Stacey Poole

Stacey Poole And Joey Fisher Topless Babes in a Bed

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Nature has yet to invent a beauty equal to the not so mysterious wonder of two hot topless girls playing with each other. Really, I’ve seen the waterfalls and canyons and mountain peaks and rainbows, this is really tops. Bless you Stacey Poole and your BFF Joey Fisher for reminding me of the pure passion inducing power of even slightly faked lesbionics. There’s nothing fake about my feelings, I assure you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to express myself emotionally and I’m not super comfortable doing that in front of others. It takes a real man to admit his girlish feelings. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo Magazine

Thank God It’s Funbags! Stacey Poole Glasses, Boots, and a Whole Lot of Topless Boobtastic

Stacey Poole Topless in Stockings and High Boots
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There are a few things that just get me rolling in the kink department no matter how cliche. But few, I mean, somewhere on the order of four thousand and a couple. Including girls in boots, girls in stocking, and girls with glasses. I know it’s all merely designed to create some kind of million year old primal trigger inside my mating brain. I know it, and I love it. I gladly ride the river of the manipulated horny souls.

Stacey Poole and her mammaries of glorious times knows just how to make a man like me quake in the boots he’s not even wearing. Quaking in your sandals just isn’t quite the same. But seeing Stacey in those nylons and boots, and those glasses for which I’m quite certain she has no prescription lenses, wow, I just want to roll into a mailable ball and address myself right into her… sorry, I forgot about the children watching. Let’s just say — Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Stacey Poole Topless Bath Time Fun


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The sexy boobtastic beauty Stacey Poole went splishy splashy in a bathtub with her enormous jugs out. Sweet mother of crap, Stacey has a spectacular pair of ta-tas. Listen, I see a lot of boobs during the course of a given day. It’s how I pay the bills. It’s in the blood. My father was a breast doctor, no joke. So, I consider myself a bit of an expert. Stacey Poole’s boobs are among the best I’ve ever seen. They are my kind of funbags. They are huge, shapely, and seemingly all natural. They are even sexier in these pics because she is in the bath. Is there anything hotter than a woman getting all wet and wild in a tub? I say that there is not. Not only are the topless pics sexy as hell, but her see through bathing suit all wet and whatnot…well, see for yourself.

My friends, it’s posts like this that make this job so amazing.

Stacey Pool Topless Stars, Topless Stripes, Big Topless Go Boom


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I have to admire a busty British glamour model for draping herself in the Stars and Stripes to say hello to the Yanks. Stacey Poole isn’t so much draping herself in the flag as she is wearing it briefly in a bikini which even more patriotically comes off quickly revealing her ample funbags beneath. God bless every nation in the world who loves this kind of show.

Stacey Poole makes me proud to be part of the bigger nation of gentleman oglers who can appreciate her immodest melons as the true bits of Mother Nature genius  that they are. We don’t need a lot of hype or primping or styling, just a good looking woman with boobs that could smother us in our sleep. Is that too much to ask? Nay. Tis not. Sally forth, Stacey. Enjoy.

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Stacey Poole Strips Nekkid In The Garden


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Bombshell beauty Stacey Poole took off her top in this titillating garden shoot. I do like boobies al fresco, as it were. Stacey’s ta-tas are, to use a word I don’t use often, gargantuan. They are the size breasts that might give you carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them but it would be totally worth it. Even though her ladies are of a mammoth size, they don’t droop. Not one bit, my friends. These things somehow defy the laws of gravity and physics. We need to get Stephen Hawking in to tell us just how Stacey’s knockers keep from swinging low. Stacey looks almost Garden of Eden-like in these pics. I would probably eat an evil apple if she offered it to me. As long as I can see her exposed cha-chas I would do just about anything.

There is something about seeing a woman nekkid out among nature that is super hot. Maybe it’s that old hunter-gatherer instinct left over from back when we hadn’t invented clothes. You know, the good ol’ days.

R.I.P. Nuts Magazine: Pour Some Ta-Ta’s Out For My Lady Homies


As you know, we’ve had a close, almost intimate peeping relationship with the good folks at Nuts magazine across the pond now really ever since Egotastic! has been around. Nuts started as a print and then online lads magazine in the U.K. just about a decade ago. In that time, it’s hard to count on hands and toes and other appendages how many fine looking topless lasses they’ve brought to our attention. Now, they are closing shop. Online and off. It’s a melancholy moment for those 99.9% of us who love funbags.

It might not be common knowledge, but it’s very economically difficult to run an R-rated journalistic endeavor. You’re too racy for Victorian era corporate advertisers but you’re not racy enough for people willing to spend money for their passions. It’s the nightmare that keeps me awake at night, before I have some warm beer and ease back into slumber. We will miss Nuts. They were good, earnest, boobtastic loving folks. Of course, the glamour models will continue on in other venues, but as with any loss, things will not be entirely the same forever more.

Naturally, Nuts is going out with a chestal bang. A farewell edition full of ripe and ruddy British girls and their faptastic treats. Lucy Pinder, Stacey Poole, Rosie Jones and others taking part in one last lady hump hurrah. RIP.

Holly Peers and Stacey Poole Play Topless Twister for Nuts April 2014

Holly Peers and Stacey Poole Play Topless Twister for Nuts April 2014
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Holly Peers and Stacey Poole play the game of Twister we’ve all been dreaming about since we were teens. The two boobtacular ladies took turns playing the classic boardgame and feeding each other Hula Hoops in what looks like my grandmother’s basement rec room. Holly Peers’ flesh melons are perfectly shaped and firm while Stacey’s sweater hams have more movement to them. Either way, it must be heavenly to be pressed between those four bits of glorious mammary tissue while reaching for right hand green. In one pic, the girls look like they are about to kiss. Is there anything hotter than two girls kissing? I submit that there is not. I remember buying a Twister game for a party when I was 19. I fully expected it to turn into an orgy with a spin of the dial. Instead my friends and I just played while the girls ignored us.

But I can look at these pictures and dream of what could have been…