Shannan Click

READER FINDS: Claudia Schiffer Bikini, Selena Gomez Self-Pic, Ali Larter Topless, Jacinta Rokich Nekkid, Imogen Thomas Upskirt, And Much More


We’ve reached the end of the week, we made it, we survived, and my personal treat, other than paying my overdue rent money so I can get back into my castle, is to sift through the steaming pile of awesome you readers leave us each and every week like a deuce made of gold. It’s always random, and always much appreciated.

This weeks Reader Finds includes Claudia Schiffer hot enough to make you wonder why her husband knocked up January Jones behind her back, Ali Larter topless, we think, Jacinta Rokich who we just met this past week, but now nekkid, the ever bouncy fun Imogen Thomas flashing her panties, Molly Ephraim, a true newcomer to these parts, Olivia Wilde looking sassy and asstastic, Selena Gomez never ever disappointing, in fact, she’s in here twice, and Shannan Click, model extraordinaire, flashing some serious skin.

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Shannan Click Lingerie Pictures for the Sexy Silky Win

I have this recurring nightmare. I finally take the big leap and buy lingerie for my girlfriend for Christmas, place it under the tree in some neat little package, then her parents stop by unexpectedly, as they are oft to do, and her dad steps through the door just as she’s pulling out a pair of crotchless panties from K-Mart (I go big for Xmas). Her dad looks at me, smiles, then kicks me harder than usual in the nutsack. I crumple to the floor clutching my grape seeds like a desperate vintner.

I think I’m uncomfortable with the whole being a guy buying lingerie business. At the same time, I can’t help but want it all. If you’re a fan of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows like I am, and by that, I mean, endless loop pretty much the last two weeks of each November, then you too may be in full on lust with magazine and runway model Shannan Click, seen here in epic sexiness modeling for La Senza lingerie. It’s really been quite a month for lingerie photo shoots. Enjoy.