Shakira Flashes Bikini Pictures Flash One of the World’s Hottest Asstastics

You know how much we lust the world’s sexiest little woman, Shakira, the international diva superstar and all around shaker of the hot buns. In a rare candid appearance, Shakira has put those perfectly honed cheeks on display via a thong bikini bottom, a lounge chair by the pool in Miami, and the saving grace of a monster telescopic photo lens by our boys in the trees. And, it’s all so very worthwhile. Look at that arse. It’s everything we hoped it would be, with the skin tight lycra bottoms pulled away. Just a perfectly tuned badonkadonk of epic proportions.

+1, err, +2 for the world’s hottest midget. Whoa, Shakira. Enjoy.

Demi Lovato Steals the Show With Boobtastico Fantastico at Latin Grammy Awards

Ay, mami! Demi Lovato led a cast of super hottie Latinas at last night’s Grammy Awards that included Zoe Saldana, Sofia Vergara, Shakira, Paulina Rubio, and Adrienne Bailon, in a veritable panoply of sultry perfection.

But, for the moment, let us just focus on the return to hotness of Demi Lovato, a troubled beginning to her 2011 year, the semi-Mexi girl has made a sharp turn at the fork in the road back to Hottieville in the past few months, perhaps topped off by this top-revealing appearance at the Latin Grammy Awards. All I know is, the next time Demi Lovato calls me to ask me what she should wear out on our date to the Sizzler, I’m subtly mentioning the little number she wore to the Grammys. Muy sexual. Enjoy.

Shakira and Paulina Rubio Front the Hotness Parade at Latin Recording Academy Award Show

Someday, somewhere, somehow, I’m going to be nominated for Person of the Year for something. I can feel my destiny. But, once again last night, I was denied even a simple nomination for the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year Awards gala. Still, I hold no grudges, being that I’m neither Latin, a Record Artist, or much of a good citizen. Plus, the event itself brought together a robust list of Latina hotties which included the world’s hottest midget and recently Hollywood starred, Shakira, vastly underrated hottie Paulina Rubio, the sultry boobtastic Paula Fernandez, and Univision sexy mama, Satcha Pretto. Los mas bonitas. Disfruta.

Shakira Takes Her Tiny Hotness to Hollywood Legend Status

Granted, the Hollywood Star isn’t what it used to be. I think you can now buy one for for two Count Chocula cereal box tops plus $3.99 shipping and handling and two seasons on a CW show, still, congratulations to the world’s hottest midget on street level immortality, receiving her official credentials for stardom yesterday on Hollywood Boulevard. Shakira is one of the world’s most popular entertainers, not to mention a girl who wears tight stretch pants on stage like just about no other sub five-footer, and she certainly puts her time and money behind some very worthwhile causes, so good on you Waka-Waka for your significant tribute. Enjoy.

Shakira, Britney Spears, and Fergie Highlight Sexy Veteran Diva Weekend (VIDEO)

Well, say what you will about the aging of the pop diva hotties, but Shakira remains for me the world’s hottest midget, Britney Spears has made a comeback that may not be 100%, but certainly far more than most people thought possible when she launched the Femme Fatale tour in May, and, Fergie, while she definitely has been looking like her non-stop two-year world tour with the Black-Eyed Peas has taken its toll, she still stepped up big for the big time show in Central Park over the weekend. Check out the divas, pick your favorite, pick your second favorite, and your third, mash them all together in one backstage fantasy pass. Enjoy.

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Shakira Flashes Skin Tight Hotness for Global Viewing Pleasure

Sometimes, an object d’ lust becomes so commonplace, I feel like we start to take it for granted. Such is the case of the Shakira asstastic. We’ve already established that Shakira is in fact the world’s hottest midget. And such titles do come with responsibilities. Such as touring the world in tight pleather stretch pants and flashing your amazingly little tight body and butt for gentlemen oglers in over 142 countries. I’m still not sure I get Shakira’s music, but I know I get her little midge hotness. And that body and those bends and reaches. Wow. Enjoy.

Shakira Brings the Sexy Back to Shorties

One could literally build a shrine to the sexy Lebanese-Columbian hottie Shakira. I know this to be true for I’ve built one in the ‘bonus room’ of my abode. It’s not so much a shrine as a frightening, but dedicated display of stalkerism to this ridiculously hot diva. There’s something about those uber-tight black pants she’s wearing on tour that is reaching deep into my primordial goo pool and firing some not often tweaked synapses in some very sensitive neurons. Waka waka indeed. Enjoy.

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Ever since seeing these Shakira She-Wolf promo pictures I just new that 2010 was going to be the year of the World’s Hottest Midget.