdays, we like to celebrate the roundest, finest, most motorboating good funbags on this third planet from the sun. I think we're third, I don't know, my grade school dioramas were always less than stellar. But Summer St. Claire, a tractor, and a fertile field needing to be plowed. I'm ready to start my engine and take to being fruitful. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

Summer St. Claire Lingerie Pictures Deliver Silky Bits of Sweet Heat

People often say to me, 'Bill, you owe me money.' A little less often they say, 'You only love girls when they're nekkid.' Which by the way is a total myth, mom. So can it already. I love women. I happen to love hot women a little more, but the heart wants what the heart wants. But I can find more than enough pleasure in the sight of a clothed, hopefully only slightly, perhaps even little bits of silkiness, woman like Summer St. Claire.

We are routinely blessed to see Summer's boobtastic bare blessings, but today I am discovering a fully-throttled lust meter ticking away for Summer in this mini-pictorial for Loaded magazine. Perhaps I am growing and maturing as a man. Though I highly highly doubt that. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Summer St. Claire Topless Garden Hotness for All Your Outdoor Needs


You know how I feel. Endless Summer when it comes to the delightfully bodily talented Summer St. Claire. I do take great pleasure in seeing the British girls get out in the garden beneath the sunshine, which for them is about as rare an occurrence as for us here in the U.S. to see models with their tops off in the first place It's a climatological and prurient leering win. And Summer does not take her opportunities lightly. Just look at her special treats.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the sacred and the profane in the finest female forms on the planet. Summer St. Claire delivers on both accords. I could not be happier, unless I was reincarnated as that lawn she's currently sitting on. You wouldn't necessarily see my smile, but it would surely be there. Huzzah!

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

Summer St. Claire Topless Stripping Down to Nylons in The Bedroom of My Dreams


Welcome back from your Christmas revelry. Hopefully you're on the beach somewhere reading this, even if it's just because you staggered toward some body of water last night before passing out from tryptophan and cider. But if you're in the place of work or study or cracking rocks for the next two decades, then you doubly deserve this post-Yuletide gift of the gloriously hot Summer St. Claire stripping out of her boudoir clothing and down to her little silky underthings sans top.

In this More Than Nylons photoshoot with Summer, the whole fantasy world begins to spin if you happen to be into sextastic bodacious bodied women in shiny little things and less hanging out in their bedroom window. Count me in that group, I'm guessing most of you too. Unlike Santa, I don't have a specific list to work with. I'm going to just assume you were all naughty this year and deserve this gift of Summer. Enjoy.