Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Loves Showing Off Her Young Yams

If there's one thing Sharon Stone loves to do, okay, two things if you count making craptastic movies, it's show off her award winning relatively young ta-ta's beneath her open or see-through tops. She did very much of this exhibition leaving Craig's restaurant over the weekend in a sheer top with no bra, causing any and all camera flashes to reveal her bare sweet modified funbags beneath.

Sharon Stone is still very much in the game. She's got ambition, means, and an entire wardrobe of see-through tops that guarantee we'll be eyeing her funions for some time to come. Let this be a lesson to you younger ladies of Hollywood, time to up your game or lose it to the AARP members. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone: American Hero

Most of us already knew this: Sharon Stone is an American hero. If for no other reason than by being a crotch-shot pioneer from her Basic Instinct days.  Now, she's just adding all that icing on the muffin, er, cupcake, er, encouraging other actresses to go full nude more often. Yes. But why?

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Sharon Stone Braless and Poking In Paris

I'll say this for Sharon Stone, when she got her last new pair of hooters, she decided to get her money's worth. She's been showing those relatively young and excitable pair of ta-ta's off like a flirty high school cheerleader.

Sharon's latest braless poke and go routine took place in Paris, where Fashion Week is in full swing and the world's denizen of clothing fanatics have descended to share in the world of $100 t-shirts. And Sharon would simply not go unnoticed. Not with those headlights on high beam in the City of Light. You go, Sharon. Be an ambassador of silicon and veteran hotness. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone Flashes Most of Her New Boobs, Then Passes Out and Is Taken to the Hospital

Just another evening out for Sharon Stone and her pretty new funbags and her young cougar cub boyfriend.

The 50-something former femme fatale can't help but travel the world, exposing her couple of years old new knockers and her now much older than her boobs frisky young boyfriend, but it all seemed to be too much for Sharon at the amFAR event over the weekend in Milan where the actress got dizzy and dropped and had to be taken to the hospital.

Here's the thing, when I'm 54, yes, I'm probably going to get myself a brand new appendage, and a young girlfriend, but when I pass out from too much plastic work and active boot knocking, I intend to go straight to the next world, this feinting bit is just way too dramatic. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone Cuts Glass With Her Pokie Sharp High Beams

Here's the thing about Sharon Stone, I don't really know her age, but I do know those brand new funbags of hers are less than three years out of the box, and whatever they did to re-connect the nip system to its battery source, well, they really opened up the line.

The veteran actress is among a small handful of the mature set in Hollywood who have the pokies of a teen girl flashlighting her Jonas Brothers concert poster beneath the comforter in her bedroom late at night. Sharon Stone not only can poke somebody's eyes out with those high beams, she could cut a perfect circle a commercial bank-grade vault. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone Bare Midriff in Beverly Hills (This Is Wrong, Isn’t It?)

First, let me state, I am not an agist. I will beg, plead, and pay for making of the sexy with women of all ages. 

Second, I know zilch about fashion other than the text alerts I get from my Target sales associate, Consuela Appernicky, every time basic tees drop down below $7.

But I am prepared to question Sharon Stone flashing her tummy on the streets of Los Angeles. Consider this a citizen's arrest of the visually wrong. There is still much to lust about the 53-year old former cinematic sexpot, but, today is not her finest hour.

Sharon Stone in a See-Through Top, Ready for Her Cougar Cub Boyfriend

Before we had him committed against his will, my Uncle Vim used to spout sayings over and over again in between chewing on the wallpaper, one of which was, 'What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.' At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about, I only knew that he kept peeing in my sock drawer. As I grew into a mature man, or, you know, whenever that does come about, I figured out that Uncle Vim was an early version feminist, an equal rightist in his own right. If it's good for the guys, it's good for the girls.

Sharon Stone seems to agree, as the veteran sextastic actress has apparently been regularly visited on the set of Gods Behaving Badly, by her half-her-age cougar cub boyfriend who has been knocking her boots so hard in her trailer, the Star Wagon company has filed a complaint for abuse of their property. Seen here in a see-through top on the film set, Sharon Stone looks like a woman whose been having her undercarriage serviced. Squeaky wheel. Grease. Happiness. Good for you. Sharon. Be the goose. Enjoy.