iHeart Music Awards Bring Out Shakira, Selena Gomez, Pia Toscana and Other Pop Music Hotties

If you’re going to really celebrate music, why not bring out a bunch of super hot girls who mostly make some pretty horrible music, but look pretty damn awesome doing so. The fine ladies of pop music like Rihanna, Shakira, Pia Toscana, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and other fine lovely lasses of the auto-tuned and produced pop music world brought down the house at the iHeart Music Awards last night in Los Angeles.

As you know, what the world needs right now is even more award shows to give the same people trophies over and over again for fronting somebody else’s music created on somebody’s PC at home. Well, maybe not so much that, but any opportunity to bring out the petite sextastics is fine by me. I love seeing the girls of my various rated dreams in various decked out wardrobes trying to out preen one another. Until somebody breaks into song, I am very much in this moment. Enjoy.

Shakira, Olivia Munn, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert’s Funbags Lead List of Nice Sights at Country Music Awards

I’m pretty sure the Academy of Country Music Awards holds their ceremonies about five times a year now. At last it seems like these country awards are going on nonstop throughout the year. But I think this is the big one, or one of the big ones, in Vegas and bringing out all the big names in country, or the big names in hotness at least, which is far more important.

The parade of beauties included Shakira, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Olivia Munn who I don’t think sings country but was super cleavy, and a gaggle more of super sextastic decked out women who wouldn’t love me even if I played guitar and crooned about how hard it is to do something basic. It’d be easier to make fun of country music if they didn’t have such super good looking women. Sort of like making fun of the dude in high school who got all the girls. Sour grapes, I know. Enjoy.

Shakira Cleavetastic in Black for Spanish Red Carpet

I’m not exactly sure what Shakira was pimping in Spain, but, hombre, let me tell you, she was working it hard and fine.

We’ve already established Shakira as the world’s hottest midget, hands down. Since becoming a mom, I naturally think she’s only become hotter, certainly more chesty, much of which she was showing off in promoting her music on the Iberian peninsula. I’m not sure how such a short girl gets long legs and such a fine curvy female form, but mine is not to question why, merely to drool on Shakira. I hope she understands. Enjoy.

Rihanna and Shakira Get It On With Booty and Skin in New Music Video

Shakira's New Video 'Remember to Forget You' ft. Rihanna Screencaps
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Sadly, they aren’t really making the sexy, as these two would be in that dream I have where I’m wearing an uncomfortably tight tuxedo, but the world’s hottest midget, Shakira, and her featured duet-artist, Rihanna, are getting smokey asstastic and groping hot in the new music video for Remember to Forget You.

I’m sure the song is  wonderful triumph of the human spirit and auditory adventures therein. But, far more important, Shakira’s amazingly round booty is prevalent along with some dulcet visuals from Rihanna. All in all, I give this video a Grammy or something where you get some gold and talk about how you love your fans. Today, Shakira and Rihanna, I love you back. Enjoy.

Shakira Bares Midriff in Self Magazine September 2013

Shakira Bikini Pictures Put the MILFtastic Mini Hottie Into Wet and Clingy Perspective

Consider my fears that Shakira may not recover from baby making duties put entirely to rest. Just six months after producing some future pop star, Shakira, the world’s hottest midget, is back in a bikini and flashing a body well on the road to full recovery, including that epic booty of hers.

Caught candidly in a black bikini on the beach in Hawaii, the diminutive Colombian hottie was bouncing around the sandy shores much like she has in my own dreams of the past half-dozen years. Waka Waka drool drool. How badly do I want to love spank that little bottom of hers? All the pineapples in Hawaii couldn’t begin to describe it. Enjoy.

Shakira Simple Sextastic in Elle

Well, now that she’s a mom, I hope that Shakira, the world’s hottest midget, will not be keeping that tiny fine body of hers off limits. We have become accustomed to a certain amount of ridiculously hot booty shaking from the Colombian and I’m personally not prepared to live without it.

Shakira’s new spread for Elle magazine is most definitely designed for the ladies, but there’s no denying we found a little (lot) of ogle-worthy interest betwixt the pictorials pages, most especially this lead image of the super fine little diva. She is one minxy mama. Must have in some form or fashion. Enjoy.