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READER FINDS: Maria Menounos Sexy, Bombshell McGee Wearing Just Ink, The First Lady of France Topless, and Much Much More…

Alison Brie Thin Top
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Let’s get right to the goodness that is our communal virtual lovemaking by way of sextastic media that we call Reader Finds. That once a week experience where we all throw the best of the rest into the fire and warm our collective cockles. It is a joyous time indeed.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Maria Menounos flashing her sexy times ten, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee with little on but her ink, Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France, in a topless classic photo, UFC Ring Girl Chandella Powell in a blast from her adult film past, Vanessa Hudgens self-published gun and cheekiness, Alison Brie in a nearly see-through top, China Chow in a definitely see-through top, Candice Swanepoel sexy as a brunette, model Bar Paly flashing her guns, Emma Stone flashing a hint of the sideboob, hot hot Helena Mattson in a lingerie pictorial, Lacey Chabert all cleavy and wonderful, Maryna Linchuk teasy sexy, and Sophie Howard topless in bed. A bundle of babes. 

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Sophie Howard May Be Gone, But Her Ridiculously Hot Body Will Never Be Forgotten


When Sophie Howard announced her resignation from the office of super hot glamour model princess at the end of last year, well, I’m not afraid to confess that I cried like a girl whose brother just fractured her favorite Barbie into a million pieces with a M-80 explosive. Not that I’m admitting to partaking in this type of social experiment out in Mr. Jones vacant backlot. but trust me, that’s a lot of crying.

But imagine every tear a lost opportunity to see this brunette boobtastic model afresh, a new, and a’super hot. Thankfully, the transition period is being cushioned by our friends at Nuts magazine, who have released a series of outtake photos of Sophie in some of her finer, flouncier, and more funbag exposing moments. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s certainly a nice short-term remedy for our missing-model melancholia. Plus, outtakes, need we say more. Enjoy.


Sophie Howard Announces Retirement, Leaves Behind an Amazing Body of Work

Pour Some Sextastic for Our Hottie

Whenever a super hot actress or model announces she’s retiring from the exhibition business to focus on more important matters, I always wonder to myself, what could possibly be more important than sharing your hotness with the rest of the world? Well, apparently, Britty brunette glamour model Sophie Howard has announced today that she’s hanging up her flashing spurs, trading in her boobtastic and booty sharing for a stronger focus on her university studies. We quickly moved through the five phases of sextastic grief here: Shame, Sadness, Fapping, Confusion, and More Fapping, and then decided that some type of tribute was in order to the retiring hottie from Southport.

We’ll miss you, Sophie. But we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReaders ‘Jeremy E.’ for alerting us to Sophie’s big announcement.)

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Sophie Howard Topless Outtakes For Those Who Love to Press the Flesh

Sophie Howard Black Lingerie Nuts Outtakes

Old design, new design, even when I’m old and gray, I will never stop lusting fabulous funbags. Of this, I am quite certain. And I’m also certain that outtakes from magazine pictorials are invariably far more fun and fleshy than those that wind up in the published works. Which is why a large smile broke over my Chik-fil-A trademarked sauce covered face whence we came upon these magnificent outtakes from the Sophie Howard recent photoset from our friends at Nuts magazine.  

Sophie Howard has a near perfect set of perfectly plump melons, the kind of delicious alignment in the universe that ought let you know there’s some type of higher power working on your behalf, because eye candy is the greatest type of treat. Enjoy.


READER FINDS: Angelina Jolie Classic Tape Job, Nicole Scherzinger Upskirt, Sophie Howard Topless, Sofia Vergara See-Through, Heather Locklear Classic Bikinis, and Much More


Our favorite time of the week is upon us, not just Friday, with a mere hours to go until the quitting bell rings and we yabba-dabba-doo our way to the break room for Friday afternoon Two Buck Chuck, but the time we sort through the assemblage of fleshtastic submissions of sexy celebrities submitted by our very own and beloved readers (with above average education I might add — we’ve been studied on this front!)

This week’s edition of reader submitted finds includes a fuller set of those naughty boob tape photos of Angelina Jolie purportedly taken by then hubby Bill Bob Thornton, a brief glimpse up the X-Factor skirt of Nicole Scherzinger, Britty bombshell Sophie Howard flashing her amazing melons, Sofia Vergara nipples for show, Heather Locklear in a bikini from her just breaking into showbiz days, Emily Ratajkowsk from iCarly showing her fully exposed topside, and mo’ mo’ mo pictures of Angel McCord sans bra in the Chemistry TV series.

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Holly Peers and Sophie Howard Make It Okay For Girls to Play Topless Again



Let’s be honest, for years now there has been an unspoken prejudice against super hot girls getting all kinds of topless and fooling around together in furniture showrooms. Quite frankly, it’s one of the most ugly forms of secret bias. But, now, thanks to the brave and bodacious funbags of sexy glamour princesses, Holly Peers and Sophie Howard (and our good friends at Nuts), this underground activity is now in the foreground. It’s here. It’s bare. And it’s in your face.

Quite a political statement, girls. And quite a funtastic foursome you’ve put together. So blessed. Enjoy.

HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Holly Peers and Sophie Howard Put the Fun in Funbags



There’s no business like show business, and when two of our very favorite glamour models, Holly Peers and Sophie Howard start showing off, we make it our business to share it with you. Thanks to our good friends at Nuts for once again isolating that which provides common ground among all man-kind, hot girls with blessedly engorged mammaries. Now, as usual, I think I need some alone time with my private thoughts, a 16-oz plastic party cup of crushed ice water, and Mr. Happyshack, my tattered gym sock. Enjoy.