Stacy Keibler

Shailene Woodley and Emma Stone Lead List of Hotties at National Board of Review Gala

Let the hottie-packed galas continue. 

Last night, the National Board of Review, which from my understanding is a Board that Reviews things on a National level, was reason for a whole bunch of Tinsel Town A-listers to formal party it up in New York and start the season of thespianic self-congratulations in regal style. More important to our cause, the event brought together a sextastic assemblage of Shailene Woodley, the young hottie from The Descendants, Emma Stone, Stacy Keibler, Keira Knightly, and Naomi Watts.

So, basically, the evening mimicked one of my more recurring sexy celebrity fantasies, only with designer gowns instead of sadistic leaning leather lingerie, but essentially similar. Enjoy. 


Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Others at The Palm Springs International Film Festival

Stacy Keibler and Cindy Crawford Cabo Stroll Hottie Celeb Sandwich

Don’t you hate when you get a new romantic interest and suddenly you have a whole bunch of new friends in your world not necessarily of your choosing? I mean, sure, some of them might be cool, but there’s at least one chick who just hates you for no obvious reason, right from the get-go. Okay, so maybe she’s pulled your rap sheet or credit history or something, but that’s not really playing fair.

However, if you happen to be the statuesque sextastic Stacy Keibler, once you start banging George Clooney, you pick up Friend of George, veteran supermodel, Cindy Crawford, not a bad pull indeed. The two strolled the beach of Cabo this week, down South of the Border on a joint friends vacation, like the veteran and the up-and-comer super hotties just talking about whatever the heck it is super hot women talk about.

I’m sure some life advice was given, or maybe just tips on how to flash more asstastic in short shorts. I’d like to think it was the latter. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker and Stacy Keibler Form Two Pieces of Epic Threesome at Video Game Awards

Double hottie statuesques Brooklyn Decker and Stacy Keibler were both in attendance over the weekend at the Spike Video Game awards, and while their appearance was hardly earth-shattering, outside of the obvious hotness, I must say this struck a chord with me as Brooklyn and Stacy are my current go-to threesome fantasy pillars.

Sure, let the women think that guys are always thinking about other girls; but deep in the recesses of every man’s libido, where our fantasies have their own fantasies, is the much grander ideal of the perfect threesome. Sure, the chances are tantamount to winning the State Lottery twice in a row while being struck by lightning in betwixt, but statistical science has nothing to do with the devious male mind. And threesomes courtesy of tall, hard-bodied sextastic celebrities like Brooklyn Decker and Stacy Keibler, well, they can never take that delicious thought away from you. Enjoy.

Stacy Keibler Wraps Her Long Sexy Legs Around a WaveRunner

Down Los Cabos way along with the likes of fellow statuesque model, Molly Sims, the new girlfriend d’jour of George Clooney and former wrestling sextastic, Stacy Keibler hit the beach down south to play and play hard. The statuesque and flawlessly hot bodied Keibler mounted a jet-ski to ride the ocean blue like the best looking dolphin ever (never have we wanted so badly to make the sexy with an ocean going mammal). Stacy Keibler bikini pictures are tough enough to emotionally handle in a mature manner, Stacy plowing through the white spray, just too much for us not to giggle with boyish exuberance. Enjoy.

Stacy Keibler Bikini Candid Reveals the World’s Luckiest Dog

No, not George Clooney, though figuratively speaking he is in fact the world’s luckiest dog, we’re talking about this lucky black Spaniel looking pup serving as the living plush toy for the bikini-clad awesome hotness that is Stacy Keibler. A dog may be man’s best friend, but you know if the dog had a say, he’d choose woman. Enjoy.

Stacy Keibler Red Carpet Body Fantastic (With an FHM Hotness Kicker)

Yes, we’re still jealous of George Clooney for knocking boots with a Noah’s Ark full of the world’s finest hotties, but there’s no denying we’re in lust with his current sex squeeze, Stacy Keibler, she of the incredible bodywork, looking all kinds of ogle-worthy at both the premiere of The Descendants and also a cancer fundraiser event the night before.

And, just because we love our readers and they lust Stacy Keibler, we added in the pictorial from the pro-wrestling hottie’s stunning run in the current edition of FHM South Africa. Stacy Keibler is multi-purposed and multi-lust inducing. Like a tower of hotness just waiting to be scaled. Enjoy.