Sabine Jemeljanova

Thank God It’s Funbags! Sabine Jemeljanova Topless for the Front End of the Weekend


You made it. I made it. We all made it to Friday. The single most blessed day of the seven options. They day from whence dreams stem. I recently heard some nerd exclaim that people who idolize the weekend are people that take no joy in their work week. I punched that nerd right in his Fantastic Four Issue 3 mint in wrapper.

I dig my job. I ever so dig my weekends. Granted, I aim to see sweet delicious funbags with the same gusto in either venue. That might have something to do with it. As an example, the sweet melon treats of gloriously hot Sabine Jemeljanova in Front magazine. Sabine isn't just topless, she's benevolent. She's giving. How can you not love this sextastic lady-filled planet every single day of the week? Thank God It's Funbags!

Katia Ivanova Goes Pup to Pup with Sabine Jemeljanova in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


As the world prepares for some sort of far too real military battle, we are reminded of just how fine this planet would be if all disputes were settled by the pitting of hot girl vs. hot girl in a a battle of supremely special chests. I mean, maybe we'd still allow a good schoolyard nose punching, because those flag football controversies need to be settled in some traditional manner, but outside of a little shnozz bopping, we'd resolve all conflict with the sextastic likes of Katia Ivanova and Sabine Jemeljanova smooshing their pillowy delights against one another until a winner is declared.

Yes, I have a dream too. Many. Each night. And they do tend to involve girls like Katia and Sabine pressing the flesh in sweet struggle for a Battle of the Boobtastic trophy that only you can award with your votes. So, vote now, and vote often, and decide for us today, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Katia Ivanova vs. Sabine Jemeljanova

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Sabine Jemeljanova Desperately Hot and Fully Loaded


Oh, how I happen to love girls named Sabine with beautiful faces and bodies so hot that you don't get to that beautiful face for a good long while.

Sabine Jemeljanova has more than wonderful boobtastic, she knows how to use it. From head to toe she is smiling, preening, posing, and adding a little 'x' factor to her pictorials that not ever chesty girl out there can do. But in this Loaded magazine spread, wow, I'd score it with more than just one x to mark all the spots I'd like to discover.

Thank you once again, Mother Nature. Your bounty is unlimited. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Gloriously Chests Up to Sabine Jemeljanova In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Fresh off her 23rd birthday celebration, the inimitable Rosie Jones is back in the game, working her two globes of fleshy perfection in contest against one of the unsung heroes of the chesty game, Sabine Jemeljanova, in a match of the mammaries that could only truly be decided by a set of funbag experts we like to call the EgoReader audience.

Each week as we circle around the Thunderdome of the truly splendid seasonal melons to decide who's tubes deserve the gold medal, we cast a very important vote. Sure, the swing of Presidential elections and the like determine the outcome of many vital world events. But there is no force in this world more powerful than that of the sweet udders that each week engage in the Battle of the Boobtastic. So, please, choose wisely. But choose you must -- and tell us, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Sabine Jemeljanova

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Sabine Jemeljanova Holds Sextastic Serve Against Sam Cooke in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Oh, heavenly competition. Who could have divined such an idea, to pit two perfectly pert Page 3 glamour models and against one another in a battle of the finer bouncy parts. Well, I did one night after four Red Bulls and Vodkas without any Red Bull. Though I can hardly take credit for one of the most natural instincts of man, to see a woman and compare her to the very next woman who walks by. Hey, don't hate the player, hate the game, or something street like that.

This week's Battle of the Boobtastic features two adorably sextastic kittens, Sabine Jemeljanova and Sam Cooke, both veterans of the melon wars, brunette vs. blonde, facing off in a pillow fight to the finish. One will win, one will lose (though still be super hot and successful, so shed no tears). So, today, I ask you, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Sabine Jemeljanova vs. Sam Cooke

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Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, Nicole Neal, and Other Topless Hotties for i-D Magazine’s Spring Fling


I have this dream where I invite several of my very favorite British style glamour models to my abode for an afternoon of Earl Grey and raunchy stripping. Then I snap back to reality to find the BBW sisters from down the hall eating all my Cool Ranch Doritos and sitting on my couch watching Animal Planet. Real life can be such a harsh slap in the face.

Thankfully, I have i-D magazine and their glorious tribute to all things hot and boobtastic and British with a topless complication pictorial of Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, Nicole Neal, Lacey Bangard, and Sabine Jemeljanova as a virtual lust-filled escape hatch from the doldrums of my apartment complex living. It's quite the array into the foray of all things plump and juicy in the chest puppy department. Yet, classy, cool, and chic. I think I dig. I dig very much. Enjoy.

Sabine Jemeljanova Red Hot and Topless in Black and White


My definition of the Visual Arts consists of spending most of my waking hours visually inspecting the artistry of hot mostly nekkid celebrity women. It's perhaps not the classic definition, but I own it. But my friends more into the traditional Visual Arts always tell me that black and white photography is the height of visual expression, or some such highfalutin chatter along those lines.

That sort of makes sense to me, but I'm not sure if it's the media format or if it's the fact that the people who shoot in black and white keep finding wicked hot models to take their clothes off for the shoots.

Oh, well, mine is not to wonder why, merely to ogle the ridiculously hot body of Sabine Jemeljanova in this passion inducing black and white photo spread. Sabine has all the tools to build a kingdom of the sextastic, and, just perhaps, in black and white, they are on even more penetrating display. Stare at her for a couple minutes or hours and see if you agree. Enjoy.