Shayne Murphy

Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy Bikini Booty Party of Their Own in Maui

While Eddie Murphy must surely have his eyes and other body parts glued to his hot bikini clad girlfriend on his family Hawaiian vacation, he best keep at least one eye on lookout for boys surrounding his two would-be model daughters flashing a whole lot of skin in tiny, booty exhibiting bikinis on the very same beach. They say a man with daughters never sleeps a peaceful night. I can’t imagine knowing Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy are walking about in thongs helps that sleep situation out very much. All you can really do when a boy shows up knocking at the door is thank him for being polite enough to come to the front door, then when nobody is looking shove a weapon under his nose and tell him not to hurt your baby. It helps if you’ve previously been arrested for murder or torture and mutilation charges and the like.

Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy mean dad will never ever sleep. Fortunately for him, while he’s awake, he’s got Paige Butcher by his side. I’d do that deal. Enjoy.

Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy Bikini Pictures Continue Their Sisterly Sunshine Romp

The Murphy girls sure are making their mark this week on their warm weather bikini vacation with dad and dad’s model girlfriend in Hawaii.

Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy returned to the splash of their hot nubile bodies along the volcanic shores of the 50th state, and to continue to assert their position among sextastic celebrity daughters, a rather sacred body of hotness we like to follow around here. It’s our job. And we even get paid for it, unless you round down, in which case we work for free.

Bria and Shayne Murphy. I’ve got my eye on you both. Eyes. One on each. Enjoy.

Bria Murphy and Shayne Murphy Bikini Pictures for Second Generational Oodles of Sextastic

Bria Murphy is the older daughter. Shayne Murphy is the barely legal baby. Both girls were in bikinis on the beaches of the 50th state, following along their dad and his hot young girlfriend on a June vacation, and a chance to show off some stellar bodies.

Now, I can only begin to imagine the stress of a father with two daughters of ripe bikini age, especially knowing there are men out in the world like, well, like me I guess. But there also must be some pride in knowing that, hey, yeah, dudes are checking out my sweet looking offspring. Or maybe not. I’m over-thinking again, aren’t I? Right. Going back into stare and leer mode as we speak. Hello, ladies. Enjoy.

Shayne Murphy Bikini Pictures Put Her in Competition With Her Future Step-Mom

Yesterday we brought you the bikini pictures of Rocsi Diaz, the cable TV and radio hostess 20-something now dating Eddie Murphy and on vacation with the movie actor and his family in Hawaii. Now, it’s time for the daughter to get her due.

Shayne Murphy, who while still just a teen, isn’t all that much younger than her dad’s new girlfriend, hit the surf her own badself in her bikini, showing a lot of similarity to her hot bio-mom. Nicole Murphy, and generally letting her potential new stepmom know that she’s seen it all before. I might just be inserting my own wounded psychological profile into that assertion, but a future Murphy family cat-fight would make for some highly compelling visuals. Enjoy.