Stacey Poole

Holly Peers and Stacey Poole Play Topless Twister for Nuts April 2014


Holly Peers and Stacey Poole play the game of Twister we've all been dreaming about since we were teens. The two boobtacular ladies took turns playing the classic boardgame and feeding each other Hula Hoops in what looks like my grandmother's basement rec room. Holly Peers' flesh melons are perfectly shaped and firm while Stacey's sweater hams have more movement to them. Either way, it must be heavenly to be pressed between those four bits of glorious mammary tissue while reaching for right hand green. In one pic, the girls look like they are about to kiss. Is there anything hotter than two girls kissing? I submit that there is not. I remember buying a Twister game for a party when I was 19. I fully expected it to turn into an orgy with a spin of the dial. Instead my friends and I just played while the girls ignored us.

But I can look at these pictures and dream of what could have been...

Humpday Huzzah! Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher Topless and Showing Off for Happy Visual Times


Oh, how I love it when the girls get together for a little funtime showtime of their faptastic female forms. Busty glamour models Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher all got into the same room at the same time to create an octet of funbags that has me running for the hills then quickly back down again and a couple more times back and forth before I was calm enough to view these photos without hurting my computer screen.

These lovably luscious ladies are lending their unique talents to a brand new and trophy award deserving pictorial in Nuts magazine and generally just making a ton of men feel happy to be, well, men. Okay, you Sapphic leaning ladies and Michelle Rodriguez can certainly ogle as well. This part is for everybody as we celebrate reaching the midpoint of the work week. Boobs on! Huzzah!

Stacey Poole Hits the Heavy Bag and Pours Water on Her Funbags For Workouts The Way They Ought To Be


I tend to change gyms a lot. And not just because of bad locker room reputations. I just assume the next one will always be better. It never really is. But then, none of these gyms have ever featured the likes of Stacey Poole boxing and pouring water over her enormous sweaty melons. Sure, I've seen some attractive women in spinning class and the other classes that have names that sound really healthy and fun. But I've never quite seen anything like that before.

I'm not saying this type of funbag display would be right for every potential gym member. I'm only saying you only need to show me Stacey once, tell me she'll be back again someday to do the same, and I will never ever leave. I'm a very simple consumer. Enjoy.

Stacey Poole Topless Striptease on an Office Chair Just Plump and Perfect for a Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Many women tell me they have the fantasy of being naughty in a very formal office with a professional gentleman. I mean, I've only ever really spoken to about five women in my life, two sober, but this seems to be popular among that limited experiential set. I wonder if they see it going down like Stacey Poole, removing her clothes on a high back leather chair and demanding some sort of castigation, if not gentle tickling with a feather until she confesses to something juicy. But I digress.

On Tuesdays we like to honor all that is round and glorious and without end, like the fantastic sweet melons on the beautiful Stacey Poole. Were it not for faptastic funbags, this would would be a dark place indeed. I shudder to think. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling, Chanelle Hayes, and Stacey Poole Topless Monthly Mammaries Kick Off 2014 Calendar Season


If you don't think Christmas is starting earlier than earlier each year, then you haven't seen my mailbox already stuffed with holiday buying guides here still in the month of September. Retailers live and die with their Yuletide sales, so it only makes sense they want a full 3-4 month window to move all their merch during the season when even the Grinchiest of bastards ends up buying half a dozen gifts.

And if you happen to be a gift giving bastard, you could do worse than to bestow upon a cherished friend or love one the blessings of the boobtastic in the annual glamour model topless calendars. And, don't you know, we've got a preview of the first few epic 12-months of funbags rolling on down the line.

Melissa Debling (above) won't just cover your wall, she will help do that yourself as well, her 2014 calendar looks just crazy hot as usual.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Stacey Poole and Joey Fisher Topless Hands Love Is Ever So Beautiful


There really is no greater gift a woman can give another woman as covering her bare boobs with her hands. It's the gift of hand-bra, and knowing that those hands will eventually drop away, well that makes it a great gift for all of us.

Seeing Stacey Poole and Joey Fisher, two wickedly fun brunette sweethearts, getting along so physically famous in these outtakes from their recent Nuts photoshoot, well, I'm about to cry. I can only hope these two gal pals set an example for the rest of the world, lay down your arms, literally, and start caressing some sweet melons. On this blessed Friday, I imagine a better place for all of us, made that way two catty topless girls at a time. Thank God It's Funbags.

Humpday Huzzah! Stacey Poole Aims for the Jugulars In Her Topless Office Striptease


Oh, boy, we unleashed something of a fury with our glamour model showdown ho-down send me letters free for all. So let's call this my last blind submission. And blind is what I would be if I spent any time around the unfettered massive mammaries of British model Stacey Poole. Those knockers could level a hi-rise in less time than the 2400 lb. wrecking ball. Throw in the ginger top, and you know all my weak spots are being tapped.

This Humpday when trapped in the office, why not a visual of the stunning wonderments of Stacey Poole stripping down in the office. In the very least, it certainly seems professional. Huzzah!