Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris Bikini Pictures for Egotastic! Approved Dancing With the Stars Visuals

Those of you out there who secretly watch Dancing with the Stars, and, you know who you are and deal with your secret shame accordingly, you already know who Samantha Harris is, but for those of you who watch football and drink beer and lift way too much weight on the bench press to impress girls who will never have you at the gym, a.k.a., my people, well say hello to Samantha Harris, the 38-year old former long time co-host of DWTS.

Samantha hit the beach in a bikini, and while she didn’t go hog wild on the flashing, she did hit the major splashing and preening steps along the shoreline in a revealing two-piece that is basically for us like chum in the water is to a shark. We’re going to circle. And stalk. And ultimately try to take a bite. And from the looks of Samantha Harris, that could be one tasty bite. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr and Isabel Lucas Lead Pack of Aussie Hotties at Louis Vuitton Event

Everything I know about Louise Vuitton can be summed up in my five minute foray into a store to buy one his purses for a girlfriend who expressed a specific desire for one for her birthday: in the first minute, I just stood there in shock as a I reviewed a price tag I could never afford, the next four minutes I took to exercising my bowels in the store washroom. An Egotastic! man always turns lemons into lemonade.

And speaking of all things sweet and tarty, the Down Under hottie clan gathered for a celebration of Louis in fine sextastic gaggle form, including the likes of MILFtastic Miranda Kerr, often overlooked naturally hot Isabel Lucas, inexplicable Jonas Brother girlfriend, Delta Goodrem, hot bodied Jessica Gomes, ooh la la Samantha Harris, and newcomer Cheyenne Tozzi. Now, that’s a purse party! Enjoy.