Stana Katic

The Man of Steel’s Women: A Tribute to Lois Lanes

Behind every good man is a  great woman, or something. Well what if you are a super Man? That’s gotta be a more-than-super woman, right?

No, it’s not Superwoman…or even Wonder Woman, for that matter, it’s just brash big city reporter, Lois Lane. In animated, live-action, and made-for-TV forms, Ms. Lane has romanced the man of steel while also trying to figure out his secret identity. Sure, she’s usually cute and all, but she’s not the best reporter, having never grasped the fact that Clark Kent is just Superman with glasses and a suit. Oops.

Sharp or not, Lois Lane has been played by a fair share of hotties, both past and present. Among them: Teri Hatcher, Christina Hendricks, Stana Katic, Kate Bosworth, and Erica Durance

Mena Suvari and Stana Katic Lead List of Hotties at Beverly Hills Hotel’s 100th Birthday Party

I should mention, by way of name dropping, that I have been to the Beverly Hills Hotel before. I took a date. It was so expensive that I skipped lunch and ate a bite of my date’s sandwich when she was off powdering her nose, or, you know, phoning her girlfriends to tell them to phone her back in five minutes so she could pretend she had an emergency to get to to end our date. And when the valet told me the charge for my car was $37, I did a quick scrap value calculation and told him to keep the car. That was a fun day.

But, now, the grand old hotel that used to be the hottest place for married actors to go icognito bang their sidegirls back in the day, well, she’s turning 100, and there was a big party for that monumental occasion and several Tinsel Town hotties showed up for the event, but none hotter than the twin pairing of Mena Suvari and Stana Katic, both of whom put on a low-cut-dress exhibition worthy of the special occasion. I wish they had been my dates. I wonder how much it costs to park a limo there? Enjoy.