Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Helps Kick Off Hot Legs Season in L.A.

With temperatures climbing toward triple digits this week in Los Angeles (I always loved that meteorological cliche), the lovely ladies of the City of Angels are kicking off their yoga pants and jeans and getting into short shorts and short skirts to show off all their hard leg work over the winter months. Selena Gomez is one of the angels we follow rather closely around here, and another one of the rather stem gifted petite hotties who manages to have long legs despite not being any taller than her midget former or current boyfriend. Those legs on Selena, man, when they come out to play for the summer, it’s game on in the leering department.

As all leg men know, summer is our season. The time to fire up our retinal cones for several months worth of foot to goodness tilting gazes at some toned, tanned, and lovely gams. Personally, my favorite time of the year. If Selena’s wraparounds are just the appetizer round, I really like where this meal is headed. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Looks So Hot in Daisy Dukes (But Gets Served Papers)

Yes, it’s true. Too true. Our belusted Selena Gomez, so innocently walking the boulevards of the valley in her short shorts showing off her fine stems got hit with a subpoena from out of the blue.

Check out WWTDD for the reason Selena done got served, and to check out her luscious petite girl long hot legs.

Selena Gomez Bares Her Heavenly Midriff for Adidas Shoot

My belusted little Latina diva has me so twisted in knots these days. On the one hand, Selena Gomez is looking finer than ever. On the other, she’s back once more with The Devil’s Midget in some inexplicable love connection that has seen her in and out of rehab, not to mention public WTF?s all over the place. And rightfully so, I might add.

Selena was showing off her taut little midsection for an Adidas photoshoot in New York City, looking every bit the grown up woman we’ve watch pass into yummy adulthood. Her petite frame still hosting what seems like a long carressable tummy that seems like the perfect place to subtly lay a hand or more daring body part. Selena is getting all grow’d up now, even if some of her personal decisions still resemble her powers of logic circa grade school age. Enjoy.

Good News Bad News for Our Belusted Selena Gomez

Let’s start with the good news. I always start with the good news, just in case time is cut short, I want that out there. Good news, Selena Gomez is looking hot and healthy and tanned and rested and showing off her goodness on her now resume concert tour in Texas. This is a great sign for our belusted Latina pop diva who has been having some rough times of late. She clearly looks back. And I have been staring at minxy goodness for the past 30 minutes, so I should know.

Okay, bad news. Hard for me to speak aloud really, but Selena was spotted in the coffee shop presence of The Devil’s Midget over the weekend. I’m not exactly sure how bad bad love can be. I’ve had a few run ins with it myself, though I can’t see I’ve ever been caught up in an actual spawn of Satan himself. Close, but not blood relations. I guess rehab in this area didn’t stick to well. Let’s clear this once and for all, Selena. It’s your last big step toward greatness. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria Form a Trio of Hotness at Unite4Good

I’m not exactly sure what Unite4Good is, but based on it’s title I’m going to declare it charitable, and hip with the clever use of ’4′ instead of ‘Four’. The kids all love that. I do know that it was a cause grand enough to bring out the sextastic likes of saucy Latinas Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria. It certainly has me feeling fine.

Once more, I am left wondering where my invite was to the ball. My fairy godmother seems to have abandoned me too as I was hoping perhaps she could turn my dead AA battery here into a Prius or something and announce I was off to dance the night away with Selena, Demi, and Eva. I guess this all just happens in my mind once more. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez and Sarah Hyland Form a Daisy Duke Heavenly Duo

Talk about a Hobson’s Choice, if I knew what that mean, two of my belusted brunette shorties flashing their sweet stems beneath jean shorts over the weekend. Selena Gomez strutting about the Valley in L.A trying to dismiss gossip about private troubles:

And Sarah Hyland filming Modern Family over in Australia, flashing her lovely gams for the benefit of Down Under oglers, and us, by way of digital photography transmission…

I’m just glad I really don’t have to make such a difficult choice. Like deciding which of your two children you love more, or, heaven forbid, beer vs. pretzels. Let’s have both today and forget the narrow minded people always insisting we pick one. I choose four legs today, thank you very much. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Leggy Wearing Daisy Dukes in California