Sophie Turner

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics, Kari Byron Busty, Ashley Tisdale Sexy Showoff, and Many More…

These girls just can't get enough of themselves, and, in the reverse, we can't get enough of them. The solution for their narcissism and our lustissim? Twitter and Facebook by goody goodness. The social networks where for the fifteen minutes a day these sextastic celebrities are not being photographed by leagues of high-powered paid photographers, they are themselves creating photo magic with their personal cameras and cell phones and sharing even more intimate images of themselves with the world. It's ever so perfect.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kari Byron, Arianny Celeste, Ariana Grande, and, well a ton ton more hotness. You really must see what the girls are doing when alone with their cameras. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner Provides the Killer Body (You Provide the Dumb Looks)

I remember once in fourth grade, all the boys were snickering because our relatively hot teacher Mrs. Karapetian (she was an elementary school teacher '7') was accidentally flashing her belly button in class beneath a shorter top. The boys all turned to me for my turn at a snicker, but I was just completely catatonic, my eyes affixed on Mrs. K's hint of tummy, the very early stages of idiot guy look forming on my face. This was no laughing matter.

All of which I keep recalling as we get a gander at the bare midriff of Aussie model Sophie Turner. There's something ever so special about how Sophie Turner appears in public. Oh, sure, we could use the words curvaceous or delicious or born-to-breed, or we could roll that all up into the simple term, 'wow'. Yep, Sophie Turner makes that monosyllabic utterance escape from your drooling mouth every time you see her in one or another of her form fitting outfits, in this case, flashing her sweet bosom and bare midriff and a little hint of one of the world's finest bottoms outside of Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood.

It's like a Christmas package missing but a ribbon. And I'm sure you can come up with something creative in that department as well. Enjoy.

Sophie Turner Has One of the Hottest Bodies in the World. Period. End of Discussion.

She's an actress. She's a model. She's one fine piece of sextastic thunder from Down Under. Sophie Turner simply has a body that makes men wet their wallets with groovy anticipation. A body that you know will ultimately destroy you in some slow, insidious, hurtful fashion, and, still, you go for it. That's a world class body.

In Vegas over the weekend pimping the shizz out of something or other very important to the Casino-economy, Sophie Turner slipped into a green dress that made her look like just about the hottest woodland sprite ever. And when she gets to gnawing slowly on that big thick piece of meat at the Vegas steak house, well, I just want to revel in a phallically symbolic way.

Sophie Turner will hurt you. And you will love it. Enjoy.

Check Out Brand New Sophie Turner Twitpic

December 8, 2011

Sophie Turner Has a Body Built for Handling Tight Curves

What is it about Sophie Turner that just makes me want to say, 'Damn!'

It's something about that ridiculously sexy Aussie body on the model and erstwhile actress, the way she displays it giddily for the cameras and peepers everywhere, the precise curvature of her body is something that surely must be inspiring to performance sports car designers. It's just, well, damn. Enjoy.

FIRST LOOK: Sophie Turner Shows Off Her Amazing Body in Josh Ryan Photoshoot


Sophie Turner, you've come a long way from a fresh new Aussie contestant on some silly supermodel contest show to, well, to full-blown woman-ness. This striking blonde from down under is throwing off all kinds of sextastic heat in this photo set from photographer Josh Ryan. If you're like me, you've been examining Sophie Turner and her ridiculously hot body over the past few years, and, I dare to say, this may be my favorite look ever for the beach girl from Melbourne. At least, favorite ever with clothes on, well, kind of on, certainly off in my mind. Oh, damn you mix of art and hotness that has me so confused! Enjoy.

NOTE: Blessed be Josh Ryan, friend of Egotastic! and one amazing celebrity photographer who knows how to bring out the best in female sexy (you must check out for some simply outrageous additional examples of his camera work).

BATTLE BIRTHDAY BOOBS: Brandi Glanville vs. Sophie Turner Birthday Party Bosoms

Now, this is the kind of girl fight I can get behind. (Truth be told, I can pretty much get behind any kind of girl fight. If two ladies in neck braces attacked each other with rusty chain saws, I'd be into it.) Brandi Glanville, the former dancer wife of Eddie Cibrian, the new husband of LeAnn Rimes, and the newest addition to the Beverly Hills Housewives show (since Camille Grammer got dumped and dumped) vs. Sophie Turner, Australian model and actress and well mostly just fine piece of super-asstastic, both celebrated their birthdays at friendly evening bashes over the weekend. Granted, it's that Sophie Turner asstastic that's going to force me give her the boobtastic edge in this funbag fight, but I'm also going to throwdown some kudos to Brandi Glanville for some cleavetastic bugling at her own little shindig. It's all just one giant mass of female curvature that makes me want to build a Jell-O wrestling ring, a whistle, and a case of Red Stripe. Enjoy.