Salma Hayek

Mr. Skin Minute Features Salma Hayek, Vahina Giocante, and Heather Matarazzo Topless (VIDEO)


While we are taking the Ego gang here this week to see Argo, just because it is supposed to be so good, and Seven Psychopaths, because we like sick humor, that doesn't mean we ever take our eye off the hot skinematic prize, most notably the wonderfully diverse set of celebs nekkid on film courtesy of our friends at the ultimate site for TV and film nekkidness, Mr. Skin.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Salma Hayek, not even close to flashing in Here Comes the Boom this weekend, but definitely flashing her bodily wares in Frida, Vahina Giocante revealing her wicked hot top in this year's 30 Beats, and out on Blu-Ray, Heather Matarazzo nekkid (among others) in the torture-porn sequel Hostel II.

That's a lot to choose from. Stay safe. Enjoy.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to get that Ego-discounted annual subscription from Mr. Skin, if you want access to their 28 bazillion picture and video sexy celebrities nekkid on film library.

Salma Hayek Brings Out the Faptastic Little Black Number Cleave for ‘Here Comes the Boom’

We do so lust veteran hottie Salma Hayek.

She's like your favorite pillow in bed that brings you soothing comfort just to hold close to your face, except that she's got two gorgeous pillows, two fabulous funbags that she teases in little black numbers like she wore last night to the film premiere of Here Comes the Boom, the Kevin James MMA comedy she co-headlines as the sexy love interest (imagine that).

To lay your face gently into the welcoming bosom of Salma Hayek and proceed with an ever increasing revving of the motorboat, that truly is the dream. Enjoy.

Salma Hayek Brings Full Cleavetastic Show to London Premiere of ‘Savages’

Talk about your cleavage, Salma Hayek has got it going on and on. How badly do we want to motorboat the sextastic Mexican actress? Well, let's just say our outboard engine is heating several Kelvin degrees past safe temperatures.

The cleavetastic Latina thespianic brought herself and her funbags for a red carpet walk in London for the U.K. premiere of Savages. I guess egged on by all the boob-flashing taking place by the British royal sets this past week, Salma wanted to be sure to get her puppies noticed, and noticed we all did. Simple pillow perfection. Enjoy.

Salma Hayek Delivers Veteran Sexy in German Vogue

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed.

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Never count out on a veteran of the sextastic wars like Salma Hayek.

Just when it looks like one of our favorites might have gone into mommy hiding, Salma Hayek slams down the mighty hammer of hotness and looks drop dead gorgeous in yet another blast of super babe in a pictorial in Vogue Germany. The buxom little Latina shows damn well why she's been on so many men's minds for so many years as she makes a little black dress in her bedroom her bitch. Oh, how we'd like to have next turn. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Skintastic Includes Salma Hayek Topless, Jane Fonda, and Chesty Morgan! (VIDEO)


The heat is here and it's time to bring the beer cooler in from the deck where the Silver Bullets are now floating in 90-degree water and chill them but good in the real fridge while you sample down some skintastic cinematic options courtesy riends at Mr. Skin.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute features Salma Hayek topless in Ask the Dust, Jane Fonda nude on Blu-Ray in Barbarella, and some classic massive mammaries courtesy of cult queen, Chesty Morgan. Not to be missed. Enjoy.

(And don't forget to sign up for your Mr. Skin account with access to 29 bazillion or so stills and clips from all your favorite celebrities in all their very best skin-baring moments.)

Salma Hayek, Low Cut Top, Yoga Stretch Pants, and My Dreams

When it comes right down to it, the one thing they can not take away from your is your dreams. I'm not exactly sure who 'they' are, or why they would want to take stuff away from you, but the fact remains, your mind is always free, to say, invent new and wonderful scientific advances, or imagine a world of love and understanding, or, you know, picture yourself smooshed tightly in the warm cushiony cleave of the blessed funbags of veteran hottie Salma Hayek dressed as a fitness instructor on the set of Grown Ups 2. All very valid choices.

And if you saw Salma yesterday in those stretch pants wrapped ever so perfectly taut around her hot mom booty, that low cut workout top squeezing those thunder melons like their life depended on it, and that all over Hayek hotness, well, eff the scientific innovations, it's time for some cleavage diving! Enjoy.

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Salma Hayek Chesty Goodness, Not Gone, Not Forgotten at ‘Prometheus’ Premiere

Thanks to a million and one of you for the collective email butt-slap about glossing over the buxom in purple Salma Hayek from Friday's Prometheus premiere in London. Yes, we were laserbeam focused on Charlize Theron for much of the end of last week and we neglected to serve up the two heaping dollops of D-cup goodness delivered by Salma who was a celebrity guest invite to the premiere.

We promise to never forsake the Hayek puppies again. How could we so mistreat something we've adored for so very long? We deserved the spanking. As we shall the one upcoming. Enjoy.