Sophie Anderton

Sophie Anderton Walks Around Shopping Mall in See-Through Lingerie

British reality show veteran and oft-scandal plagued model Sophie Anderton took up the promotional task of walking around a London area shopping mall in some little black sheer lingerie she was pimping. It’s certainly better than a billboard or a press announcement or even a fashion show.

I’m kind of digging this publicity idea. Sure, you could see your favorite sextastic celebrity in hot photos in a catalog, but ogling them in person in thongs and see-through bras strutting around the mall? Heck, you might catch me grabbing a cheese-on-a-stick and a soda and planting myself firmly in a good viewing setup at the food court and make a day of it. I hate malls, but I do so lust hot women in their skivvies. Enjoy.

Sophie Anderton Nude Pictures for the Paycheck


Once upon a time, Sophie Anderton was one of the most popular models in the UK. Now, not so much. Not only did we hear about a Sophie Anderton sex tape, but we later found out that Sophie Anderton was a hooker, or escort, if you will. Well, it looks like she’s got some bills to pay (like for her collagen lip enhacements), because here’s Sophie Anderton nude in Zoo magazine. Kinda sad if you think about. But try not to, and just look at the pictures.

Sophie Anderton: Cocaine Snorting Hooker


Holy shit! If you know who British model Sophie Anderton is, you know she’s hot, but did you also know that she’s a hooker? Yes, that’s right, the former model, actress, and Britain’s Next Top Model host, Sophie Anderton, is a prostitute! But not only is she a whore, she charges $15,000 a day for her “services” (which include oral). Oh, and she also does loads of cocaine (and sells the stuff, too).

News of the World went undercover and caught Sophie offering her services, and those of another hooker friend of hers while snorting line after line of cocaine. She then brought in her drug dealer friend, and tried to sell cocaine to the undercover reporter.

In a sensational secret rendezvous with a News of the World undercover man, the leggy supermodel STRIPPED to her G-string and Christian Louboutin stilettos and spread herself across the bed.

“I’m great at sex,” Sophie bragged as she beckoned our reporter to romp with her. “I’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll look great on your fucking arm. I’m a supermodel.”

The beauty, who has publicly claimed she’s beaten her long battle with drug addiction, also offered our man cocaine.

“Everyone takes drugs. You don’t take coke?” she asked. “I’ve got some on me. Do you want a line?”

“I just think short term, and at the end of the day nobody gets hurt.” Then she laid down the ground rules for sex. “Definitely with condoms,” she said. Spanking is cool. But I’m not into any kinky shit, to be honest.”

Sophie also said that she was “cool” with giving her punter oral sex. “I know that I’m great in bed,” she added. “But if I don’t feel comfortable with something I’m not going to go along with it and be fake. I don’t do the whole fake thing.”

She was keen to make sure the sex was fuelled by cocaine. So she offered to call her cocaine dealer, a girl called Isabella. “It’s £50 a gram. And it’s in rocks as well–it’s not cut,” said Sophie. “She’s very trustworthy. She’s a friend of mine. This is the only person I go to and she stops working at 11.”

Well, that certainly gives new meaning to that famous quote “I won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.” Maybe now we’ll finally see that Sophie Anderton sex tape.

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Sophie Anderton Sex Tape


If you were just waiting for the latest celebrity sex tape to hit the net, looks like you may not have to wait much longer. Hot on the heels of the recent Keeley Hazell sex tape, and Kim Kardashian sex tape, it looks like a Sophie Anderton sex tape will be coming out soon. According to Digital Spy, the Sophie Anderton sex tape was made when the British bikini and lingerie model was with former footballer (soccer player) Mark Bosnich, of Chelsea. Oh, and she’s not happy about it. Naturally.

The tape, which is from her relationship with footballer Mark Bosnich, is reportedly being circulated – much to Anderton’s concern.

A friend of the lingerie model said : “The graphic footage was taken several years ago when Sophie was dating the former Chelsea footballer.

“Sophie is frantic with worry about the tape coming out. It was one they made together ages ago. Mark told her that it had been destroyed, but somehow it has re-emerged.

“She has no idea where it is now or who has seen it. If it comes to light, which it looks like it will, it’s going to be hugely damaging and very embarrassing for Sophie.”

Like I keep saying, unless you want that shit on the internet, don’t be making no sex tapes. It’s just not worth it. Unless you’re Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian, or any other Reality TV “star” who wants an extra fifteen seconds of something sort of resembling fame.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story. In the mean time, feel free to amuse yourself with these Sophie Anderton nude pictures from UK Maxim.