Stephanie Fantauzzi

Maggie Grace’s Butt Wins Quick Glance Award in This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


And the skin flashes just keep on coming on the little box.

While we've come to terms with the fact that Maggie Grace will not be flashing her bare body on Californication, an unhappy trend for the show that their bigger named stars do not flash the funbags, we do genuflect if only to get a better view of Maggie's bare bottom in this week's episode. It's quick, but it's a short-lived dose of asstastic.

Along with a healthy shot of hottie brunette Stephanie Fantauzzi in Shameless, the dramatically sextastic girls of Banshee performing more more more topless scenes, and another batch of Greco-Roman love wrestling in Spartacus: War of the Damned, well, the boob tube had a plenty fine week indeed. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum More Awesome Topless Moments Highlight This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


Season 3 of Shameless has been a great Renaissance for the faptastic topless shots of Shameless star, Emmy Awesome, who makes everything better by being hot and without any clothes on. In this past weekend's episode of the anti-social comedy, Emmmy once again flashes her petite framed bare goodness in yet another display of why she's the most desirable woman on the small screen, IMO.

Joining Emmy Rossum in this week's Boob Tube Roundup, a brief brief shot of super Shameless sultry hottie Stephanie Fantauzzi, whose reps obsessively want everyone to know that Stephanie doesn't do topless scenes because they live in 1950 or something, and a couple more hot skin scenes from the HBO/Cinemax drama, Banshee, featuring some casual nekkidness and fun bag fun time views. Yep, the small screen remains much hotter than the big screen, so dig in. Enjoy.

Boob Tube Roundup Includes Weronika Rosati Topless in ‘Luck’ and Jessica Pare in Naughty Bra and Panties for ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere (VIDEO)


As the weather gets warmer, so do the temperatures rise on our favorite sextastic cable television shows, with this past weekend offering up a bevy of boobtastic wonderful courtesy of these just-for-the-grownups small screen gems.

This week's boob tube roundup includes a bittersweet hello and goodbye to the equine misfortune that was HBO's short-lived Luck, with topless beauty Weronika Rosati, a memorable season premiere of Mad Men featuring Jessica Pare being as naughty as one can be on basica cable, Anna Wood toples in House of Lies, returned after a brief hiatus, and a bunch of other must-see small screen skinematic clips from that little box that gives us so much hotness these days. Enjoy.

Boob Tube Roundup Includes Some Serious Greco-Roman Vengeance and Some Air-Brushing Nekkid Love (VIDEO)


Editors Note: Images of Stephanie Fantauzzi have been removed from this post at the request of somebody allowed to make such requests..It's a shame, cause she's hot.

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Kind of a half-boat of premium cable goodness this past weekend, with Californication and House of Lies still dark, and some of our other favorite small screen fleshtastic friends yet to start their seasons. But, never count on great things getting boinked by small packages on screen, including this week Hanna Mangan Lawrence in another rather epic B.C. making of the sexy, and Stephanie Fantauzzi, who though some people in her very own camp may not find ogle-worthy, we believe to be one of the bright up and coming hotties in Hottieville, with another sneak peek of her sextastic being air-brushed in Shameless. Enjoy.

Weekly Boob Tube Roundup Features Some Stunning Topless Newcomers to the Little Screen (VIDEO)


Editors Note: Images of Stephanie Fantauzzi have been removed from this post at the request of somebody allowed to make such requests..It's a shame, cause she's hot.

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OMG!, as the kids who steal my mail like to say when they see my collection of magazines. This week's Boob Tube Roundup includes not one, but two new actress sets of amazingly wonderful perky pairs to introduce to the lexicon of small screen sextastic. Sarah Power in Californication provides some epic new mammarial views, as does Hanna Magnan Lawrence in Spartacus, and then some repeat uber favorites in Camilla Luddington, once more proudly displaying her British boobtastic and Stephanie Fantauzzi in Shameless, exhibiting some cheeky nip and, well, hot cheeks. Enjoy.