Sila Sahin

Sila Sahin Topless Playboy Pictures Stand Against Tyranny


Shoutout to Seal Team Six on their storming of a low-rent mansion in suburban Pakistan and exacting some justice; and double shoutout to German soap actress Sila Sahin, both for being super hot and sultry, but for also having the guts to bare it all in Playboy magazine this month despite rancor, animosity, and death threats from among some of her Muslim counterparts who believe that women’s bodies are not worthy of ogling, only worthy of shame. We can’t tell you how backwards that notion seems to Egotastic!

Sila Sahin is the kind of civil rights leader we should all applaud; groundbreaking, fearless, and with an amazingly hot body and a rack that defies gravity itself. Keep it coming, Ms. Sahin, you’ve got serious guts (and your outsides ain’t so bad either). Enjoy.

P.S. If you’ve not read it before, check out bad-ass Richard Marschenko’s ‘Rogue Warrior’ which accounts, among other cool tales, about his formation of the super secretive elite Seal Team Six back in the early 80′s.