Shakira Brings Out the Mom Boobs in Barcelona

Holy mother of pearls. Shakira looks to be getting back into the swing of the sextastic post-motherhood, bringing out hew engorged sucklers for a little show-off time at an exhibition in Barcelona last night that saw the Colombian singer/dance and world’s hottest midget announce to the ogling world that she’s not going anywhere.

We have so lusted for Shakira over the past several years. Inch for inch and pound for pound, perhaps more for Shakira than any other woman. And we have shed a tear or happiness this morning to see her back in the camera’s eye. She’s needed. She’s wanted. And she’s even more boobtastic than ever. Enjoy.

Shakira Is a New Mommy; Will She Go MILF or Mom Jeans? Consider Us Concerned

Oh, how the world’s hottest midget has entranced us the last several years with her miniature, but excitedly hot body shaking to and fro, back and forth, and wiggled up and down on stage, that Shakira booty shaking like Jell-O, because jam don’t shake like that, it was always working in those tight black pleather pants. But now Shakira is a new mommy and we’re worried about losing all that Latina goodness. Will we? I truly do not know.

Take a little walk down memories of hot pre-mommy lane with us, a little tour d’ Shakira sextastic, and see why we worry so. Enjoy.

Shakira is Preggo and Fetish Hot in Jaume de Laiguana Photoshoot

Okay, so, go ahead, call me out for my various and sundry fetishes, not the least of which is the one involving horseshoes and women with big thumbs, but, I know I am not alone when I say that many of our sextastic celebrities becoming aglow with child as they swell with their most feminine of gifts, and, coinciding, take off some of their clothes for a hot-ass topless preggo photoshoot. It all has to kind of come together at once.

As it does for the world’s hottest midget, Shakira, with child by some dude we don’t really care about, but we do definitely care about this Jaume de Laiguana photoshoot of the hoochie-coochie Colombiana who has shaken her black leather clad booty so many times before our eyes, when I close my lids I see Shakira’s perfect hiney jiggling in my mind.

Now, you don’t have to share in this particular fetish, but give it a shot. We all have to grow. Enjoy.

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Candace Bailey, Shakira, The Michalka Sisters, and Much Much More…

Oh, blessed mother of self-published pics, how you grace us. There really is no better modern day phenomenon, a billion dollars worth of Instagram phenomenon, than sextastic celebrities shooting pictures of themselves on their camera phones and distributing them out to the world wide digisphere. Wunderbar.  

This weeks Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-shot contributions from G4 hottie hostess, Candace Bailey, some bunny love from Shakira, a couple of at home shots from AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka, Sara Jean Underwood mounting another woman, Kendall Jenner bikini teen delights, and so much more we can’t even list it all. It’s a veritable plethora of personal celebrity pics that must be seen to be appreciated. Enjoy.

Jaime Pressly Bikini Pictures, Adrianne Curry Naughtiness, and Sara Jean Underwood Partying with Friends Headline This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

We are really digging hard on celebrity Twitpics these days; with the ever growing trend of super hotties doing half our work, and taking us deep into their private spaces. Not necessarily the private spaces for which we’d pay a kidney to visit, but private enough to get the cheap thrills that fill our life tanks.

This week’s Celebrity Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Jaime Pressly showing off her hot bikini body, Adrianne Curry getting cheeky with her chest cheeks, Sara Jean Underwood posing with Candace Bailey in a sandwich we’d kill to be the meat in, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing cleavetastic, and much much more. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Shakira Cleavage at the French Music Awards Gives Us Dirty Tiny Person Thoughts

Shakira is the world’s hottest midget, hands down, and I say that as a man who has sampled the earthly delights of many a small person (consider that an intentional overshare). 

At the NRJ Music Awards over the weekend in Cannes, Colombian woman of the asstastic world threw off some serious cleavage vibe, almost distracting me from complete fulfillment at the sounds of all the awesome French pop music. Oh, man, how my iPod is filled with that craptastic audio assault.

Shakira remains super hot. When she flashes her sextastic petite body, you can feel the heat doubled. And if she ever shakes any parts, off the damn scale. Enjoy.

Shakira Drops Some Shorty Swank Switzerland Hotness

As January rolls through, expect lots of balls, galas, award ceremonies, and an entire slew of events for which my powder blue tuxedo remains at the ever-ready, despite so many invitations being lost in the mail.

One such function being the FIFA Gala in Switzerland yesterday, a country whose chocolate I consume on a regular basis, and whose women melt in my mouth, or, that might be in reverse, but who had the foresight to invite super hottie midget Shakira to get all decked out and dolled up and looking all kinds of hot to get an award, or give an award, or just plain show off her amazing body.

From skimpy bikinis to low cut fancy dresses, we dig Shakira in a way that would most likely make the Colombian girl quite uncomfortable if she knew the details. Enjoy.