Samantha Gradoville

Samantha Gradoville Topless Outtakes Arrive Like the Greatest Visual Gift Ever

Samantha Gradoville Transmission 3 Outtakes
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As you may be aware, I’m upside down and turned around kind of in lust with Cornhusker native model Samantha Gradoville. I’m not exactly sure how SI didn’t give her a full pictorial this year in their swimsuit edition, but such is the nature of tough decisions I suppose. Samantha could be in my swimsuit magazine any day. We shoot biweekly in my basement. Circulation is about one and generally centered in the midsection. I digress.

Samantha shot these sextacular topless shots for Transmission magazine and various outtakes keep variously leaking out, which is perhaps one of the top ten best kind of leakages in the whole world. She’s so desperately alluring in her natural state of grace. I just had to share. Sharing means caring. Sharing hot topless photos means sainthood. I hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dylan Forsberg

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Samantha Gradoville And Holly Rose Creepy Bloody Topless (But You Know You’re Going to Look)


Samantha Gradoville And Holly Rose Topless For Under The Influenc
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You know I’m the last person on this planet who understands art. It’s a three letter bad word to me. Maybe it’s just my ignorance. That does pop up every now and then as a hinderance in my life. Or maybe I’m just evolved into a higher state of only being able to see boobtastic beauty. That last part seems like bull, but it’s the story I’m sticking with.

I don’t know what Under the Influence magazine is going for here exactly with Midwestern born hottie model Samantha Gradoville and her luscious beauty friend Holly Rose. I know it’s creepy. I know its bizarre. I know it’s supposed to tell a tale of something profound I couldn’t possible understand. Then, there they are. Those absolutely delightfully perfect funbags on these two stellar looking ladies and suddenly I know everything is going to be okay. Oh, mommy, hold me close. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Donna Trope For Under The Influence

Samantha Gradoville Topless Natural Perfection Along the Shoreline

Samantha Gradoville Gets Topless On The Beach For Transmission Magazine
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Nebraska’s own Samantha Gradoville has really caught my eye ever since seeing the Cornhusker born hottie take the pictorial stage in a number of artsy, but wicked fine spreads.

Now Samantha is where she seems to fit ever so nicely. The beach without her top on, revealing her stellar funbags and a body that will certainly work in modeling, but seems destined to play elsewhere. I’m not even sure what that means, I just know saying it makes me feel naughty. Especially while leering at Samantha in this Transmission magazine shoot. Oh, how the naturally bosomy girls tickle that extra special bit of fancy way down deep. Well done, Samantha. Well done. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dylan Forsberg/Transmission Magazine #3

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Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville Topless in the Streets for Stylish Shoot

Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville Topless Shoot by Victor Demarchelier for Antidote #6 Fall 2013
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I’m sure I probably could live without artsy stylish women’s magazines if I had to, but why would I want to? Sure, the pages are filled with advertisements and high-browed imagery designed to intrigue women into spending every cent in their means on things that will make them look and feel sophisticated and desirable. Meanwhile, I’d be willing to make most women feel that way for entirely free, just saying. Still, part of this culture involves the use of hot models baring their bodies in eye-popping photoshoots, so this can never ever go away.

Take for instance Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville modeling for Antidote magazine, in a photo array that has tremendous meaning I’m sure, but mostly tells me that these are two sextastic models with their tops off in the public square. Now, I happen to find that gives me feelings of sophistication and desirability. I can just feel the synergy between the needs of the different genders. We can all be happy together. Imagine. Enjoy.

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Samantha Gradoville Topless in ‘Pure Passion’ Photoshoot for Vogue Germany

Samantha Gradoville Is a Name, Err, Body You Should Remember

They always say it takes a certain kind of woman to pull of looking ridiculously sextastic in short hair. I’m guessing ‘they’ are referring to super hottie runway and magazine models like Samantha Gradoville.

Sure, it helps to be appearing in little more than some silky bra and panties, as Samantha is here in this Blush lingerie campaign. But it also takes on super fine body, perfectly preened, and those damn alluring eyes that want to suck you in and steal your soul and make you say ‘thank you, ma’am’ for that very privilege.

Yes, today short hair is working just fine. Just no mustaches please. Enjoy.

Samantha Gradoville Topless For Farm Girls Gone Global Hotness

Samantha Gradoville Topless in Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2013
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Granted, I have no idea if Samantha Gradoville grew up on a farm in her Nebraska upbringings. I’m just so happy to bring you a girl from the heartland who’s making it big in the international magazine and modeling circuits, and, who, by the way, has a fantastic pair of chest puppies on display in Harper’s Bazaar Spain this month.

Now, you don’t care so much about high fashion or art or makeup. I mean, if you’re like me. But seeing Samantha flash her full upper frontals, well that’s worth a trip to the Spanish women’s magazine section of your local drugstore. Homegirl does good. Enjoy.