Suelyn Medeiros

SueLyn Medeiros Bikini Pictures Drop Some Serious Asstastic in the Bahamas

Say what you will about Brazilian model and reality show honey SueLyn Medeiros, but what we have to say today is that she has one fine beach body, including a booty of extraordinary visual wonderment.

If there were an objective scale to measure the hotness of butt-sides, and, we can’t believe science hasn’t invented such a device yet, on a scale of 1 to 10, SueLyn would score an ’11′ just for her ability to wiggle and jiggle ogling males into utter catatonic submission.

You throw in some suntan lotion and this really isn’t a fair fight at all. Enjoy.

Suelyn Medeiros Topless Sunbathing in St. Tropez for Ta-Ta-Tuesday Happiness

Suelyn Medeiros Glowing Topless Pictures
Asstastic and Boobtastic!

Oh, to be young and hot and topless and kind of bonkers. That is the life.

Our favorite nutty Brazilian boobtastic slash asstastic reality show starlet and model hottie Suelyn Medeiros took full advantage of libertine French laws, flashing her bare top for the benefit of the all over tan, not to mention us all-over oglers whose jaws dropped at the site of the oily, tanned, amazing-bodied hottie. When she’s not drunk driving down Hollywood Blvd. or picking fights in the streets, this is one fine looking specimen of femdom, and we are damn glad to be able to share her flashing hot fun parts with you. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros Flashes Thong Clad Badonkadonk in Barbados

Is it possible to love a woman for just her amazing dumper? SueLyn Medeiros is our test case for sure. 

It seems like every time we see Brazilian born model SueLyn Medeiros she’s either been in an accident, the subject of some investigation, in the midst of lawsuits and sex tape releases, or filming her reality show pilots, with all of the former explaining the latter. But, once in a while, we do get to see that for which we truly do appreciate this kookie but altogether asstastic ‘Latina Kim Kardashian’ — her epic trunk.

And there’s good junk beneath that thong SueLyn was flashing down Barbados way on vacation with some new man, to new to yet even count as the latest boyfriend, but flashing all kinds of mind-blowing bottom views. Enjoy

SueLyn Medeiros Exhibits Pure Hot Sexy (South) American Curves in Latest Pictorial

She’s only been in the U.S. a relatively short time, and SueLyn Medeiros already has an infamous booty, a track record of banging rappers, a celebrity style DUI arrest on Hollywood Blvd. in a damaged Delorean, a reality show in the works, and a leaked sex tape. She’s really hitting all her marks.

And while there is so much questionable about this Brazilian model turned big time fame seeker, there is nothing in doubt about the body on this Sudamericana transplant, with curves that seem to go on forever, hence, her recognition and pictorial in American Curves magazine, celebrating all things female S-shaped. With a body like that, I suppose it’s really just a matter of time before a girl gets herself into trouble. Enjoy.

BREAKING NUDES, ERR NEWS: Suelyn Medeiros Sex Tape Leaked According to TMZ



You remember SueLyn Medeiros. The Brazilian model with the Kardashian-challenging asstastic who got snookered up and sideswiped a bunch of cars in her Delorean this past summer along Hollywood Boulevard. Yeah, that Suelyn Medeiros.

Well, now, there’s a sex tape out of the up-and-coming starlet at and according to our breaking gossip news partners at TMZ, SueLyn is claiming the sex tape was purloined from the clutches of she and her boyfriend who were just bent on making some very bent private video art. It’s so very hard to tell in these situations who is telling the truth. Every celebrity sex tape comes with similar disavowals from the celebrities claiming it is being released against their will, only to more often than not discover the celebs themselves are taking in a piece of the action for showing off their pieces in action.

No way to know right now, but we’ll keep your abreast of any and all SueLyn Medeiros breast-related news type developments. Enjoy.

(NOTE: We’re not in any way suggesting viewing or purchase of this video, links are provided merely for informational purposes. We’re not connected to the distributors in any manner.)

Suelyn Medeiros Flashes the Asstastic for Upcoming ‘Culo’ Photo Project

Well, the last time we saw SueLyn Medeiros, the Brazilian-born model with the fantastic asstastic was working on getting said amazing rumpside in shape, following a summer of police and probation stemming from crashing her Delorean into several cars along Hollywood Boulevard. Well, with legal maneuvers still pending, SueLyn is still being recognized for her amazing backside junk, as her trunk will be featured in the already infamous Culo photoshoot by photographer Raphael Mazzucco who is assembling some of the finest badonkadonk in Tinsel Town for his coffee table book of ass-artistry. SueLyn was on hand at the swank Hollywood party over the weekend to celebrate the visually stimulating project, flashing a nice preview of the epic pics to come.

We just love a story with a perfectly curved ending. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros Offers Up Potentially the Best New Booty in Hollywood

If you’re not familiar with the finer works of Brazilian-born model SueLyn Medeiros, then perhaps you’re familiar with her less polished efforts, such as when she got arrested this past summer for knocking back a few then sideswiping some cars in Hollywood with her Delorean (and the subsequent giggling DUI arrest caught on tape by our friends at TMZ).

But, that unfortunate incident is behind SueLyn Medeiros now, I mean, now that she bailed herself out, and she’s back to doing what she does best, flouting that big behind every chance she gets, including on an L.A. hike in some form-fitting spandex, showing off one of the rounder finer junk mounds in all the land. Is this the new Buns-Hun of the future? It’s quite possible. And far safer shaking it’s way up a hillside hike than behind the wheel of a speeding Delorean, most definitely. Enjoy.