Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks Drop Dead Lingerie Sultry on Her 30th Birthday

We’ve yet to change our minds about model Selita Ebanks being the single hottest girl ever from the Cayman Islands, where we keep our little three-figure nest egg away from the prying eyes of governments and our shady cousins and uncles. And, today, on Selita’s 30th birthday, well, she gives us a present of the lingerie sextastic kind, flashing her deliciously sultry body in some little bits of silk and lace that complement her inherent passion inducing form.

Happy Birthday to Selita, and happy birthday to us. Now, time for some actual birthday suit photos! Enjoy.

Leg Men Arise! Selita Ebanks Flashes the Long Hot Gam for Leg Men Everywhere

Selita Ebanks remains our very favorite Cayman Islands girl, not to mention one super hot model who simply does not get enough respect for her hot bodily talents.

So diverse is her repertoire of hotness that even a well-placed bare leg at some swank party can get many a man’s heart a flutter. Not to mention what she does to the body’s other organs. So, without further ado, leg men of Egotastic! land, we present to you the fine long kissable stem of Selita Ebanks, proceed with caution.

Jessica White and Erin Heatherton Two of the Many Hotties at Spring Dinner Dance in the Big Apple

I still hold a tender place in my heart for every girl I ever felt up at a school dance or formal. I hold a tender place in my groin for one of them who kicked me thusly on one of my Bryan Adams ballad reach-arounds, but I hold no grudges. So I was especially moved to see the hotness abounding at the Spring Dinner Dance charity function in N.Y.C. last night where a slew of sextastic celebs and models got decked out for a great cause, well, two great causes if you consider the visual delights for us gentleman oglers a great cause, and how can you not.

Among the wonderful wonderments of the female form in attendance were Jessica White, who we never see enough of, recently released from Leo’s beardish clutches, Erin Heatherton, wicked hot new mom, Doutzen Kroes, and sultry goddess, Selita Ebanks. Were all of these ladies wearing far too much clothing for our tastes last eve? Yes, of course. But I think you’ll find that a simple twist of the imagination screws will have them dancing nekkid in your mind in no time. Least, they’re doing the clothes-less rumba in my head as we speak. Enjoy.

Selita Ebanks Highlights Her Grand Caymans in Open Magazine

Selita Ebanks simply does not get enough lust. Sure, there are many sexy celebrity models around which to spread the visual distraction time, but this former Victoria’s Secret and S.I. Swimsuit model (despite not leaking private naughty photos like her counterpart May Andersen) just produces one hot photoshoot after another designed to cause jaw dropping and other body part raising experiences. Her mini-pictorial for Open Magazine down Mexico way is absolutely no exception to the Selita makes sexy pictures rule. I’m about to prepared to name her my favorite girl ever from the Cayman Islands. I know, I had to narrow down that list sharply, but she deserves it. Keep up the sextastic work, Selita, and we’ll keep ogling. Enjoy.

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Selita Ebanks puts some much needed sexiness in a children’s charity event. (GlobalGrind)

Selita Ebanks Lingerie Pictures in FHM Are Naughty Nighttime for Your Daytime Leering

Let’s give it up for my very favorite Caymanian and one of the more underrated (if that’s possible) Victoria’s Secret angels, Selita Ebanks, spreading love and hotness on the pages of this month’s FHM magazine. Do you like sultry, sexy, hot supermodels flashing their tight, taut delicious bodies in little bits of nighttime lingerie? Well, of course you do, as long as you’re still breathing. Bless you, Selita, just for being so damn hot. Enjoy.

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Olivia Munn and Selita Ebanks Head(shop)line Hotties at Vodka Pimping Event in Vegas

With the inevitable cancelation of her network show, Olivia Munn wasted no time pimping her fanboy faptastic body at Pure Nightclub in Vegas to celebrate the launch of a new Vodka flavor. (Want to know the best Vodka  flavor by the way? Vodka. If you want to drink juice, drink juice.) We know nerds across world had united their avatars in emotional support when their goddess was quickly demoted from NBC TV status, but this little something of Munn Cleavage ought to keep them quiet in the basement for a little while. Joining Olivia at the grain-alcohol jazzy junket was sexy celeb Selita Ebanks who brought a little red hot sauce of her own to the event, where the celebs mixed in with corporate VIPs and gabbed the night away discussing whatever it is people discuss when they gab. Personally, my buddies and I can go away for a long weekend and not exchange more than five words beyond ‘hey’ and be quite content, but I bet Pure Nightclub was hopping with gab. Hold tight, fanboys, the next Olivia Munn project is right around the corner. Enjoy.