Sophie Howard

READER FINDS: Amy Childs Child Feeder, Bai Ling Bares All, Adriana Lima See-Through, Alison Haislip Wet Bikini Awesome, Karen Gillian Lets Loose, and Sophie Howard Fantastic Boobtastic


Let’s kick off ever-fabulous Friday with our beloved Reader Finds, like a barrel-full of monkeys, except, you know, these are hot monkeys with awesome bodies, and some of them even act. We can never fully thank our readers for all of their contributions, so, you know, we won’t. But we will honor you with flesh and fun and help kick off your weekend with celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amy Childs baring the poker, Bai Ling nekkid hotness, Adriana Lima wardrobe reveals, Alison Haislip bikini butt stills, Karen Gillan being as sexy as a nerd can get, and Sophie Howard in even more boobtastic beach candids. It’s a plethora of poonanny and it’s all because of you.

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READER FINDS: Vanessa Hudgen Upskirt, Helen Hunt Cameltoe Majorus, Maria Fowler Nip Slip, Tatiana Gonzalez Topless, Jamie Chung Slippage, and Sophie Howard Boobtastic


Wow, it’s like Christmas here in August at our palatial Egotastic! offices thanks to the generous and communal sharing by our pervetastic community, a band of deviant brothers (and sisters) if you will, eager and anxious to flash their finds to their siblings with exuberant humility. If but we could share it all, but, alas, we can not, but our mini-bevy of Reader Finds this week is sure to peel the paint off your human house.

This week’s dare to share includes a peekaboo under the dress of Vanessa Hudgens, a gaping view of Helen Hunt that has to be seen to be believed, a nippletastic ogle of the young sexy Maria Fowler, the sextastic Tatiana Gonzalez representing the flesh, Jamie Chung hang to wardrobe malfunction, and Sophie Howard just large and in-charge.

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Holly Peers, Kelly Hall, Rhian Sugden, Melissa Debling and Sophie Howard in the Nuts Big Boob Bonanza


Do you lust boobs? Do you live, dream, eat, sleep, and drool hot fleshy mounds of fun? Well, if perchance you are one to ogle, leer, peep, spy, periscope sweet milky melons, then the boys at Nuts have just the fix for you. The big boob bonanza featuring the bosomy likes of Holly Peers, Rhian Sugden, Melissa Debling, Sophie Howard, and newcomer Kelly Hall. Wowsers. Talk about tripping the lights boobtastic. I feel like I’m a gallery exposition of pillows while seated in a pillow chair, with pillows on my lap, nibbling on a pillow sandwich. This is almost too much. Almost, but not quite. Enjoy.

Sophie Howard and Leah Francis Make Arithmetic Fun Again


The only thing better than one sweet cup of British tea are two cups, with sugar cubes all rubbing up against each other, and cream dripping from… well, okay, enough with the lurid tea time analogy. Sophie Howard and Leah Francis creating friction with their boobtastic symphony in Nuts magazine reminds us of the mathematical zen of the number four. Although, of course, the Egotastic! mind is already wondering what six might look like. Enjoy.

The Nuts Christmas Card To Build the Holiday Spirit


Nothing says Yuletide like a beautiful pair of boobs. The boys at Nuts magazine have whipped up some of the bigger names in British funbags to wish everyone a Merry X-mas and Happy Boob Year — Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, India Reynolds, and Sophie Howard — and I for one am feeling the holiday spirit pour through me like warm egg nog through Santa’s colon. Enjoy.

Sophie Howard vs. Sophie Reade, Topless 2011 Calendar Mayhem


2011 is going to be an amazing year for British pin-up hottie boobs!

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard 2011 Calendar

Sophie Reade

Sophie Reade 2011 Calendar

Sophie Howard, Rosie Jones, Leah Francis (et. al.) Topless Calendar Girl Pictures for a Very Nuts New Year


Our boob-loving friends across the pond at Nuts magazine know fun bags and have picked out their 2011 calendar favorites from among the hot-to-hottie set of British pinup favorites and all we can say is, Happy New Year.

Featured sextastic months include from left to right, row to row: Leah Francis, Sophie Howard, Lindsay Strutt, Emma Frain, Lucy Pinder, Gemma Merna, Rosie Jones, Kelly Andrews, Jennifer Metcalfe, and other hotties.

Photo credit: Nuts