Sam Cooke

Rosie Jones Chests Up Against Sam Cooke in Our Weekly Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic


In our last Battle of the Boobtastic before Christmas Day, we find the dual presence (err, presents) of our super sweet glamour model favorite, Rosie Jones, in her Page 3 topless pictorial, measuring her sweet peaches up against a very topless Sam Cooke, a blonde temptress with outstanding funbags. While all battles of the chestal variety tend to get dangerously sticky, this matchup promises to be chock full of milky goodness.

So hard to decide between two of the great DD-elights in this world, but decide you must! Who's ta-ta's reign supreme this week?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Sam Cooke

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Lucy Collett and Sam Cooke Go Red on White in the Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic


This is like some kind of Weird Science maniacal experiment whose mere testing could lead to chain reaction of uncontrollable sextastic, redheaded bombshell Lucy Collett taking on blonde bombshell Sam Cooke in a battle of the fairest barest tops of them all in this week's Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic.

Since boobs will someday save the world, we consider these jousts to be necessary training for the inevitable titanic flesh puppy salvation, and there's no better way to train than by way of girls who are proud and full-frontal topless. Lucy and Sam, two amazing specimens of the female form, but today, only one set of knockers can be declared the winner. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Lucy Collet vs. Sam Cooke

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Rosie Jones Chest Puppies Take on Sam Cooke Jiggalos in the Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic


We've got to say, blonde hottie glamour model Sam Cooke takes on a monster challenge in this week's Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic. Rosie Jones is not a super hottie to be taken lightly, most especially when she  takes her top off and smiles for the camera. It's like witnessing Merlin's magic for real with her ability to erectile un-dysfunction tens of millions of men at one time. We don't envy the road ahead for Sam Cooke, though we would certainly like to be laying on that road, on our backs, with a camera, as she walked over us in a short skirt and no panties. Kind of a random thought, but completely honest.

Two sweet sextastic women enter the Thunderdome of Ta-Ta's, both deserving of honorifics and bodily accolades, but whose funbags reign supreme?

Page 3 Topless Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Sam Cooke

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Sam Cooke Battles Emily O’Hara in a Page 3 Blonde-on-Blonde Bit o’ Boobtastic Battle


We're not animals, we are dignified gentlemen and Sapphic leaning gentle-ladies on Egotastic!, but, at times, we must relinquish civilized controls and harken back to our baser instincts of boob sport and flesh filled fights, to appease the savage beast within. At these times, we call upon the sweet and sexy topless glamour models of Page 3 to battle it out in the Ta-Ta-Dome to fulfill our barbaric passions for bodacious dominance.

This week's Page 3 battle of the boobtastic pits two veteran blonde hotties, Sam Cooke, who has a very strong chest puppy competition record on our little site against Emily O'Hara, a less well-known bosom battler, but one who has a very faithful following among our degenerate denizen. I really have no ideas whose flesh kittens will reign supreme, so, vote and decide. Enjoy.

Page 3 Topless Battle of the Boobtastic: Sam Cooke vs. Emily O'Hara

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Emily O’Hara Puts Her Dramatic Chest Into Battle Against Sam Cooke in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Funbags


Remember way back when when the dude wanted to buy the world a Coke and keep it company -- just a bunch of bull to use fake world peace to get people to consume massive amounts of processed sugar. We have a solution for perfect harmony that won't rot your teeth and is universally available, not quite for free in the end, but free to window shop -- beautiful full funbags going head to head, err, chest to chest, in battle.

This week's Page 3 battle of the chestal bulges pits a couple hot blondes, Emily O'Hara and Sam Cooke, in a fierce contest of the summer melon varieties. I've looked a thousand times now and can't decide a winner, so we need you to make the tough call on whose ta's reign supreme.

Page 3 Topless Battle: Emily O'Hara vs. Sam Cooke

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Newcomer Katie Downes Boob-Battles Sam Cooke In Our Thursday Page 3 War of the Chest Roses


We love it when a relatively new competitor enters the no-cornered circle of flesh puppy competition we refer to weekly as our Page 3 Ta-on-Ta peaceful bit of violence. We've not really seen Katie Downes much before, but we are certainly now never going to forget her, or the twin-billed gems she brings to the ring today. As for Sam Cooke, a hot blonde veteran of the glamour model circuit, a woman who knows she's hot and is not afraid to show it. That in itself is beyond sextastic.

Brunette vs. Blonde, Hotness vs. Hotness, Melon on Melon Goodness. Whose pleasure pillows reign supreme?

Whose Got the Hottest Page 3 Funbags?

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Sam Cooke and Holly Peers Boobtastic Showdown in Thursday’s Page 3 Battle


Oh, my, oh, my. Talk about a battle of the beauty-weights. Sam Cooke and Holly Peers, two of our favorite Britty glamour models to ever walk the face of this planet topless, going ta-to-ta in a battle of Page 3 pictorials this week. Hide the kids, lock grandma in the basement, this is going to get fleshy.

I'm glad that we make you decide these battles, because I could never personally choice between two of the finest things in life. Enjoy.