Samantha Hoopes

Coco Unchained, Emily Ratajkowski Braless, Claudia Romani Cleavy Selfie Headline the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Oh, how I love a good Twitpic or Instagram selfie in the morning. I’ll also accept afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends, winter months through the summer and back again. I’m just madly in lust with the cultural phenomenon of hottie self promotion. As much as I rail on the evil corporate landlords of the major social media sites, I’ve also chosen not to send them to another dimension with my mind. We kind of need them to keep running the platform for these sextastic shares. If that ever goes away, I promise, I’ll transport them through the demon portal.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Kylie Jenner showing off her body, sister Kendall Jenner following suit, Claudia Romani showing off her bikini boobtastic, Emily Ratajkowski braless bonanza, Coco chained and taped and, well, just see, Amanda Seyfried jumping for booty joy, and much much more. You owe it to the tragic spectacle soon to be your March Madness bracket to check out each and every one of these smoking hot self-published candids. I truly believe you (and I) have no better way to spend the next several minutes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram

Samantha Hoopes Underboob Completes the All Over Feell Good Feelings Smile

SI models do have a way of getting around the magazine digisphere. Samantha Hoopes is most notably the girl who made me catatonic in last year’s Swimsuit anniversary edition, now moving on to bigger and better underboob pictorials in GQ UK.

The Pennsylvania native took her blonde locks and her busty extreme hotness across the pond to flash a little underboob for the British men’s style magazine. Personally, I get my style from watching the more fashionable homeless men in the area, but some guys do need magazines. So why not slap one ridiculously hot bikini model in a sexy short sweater into the mix. I don’t like ties and shiny shores, but I’d wear them both if Samantha Hoopes but asked me nicely, or roughly, in fact, roughly would be better if you happen to be reading this, Samantha. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ UK

Nina Agdal, Emily Ratajkowski, Samantha Hoopes Playing Volleyball in Tiny Shorts? Yep, I’d Watch That

Many of the models from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition took to the beach in Miami for some kind of promotion beach volleyball event. They seemed to be promoting wicked fine hottie bottoms and many many prurient dreams as girls like Samantha Hoopes, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nina Agdal bumped, set, and spiked their way right into every man’s libidos.

Sports Illustrated sure isn’t skimping on the publicity tour for this Swimsuit Edition. Thankfully, the girls are skimping on the material in their wardrobes. Ever so hot. I wish I could get in this game. Enjoy.