Shay Laren

Shay Laren Topless Swimsuit Stylings Heat Up an Already Sweltering Ta-Ta Tuesday

Shay Laren Strips Topless in a White Swimsuit
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It’s somewhat prickish to complain about the weather in Los Angeles given that’s 90% of the best part about this place. It’s like complaining about spending money at the strip club. You did get something for it. Nevertheless, I do believe it’s going to be 150-degrees today here, though it’s a dry heat so it’s still more comfortable than a Chicago 78 this time of year. The best remedy for the heat is the old fashioned shvitz. A good solid dripping sweat to let the body cool off the way nature intended. By being wet and stinky.

Might I suggest an intense look at super glamourous Shay Laren stripping out of her swimsuit for just such an occasion. You don’t even need a sweat tent. Just peer at her ridiculously hot body and bosomy blessed bare boobtastic on this Ta-Ta Tuesday and feel your pores opening up. Yes, those are your pores. Sweat yourself back to a 98.6, preferably with the doors closed, just in case you experience any unintended leeking. Shay Laren has that affect on men as well. Enjoy.

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Shay Laren Topless Epic Bubble Bath Ta-Ta’s Will Leave You Feeling Handsy

Shay Laren Topless Bubble Bath Photoshoot
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As impolite as it may be to walk in on a woman taking a bath, I’d like to think the amazingly hot bodied Shay Laren is kind of okay with us peeking on her sudsy ta-ta playtime. She does seem to have the look of a woman who knows she’s being watched. Trust me, I know that look. It’s often a predicate to me being chased through a yard by security officers. Shay on the other hand has that come hither and play with my tremendous funbags kins of glance that makes me feel far more invited.

The hot girl with big jugs in a bubble bath cliche is only a cliche because it works ever so well. I’m digging through my soft organic sponge collection right now to find the one that I think will please Mistress Laren the most. I expect she is rather particular in this regard. I’m rather particular in my service. We could be a very strong match. What a woman! Enjoy.

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Shay Laren Topless Poolside Treats for Ta-Ta Tuesdays

Shay Laren Topless in a Bikini for a Poolside Photoshoot
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One of our readers brought the rather delectable Shay Laren to our attention last Fall, now I must say I very much look forward to seeing her fine female form in my virtual neighborhood. Not that I’m spying or lurking in some sinister way. Oh, no, the cow bell I’m forced to wear as a bizarre deal made with 16th century law enforcement on peeping toms makes that nearly impossible. But for Shay Laren, I might just let the humiliating bell clang away for her powers of allure, doubled down with her topless reveals poolside, make everything seem worthwhile.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the fine and faptastic goodness of girls like Shay who bring so much happiness to so many men and our dear Sapphic leaning women. She’s a giver. There ought to be some kind of medal pinned to her chest. I volunteer for that particular duty. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Shay Laren Topless Living Room Pose-Off Might Just Make Your Midweek

Shay Laren Sexy Topless Photoshoot
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Oh, poor EgoReader ‘Aaron’ can’t fathom why the lust of his life, rather all grown up stylings model Shay Laren, is nowhere to be found on this humble site. Aaron was all kinds of outraged. But, he also managed to use the magic word, please, in between various intense vulgarities that left even a Swift man from the house of cursing rather humbled.

Besides that, Aaron is rather correct in his diagnosis of Shay Laren as a ‘smoking hot piece of awesome’. Just look at her preening and posing skills, the way she deftly lifts her perfect rump and dangles her outrageous danglers. On this Wednesday when we all take a collective mid-week breath aided by our oxygen tank filled with boobs, you could do no better than to leer at Shay Laren and feel your pulse rate rising. I recommend feeling around the neck or wrist, but you test as you see fit. Huzzah!

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