Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi Bikini Pictures Summer Hot Even in the Middle of Winter

Okay, technically I guess it’s still Fall, never quite understood how cold December doesn’t quality as Winter, but all of that is beside the point when the super hot bodied Sarah Shahi of The L-Word gets into a tiny little bikini to fritter along Santa Monica beach.

My, oh, my, how I’d love to be the fake lesbian in her orbit. I don’t care if it was about 52-degrees yesterday along the coastline, that outstanding rump of hers warms the cockles like nobody’s business. What a nice visual blessing in an otherwise cold and wintry (autumnally) day. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Leads Contingent of Latina Hotties at Alma Awards

I could not support a cause greater than one dedicated to putting more hot and sultry Latinas in film and television roles, which I suppose was sort of one of the unspoken tenets of the NCLR Alma awards over the weekend, which handed out awards to a bunch of sextastic Hispanics for looking super hot, including, and never ever forgetting, halfsy Jessica Alba, making her first glam appearance since popping out her last pup, Demi Lovato, who has made a big time sexy comeback, still almost single lust-inducer Eva Longoria, underrated young hottie Francia Raisa, Glee schooler, Naya Rivera, and Sarah Shahi of pseudo lesbionic L Word renown.

Wow. It’s the entire cast of the naughty quinceañera fantasy I have thrice nightly. Enjoy.

Newly Single Billionaire Barbie Headlines Red Carpet for Radio Shack EVO Launch

As a kid who spent way too much time in Radio Shack asking nerdy questions about every single component in the building, and being in a group of boys who never bought a thing, just wasted time, I’m still not sure how that store is even open. But, apparently, Radio Shack abides. And they even put on a big launch party for one of the new smartphones out this week, can’t even say which one exactly, but I’m sure it claims to be even more amazing than its predecessor, though probably still can’t use it to make actual phone calls.

Still, when you get the likes of Billioniare Barbie (back on the HSV-man hunt), uber cheerleader Amber Lancaster, Playmate Jayde Nicole, L-Word hottie Sarah Shahi, and blonde TV sexy bomb, Jaime King, to get decked out and come to your little shindig, you’re probably doing all right. Enjoy.

Julie Benz and Brittany Snow Lead List of Womanly Hotties at The Women in Film Awards

You know we love women in film, in fact, it’s kind of our undying passion. So when they actually hold an award show for women in film, we’re going to be all eyes double peeled, in this case, finding Julie Benz and Brittany Snow leading our list of hotties at the Lucy and Crystal Women in Film Awards last night. Also representing the fairer sex to a fare-thee-well, Katie Holmes, escaped for the evening, Rose McGowan, our firecracker lust, and Sarah Shahi, who has had more hot makeout sessions with other women than, well, even me (if that number be greater than two). Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie Almost Kissing, Katie Holmes Near Nip Slip, Sarah Shahi Real Nip Slip, and Brooke Shields Bare Sideboob?


Another week, another set of unique reader finds, some brand new, some archival, all right in my wheelhouse. Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan ‘Antonio M.’ for sending this recent twitpic of Community hottie actresses Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs getting it on, well, not quite, but, still, just enough to fuel my R.E.M. sleep cinema for a few weeks.

Big props to ‘Chris K.’ who has no problem shirking work to search the Internet for hot photos of our be-lusted and Xenu-manacled Katie Holmes, as in this amazing photograph of an almost Katie Holmes nip slip which only saddens us to think we may never see her boobtastic again.

Speaking of nipple slips and hot women, shoutout to Egotastic! diehard ‘Ernie J.’ for gifting us the gift of Sarah Shahi wardrobe malfunction and a view into the bare chestal region of this ridiculously hot actress.

Finally, and this one really could be a brilliant freeze-frame find, ‘Cuenta D.’ sent us a single frame from the 2005 powerhouse Tom Green film, Bob the Butler (no, you did not see it), where Brooke Shields appears to be letting loose a little bare sideboob. Could it be a comeback of the Shield’s boob after a two decade absence? It seems so. Enjoy.

Sarah Shahi In Esquire; Nipple Pokes and Hot Bodied In Her Own Place

Editor’s Note: some or all of the media elements previously contained in this posting have been removed.

So, apparently, Esquire magazine runs these features where they go photograph hot celebrities in their own homes in their underwear. And, apparently, I’ve just applied for a job as ‘key grip’ with the Esquire photo-team. Sarah Shahi in her underwear, all nipple poking and hot bodied and curvy and tight and… well, damn near perfection. My Sarah Shahi lust forced me to watch many episodes of the L-Word, in slow motion, and now I’m checking her out on Fairly Legal, but, I’m willing to work for my art. Enjoy.