Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra First Indian Hottie Nekkid in Playboy (Playboy.TV Free for One Week to Celebrate!)

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I come bearing gifts. Free gifts of hotness and more hotness. Starting off with the beautifully sultry Sherlyn Chopra, the Bollywood actress and model and first Indian sweetness to ever model her bare hot lady parts for Playboy magazine. I’ve been waiting for forever for these pictures to become available online, because you really must feast your peeps upon Sherlyn’s ridiculously hot body if you call yourself a gentleman ogler of the world.


To celebrate the release of these photos, our friends at Playboy.TV are offering our readers One Week Free of Playboy.TV. I can not stress enough how entertaining Playboy.TV truly is. It’s like the HBO of nekkidness, but instead of showing crappy 90′s movies in between the few shows you want to watch, Playboy.TV just puts in more crazy sextastic nekkid young woman for an endless run of watchability. I was going to say wankability, but, you know, that’s not family friendly. I beseech your Id to try out Playboy.TV for a week and see for yourself. Besides spending your life’s savings on Polynesian Bitcoins, have I ever steered you wrong? Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Bikini Booty, Kelly Brook Camel Toe Selfie, and Sherlyn Chopra Pretty Nekkid Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Round

Wow, this one has got it all. I know I say that every now and again, but our favorite sextastic celebrities have really worked over time to over sell themselves with very little clothing on for even more adulation and adoration to fill their ego tanks. And some of these celebs, well, their tanks run deep. But, so does our lust, creating the perfect visual match between seller and buyer we like to call the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup.

This week’s Roundup includes the gloriously hot Anastasia Ashley bikini booty, Rosa Acosta revealing her costas, Sherlyn Chopra on set revealing pretty much everything, Arianny Celeste in some killer bikini candids, Bar Refaeli flashing her bikini bottom, Kelly Brook flashing toe in tight shorts, Elizabeth Gillies in a rare bikini shot, Ariana Grande dressed like a school girl, and much much more. You owe it to the tireless, devoted, and hard working men and women of our U.S. Congress on paid holiday to check out each and every one of these amateur photos. Enjoy.

Sherlyn Chopra Topless Indian Gems from Kamasutra 3D Trailer

Sherlyn Chopra Topless in Trailer for Kama Sutra 3D
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In a way, I blame the dude or dudes who put together the Kama Sutra naughty picture book like two thousand years ago for raising expectation far above the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am process that really and truly is the meat and potatoes of most men’s intercourse arsenal. I mean, maybe if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and there’s no ball game on, okay, twist and contort away for hours, but I still think this is kind of like the odd person who doesn’t mind slow restaurants because they say the wait makes the food taste better.

Not me. I like that clock they use on fast food drive throughs to make sure everybody is getting their goods in three minutes or less. I really need to install one of those clocks in my bedroom, let the ladies know they can be slow or fast, but daddy’s got to deliver in a timely manner so he can get to the next customer.

Of course, if I had a girl like Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian woman to uncover in Playboy magazine, and star of the upcoming Kamasutra 3D movie, I might be willing to throw in a few extra minutes on her order. Just one superfine looking sweetheart with a body that you might just want to stare at for eight straight hours of limited movement whilst intertwined and interconnected. Imagining Sherlyn and those faptastic funbags in 3D, well, might just have to check that out. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives All Topless, Brooke Burke Covered Topless, Sherlyn Chopra Breaking Indian Rules for Playboy, and Much Much More…

Natasha Henstridge in Jonathan Glynn Bikini Photoshoot
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This is it. The coup de grace. The big windup. The Reader Finds to end all Reader Finds (perish the thought!).

This week’s communal outpouring of deliciously perverted visuals really does take the cake, pulls its top off, ogles it, and then covers it in sticky icing, all in bulk size as this is the largest ever edition of Reader Finds since it’s inception in 1912 in the backroom of an olive oil import shop in Brooklyn. You could spend a day with this photo gallery and still not manage to explore its every secret adventure, like visiting Disney World, you’ve got to go for the 2-day pass.

This week’s Reader Finds include a topless look at all three now ex-wives of Tom Cruise — Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Mimi Rogers, hot bikin photoshoot of Natasha Henstridge, Phoebe Tonkin sexy in snaps, Patricia Beckwicked hot in lingerie, Lacey Banghard in one of her Page 3 Idol contestant shoots, a quick hot shot of the funbags of Lucy Pinder, Brooke Burke covered topless in major league hot photoshoot, Rosie Jones in some barely legal calendar shots, fashion model Amy Hixson artistically nekkid, Erika Mitdank in some silly funbag explosive pics, Lauren Pope topless on TV, Dawn Oliveri see-through on the pages of a magazine, Kate Upton see-through, Lindsay Vonn see-through, Anne-Sophie Francke flashing her beautiful melons, Alyssa Campanella covered topless on Twitter, Sasha Strunin hot blonde and barely clad, Sherlyn Chopra topless prepping for her Playboy shoot, and a full motion look at Laura Prepon topless.

Wow, I need to catch my breath and change my shorts.