Saskia de Brauw

READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen Sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood Topless, Eva Mendes Crazy Sexy and Much Much More…

Odette Yustman Goodies in Movie ‘The Unborn’
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All hail Friday. I stand not alone in my love of the last of the weekdays, the day before the day I get my worst hangover of the week, and that’s saying something. A five-day journey through the sextastic, culminating in our big stew of skin we like to call Reader Finds, where we literally let it all hang out.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the bodacious boobtastic likes of Taylor Momsen with some on-stage sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood stills without clothing, Eva Mendes in a single, super crazy sexy photo, model Saskia De Brauw nekkid on camera, Michelle Bombshell McGeee equally nekkid in a few tasteless caps from her sex tape, Odette Yustman onscreen camel toe, Aubrey O’Day nipple slip in a bikini, Katy Cocktease in a cleavy photoshoot, model Sara Stephens in some wicked almost not there lingerie, and brunette hotite Lindsey Strutt in a sweet hot topless photoshoot. Enjoy.

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Linda Evangelista and Saskia de Brauw Topless in Love Magazine Are, Well, Make Up Your Own Mind

Linda Evangelista Topless in Love Magazine
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Okay, so the good and decent peoples of Europe have contributed much to the world. Epicurean delights, bullet trains, and topless beaches, to name the first three that come to mind off the top of my ever-shrinking brain. And, they’ve also created art. Lots of art. And weird strange arcane artsiness that often blows right past our intellectual maturity (pegged somewhere at 9th grade boys’ room development level). So, often is the case, even in our beloved Euro-periodicals, we get nekkid model and celebrity pictorials that make us say, ‘Huh?’. We instinctively know we want to see sextastic women in all modes of undressed, but then a bunch of artsy minded folks go and put it to some bizarre, ‘meaningful’ bent that often forces us to think, and who wants that?

Take for instance, supermodels Linda Evangelista and Saskia de Brauw topless in Love magazine, it’s a real quandary. As always we leave it to our much more mentally capable readers to make up their own minds on this important matter. And, above all else, enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Eniko Mihalik Topless, Stacy Keibler Fine-Arsed, Hannah Simone Nip Slip on New Girl, and Much Much More…

Naughty Naughty Readers!

Oh yes, our most favorite time of the week, our four-times monthly Christmas as we see it, the moment at which Kismet meets Karma meets a whole lot of hot celebrity skin thanks to the Magellan like circumnavigation of the nekkid celebrity world at the hands of our own Readers, digging deep and wide for some shots of the deep and wide to share with their millions of peers. I think I’m going to cry.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the newly discovered talents of Eniko Mihalik on full display, equally luscious breaking big model Nina Agdal  topless, Elizabeth Gillies exceptionally hot, Brittney Palmer sexy re-creation of Showgirls poses, musically inclined Skylar Grey sideboob, TOWIE sister Billie Faiers topless swimming pool party, Hannah Simone slipping nip on New Girl, Stacy Keibler fine-arsed, Renee Olstead cleavetastic, and Saskia de Brauw model hot and flashing puppies. It’s all so profoundly non-puritanical.

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