Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Braless Nipple Pokes and Pushed Up Boobtastic Galore!

I’ve never quite been in lust with minxy little Selena Gomez more than today perhaps. Not only has she broken up with The Devil’s Midget for the seventeenth time, and who knows, this one could stick, but she proudly asserted her independence by pushing up her funbags to a fare-thee-well and going braless in New York, showing off her racktastic and nipples like she was a young woman on a mission. And really the most noble mission of all, sweet exhibition.

Selena’s social media once again indicates she’s going through a rough patch. It always amazes me that accomplished, successful, beautiful young women would ever have such down times. Emotions and romance are a bitch for sure. Selena, if you ever need someone to talk to, well, your mom seems super nice. I have to admit I’m a horrible listener. But I do think you are wicked hot and I will fight anybody who says otherwise. I hope that helps in some way. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Cute Hot and Showing Off for Dream Out Loud

Selena Gomez is making bank on more than just her music. She’s got a clothing line I guess based on one of her albums or something at K-Mart called Dream Out Loud. If Selena only knew how I do just that while REM sleep running images of her through my mind.

Selena doesn’t just take a piece of the clothing sales, she models them herself, showing off her little minxy body in her clothes for young women. I’m not a young woman, though, you know, I wish. But I’m assuming Selena is a pretty strong influencer of their style choices so I assume she’ll make a bundle on this whole fashion line. I only hope she uses some of that money to continue treatment to get over the Devil’s Midget she just can’t seem to shake. It’s the only thing keeping Selena from being my one true love, my te amo, at least for one night. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Gets Sexy For Terry Richardson (Yes, The Girls Are Still Doing That)

Editor’s Note: Let’s get this out of the way. Many of you have written about posting Terry Richardson content on this site. Outside of being a creepy, kinky, fetish, drug-plagued monkey with raging hormones, which I think is a given, Terry’s not ever been legally charged in any allegations. Maybe he will be someday, and my opinion of him will more from awkward and creepy alternative lifestyle photographer to predator who needs to be locked up forever. But, for now, the girls he shoots featured on this site all support him and say he’s a helluva guy. He wouldn’t be the first man to have both real female supporters and also a small number of real female victims. But that completely remains to be seen. In businesses such as photographing young models, there are bad things that go on, and accusations of bad things that are entirely false. I’m always cautious about trying cases in the media.

Now, about that Selena Gomez girl I lust so much. If we’re talking about bad decisions, we could mention her fourth reconciliation with The Devil’s Midget. But I’d rather just talk about how girly hot Selena looks in this Terry Richardson photoshoot.

It’s simple and alluring and somewhat innocent, with a twist of naughty, exactly how I suspect to discover Selena is in real life when we vacation for a week in a Moroccan desert tent circa 2016. Hopefully, that twist of naughty is a relatively big twist. Selena, I am with you through all your horrible decisions. If it were not for your poor judgement, that Moroccan trip would be a completely empty hope. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Bare Midriff and Cleavy Top Goodness in Hollywood

Oh, Selena Gomez, you are just killing me now. I know your stupid ex-boyfriend is pining for  you online,  but you must resist the call of the Devil’s Midget. Just look at you, growing up into a little minxy woman with your Latina allure and and tummy and cleavy top like a beacon of the sextastic on the shopping streets of Hollywood. Any man would be more than lucky to be your love interest. I should be so lucky, as I am in my dreams several times a night, holding your sweat towel offstage during your concert performances.

For every passion inducing hottie out there, there is some loser ex-boyfriend lurking somewhere in the shadows. It’s simply a rule of nature. I’m prepared to deal with that, Selena. Let us join our bodies and ridicule your diminutive fop together as we make sweet love and forget about our pasts. Just one idea, I have more. Enjoy.

iHeart Music Awards Bring Out Shakira, Selena Gomez, Pia Toscana and Other Pop Music Hotties

If you’re going to really celebrate music, why not bring out a bunch of super hot girls who mostly make some pretty horrible music, but look pretty damn awesome doing so. The fine ladies of pop music like Rihanna, Shakira, Pia Toscana, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and other fine lovely lasses of the auto-tuned and produced pop music world brought down the house at the iHeart Music Awards last night in Los Angeles.

As you know, what the world needs right now is even more award shows to give the same people trophies over and over again for fronting somebody else’s music created on somebody’s PC at home. Well, maybe not so much that, but any opportunity to bring out the petite sextastics is fine by me. I love seeing the girls of my various rated dreams in various decked out wardrobes trying to out preen one another. Until somebody breaks into song, I am very much in this moment. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Helps Kick Off Hot Legs Season in L.A.

With temperatures climbing toward triple digits this week in Los Angeles (I always loved that meteorological cliche), the lovely ladies of the City of Angels are kicking off their yoga pants and jeans and getting into short shorts and short skirts to show off all their hard leg work over the winter months. Selena Gomez is one of the angels we follow rather closely around here, and another one of the rather stem gifted petite hotties who manages to have long legs despite not being any taller than her midget former or current boyfriend. Those legs on Selena, man, when they come out to play for the summer, it’s game on in the leering department.

As all leg men know, summer is our season. The time to fire up our retinal cones for several months worth of foot to goodness tilting gazes at some toned, tanned, and lovely gams. Personally, my favorite time of the year. If Selena’s wraparounds are just the appetizer round, I really like where this meal is headed. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Looks So Hot in Daisy Dukes (But Gets Served Papers)

Yes, it’s true. Too true. Our belusted Selena Gomez, so innocently walking the boulevards of the valley in her short shorts showing off her fine stems got hit with a subpoena from out of the blue.

Check out WWTDD for the reason Selena done got served, and to check out her luscious petite girl long hot legs.