Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron Bikini Pictures For First Lady Beach Bum Finery

Well, now, this is an unexpected surprise. But I suppose not so for those who secretly admire the First Lady of Great Britain, Samantha Cameron. Granted, we have no similar pictures of our own First Lady to compare and contrast and we probably never will. Which by competition standards alone dictates a bit plus one for Samantha Cameron, who dares to bare her bikini bum on vacation with the family in Spain. Kind of refreshing really after having to sit through several years of nauseating Barack topless fitness madness from our own elected leader’s vacation photos.

While Samantha Cameron may not have the perfectly taut body of some of our favorite British models, well, we do have to apply different rules to motherly ladies with important daily duties beyond Pilates and spray tanning. And under those rules, I would really like to snoggle the first missus of England. Aye. Enjoy.

Hello, Mrs. Prime Minister! Samantha Cameron Nipple Slip Puts the Holy Back in Holiday

Prime Minister Wife Samantha Cameron Bikini Nipple Slip in Spain
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If your family or friends or community work release program organizer ever asks you why there HAS TO BE a website like Egotastic!, please look them straight in the eye and ask them who else is going to post the bare nipples of the British Prime Minister’s wife while on vacation. Suck on that, Interpol (figuratively speaking, of course).

But, indeed, while Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron were migrating like many Brits in August to the beaches of Spain, we had the opportunity to not only see the First Lady of England in her bikini (nice pickup, by the way, David), but also snatch a glance at the bare headlights on Samantha, not a chesty individual, but with plenty of gumption in her tips, if you know what I’m saying.

Sally forth, Britons, your top dawg’s old lady is the bomb. Enjoy.