Summer St Claire

Summer St. Claire Lacy White Lingerie Dreams

Summer St. Claire makes me want to be a much better man. Nothing that would take too much time or effort, but maybe shave more often or rescue a cat from a tree instead of watching it from the ground and yelling ‘Jump! Jump!’. She’s just so damn alluring whether in her original blonde or her often new found brunette.

Zoo magazine had the bright idea to put Summer in some clothes, albeit lacy white lingerie, and get her posing and preening for maximum lust inducement. I’d say it’s working, at least on this end. Wow. I’m not sure what I’d do were I to come home after a long day of three hours of work and find Summer like this crawling across my own faux Berber carpet, but I’d probably start with a faint just for good measure. Followed by mumbling, drooling, and catatonic staring, all to let the lady know, oh, yes, I’m ready and available. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo Magazine

Summer St. Claire Topless Teasing for Warm Feelings in Winter

Summer St. Claire Teasing In A Yellow Chair
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Granted, it’s 80-degrees here in Tinsel Town, but I do realize that the rest of the Northern Climes are experiencing something more typically known as winter cold. I’ve read about it, it sounds horrible. Nevertheless, there’s nothing like a sweet bit of Summer teat to warm the cockles during the hibernation months, like a warm fire in the hearth of the hotties. Summer St. Claire was blessed with a name and a body that designed to cut through the stalagmites and stalactites like a hot knife through gonadal butter. If she can’t melt the ice on your anatomical windshield, you’re probably ready for the ice floe to Valhalla.

Christmas is my most favorite of holidays both for the feeling of closeness among family and friends, and the extra serving of chipped beef on toast they’d serve at the honor ranch where I often vacationed as a youth. You throw in a wicked fine Summer St. Claire stripping down in her rumpus room, and you have the makings of one perfect holiday. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Summer St. Claire

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Summer St. Claire Removes Her Top and My World Goes to Happy Pieces


It’s always Summer somewhere. I should amend that to say, I’m always ogling Summer St. Claire somewhere, year round, because I happen to have a thing for hot brunettes with perfectly divine funbags who love to strip on camera. I know, it’s just me. What? You too? Well then you’re welcome to enter the Honeycomb Hideout of hotties I’ve made my life’s work.

Summer St. Claire reminds me that you don’t even need particularly good lighting if you have one stellar fine female form and some lingerie that doesn’t stay on for very long. Oh, those delicious passion inducing teats on Summer St. Claire. Just so motorboatable, even though that’s technically not a word though it clearly should be. She inspires my head to the left and the right in rapid fashion whilst making outboard engine sounds. No doubt. Summer, you’ve once against helped us conquer winter. Bless your entire body of work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Summer St. Claire

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Summer St. Claire In A Sexy Topless Striptease Shoot

Summer St. Claire Topless Striptease Photoshoot
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The spectacularly sexy Summer St. Claire let her funbags out for some air in this topless photoshoot. She starts out wearing one of those Southwest-looking shirts they sell at the Santa Fe airport. Then she decides to slowly take it off. We then get to see those glorious ta-tas. Summer’s knockers are something special. They are the kind of boobies you want to buy dinner and then motorboat until dawn. Summer has got some lovely smooth skin which makes you want to feel up them boobies all the more. She’s looking all coquettish, like “Oh, look, my bosoms flew out. Do you like them? Tee hee.” It’s all so very sexy. I do like a good tease now and again. It keeps things interesting.

As long as the end result leads to boobies flying around it’s A-OK with me.

Summer St. Claire Topless in Pink Lingerie for Our Summer Season Send Off Soiree of the Sextastic

Summer St Claire Peels Off Her Pink Lingerie for a Topless Shoot
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Summer, we barely knew you it seems. The season of bikinis and sweaty tops and shorts and toned long legs and beach going boobtastic, it’s like we only just began. Thankfully, while you and I might be back to the perma-grindstone with the change in seasons, the sextastic celebrities we track like eaglets are pretty much year round frolickers and exhibitionists with extensive vacation dollars and bikini collections.

To mark the official end of summer, we take a look naturally at the naturally amazing wonderments of Summer St. Claire, stripping down in her pink lingerie to reveal her seasonally named bounty. Of course, we ogle and pruriently leer at this particular Summer all twelve months out of the year, as does her body faptastic so warrant. If only we knew a similarly fair maiden named Fall I could really make something poetic out of this post. Alas, weep yet over Summer. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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Summer St. Claire Topless Lingerie Striptease Heats Up the Joint on a Ta-Ta Tuesday

Summer St Claire Strips Topless in Sexy Blue Lingerie
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I look forward to the summer time each year if for no other reason than to have reason to check out the latest hottest photos from the seasonally named sextastic Summer St. Claire, who never disappoints, only excites, in her outrageously alluring lingerie striptease shows.

If only there were a similarly bodacious topless female form named Spring, Winter, and Fall, then we could have all of our equinox topless needs on topic. Still, endless Summer remains a very viable option, especially given the tingles the glamorous model is able to deliver with her fetching smile and that to-die-for body. I can imagine being its protector, if not inspector, or just fondler, in that order of preference. Bless you, Summer, and all the smiles you give the world. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Summer St. Claire Teasy Topless Bodysuit Goodness In Some Lucky Building

Summer St. Claire Topless Treats in a Blue Bodysuit
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How come I never get home to find girls the likes and form and sextastic of Summer St. Claire stripping out of their little workout things in my living room. I once came home and found the neighbor lady who has my emergency key eating all my cereal, but that’s not the same. She wasn’t super hot, just super high. No, it’s this delicious treat of a glamour model I want to find bestowing her visual gifts with preens and poses and funbag dangling when I get home from a hard day’s work. Okay, so it’s not all that hard, still I would be extremely polite and appreciative and even use my fancy words around Summer. Hot topless girls deserve fancy words.

On this humpday of the week, we like to celebrate all that jiggles righteously in our hearts and minds and retinal cones that make the dreams all possible. Summer St. Claire more than fits that bill, she completes it. Huzzah!

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