Suelen Carvalho

Suelen Carvalho Topless Bikini Striptease Puts the Coppertone Girl to Blushing Shame (VIDEO)

Suelen Carvalho Golden Topless Shoot for Bella da Semana
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We had so much fun with the double delights of Brazilian model Thais Dornelles the past few weeks that we decided to double dip in the Brazilian big-breakout modeling world with Suelen Carvalho, courtesy of EgoReader ‘Jam’ down Rio way who insists that nobody in the world has hotter tan lines.

And tan lines indeed the brunette Sudamericana does have in all the places where the bikini was beneath the sun, before she removed it to flash her stellar body and some nipples that look just like Milk Duds (okay, so I’m horny and hungry, it’s horngry, and guys, I know you know what I’m talking about).

Do please check out Suelen Carvalho, then let her know what you think on her just burgeoning Twitter feed. Blow her mind and tell her Egotastic! sent you. Enjoy.

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