Sabine Jemeljanova

Holly Peers Puts Ta’s and Country Against Sabine Jemeljanova in the Battle of the Boobtastic


Sure, the competition down in Brazil these past few weeks has been somewhat thrilling. But I don't think even the World Cup can match the sheer vitality of the sport of boob battles. I mean, in soccer, you can't even use your hands, whereas in the Battle of the Boobtastic, the girls are heavily encouraged to do so. I could go on with the comparisons if I were more creatives.

This week's contest on the pitch features the world class chesty goodness of Holly Peers matched up against the robust, but dainty feminine guiles of Sabine Jemeljanova. It's a match made in heaven, at least heaven is the place you'll need to be to experience this match close up. Now, in your humble but expert opinion, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Holly Peers vs. Sabine Jemeljanova

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Sabine Jemeljanova Dives Boobs First Into Battle with India Reynolds


Girls, girls, now, there's no reason for fighting. Uncle Bill has plenty of love in his heart and other places for the both of you. I'd never dare to decide who has the finer funbags between the two of you. However, this is the daunting task placed before EgoReaders each week, the first among equals when it comes to the spectacular tubes on some of the finest ladies in the glamour modeling world. A decision I know you take rather seriously.

This week's choice must separate the spectacular hotness of Sabine Jemeljanova from the bruntte bombshell gorgeous business of India Reynolds. Nobody said the Battle of the Boobtastic was for the faint of heart. Real tough decisions about gorgeous breasts must be made. So, in your humble opinion, between Sweet Sabine and Incredibly Hot India, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sabine Jemeljanova vs. India Reynolds

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Sabine Jemeljanova Drops Top Against Sam Cooke In the Battle of the Boobtastic


Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of boobtastic. It's time for our weekly adventure into the sporting world by way of epically full and hot funbags. The Battle of the Boobtastic in which we take two completely hot innocent young women with stellar melons and pit them against one another in a contest of chestal greatness. Our sport is not yet recognized by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but that is only a matter of time and a couple envelopes full of Benjamins.

This week's tasty treats battle pits the veteran bosom of Sabine Jemeljanova against not so surprisingly strong chest puppy contender, Sam Cooke, in a competition I expect to go right down to the missing brassiere underwire. The competition is always fierce, the contestants always sextastic, and the winner always jumping up and down for jiggly joy. Now comes your part. Decisions decisions. Among our two brilliantly hot lasses, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sabine Jemeljanova vs. Sam Cooke

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Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Kinky Lingerie Modeling for House of Harlot


If you're going to be pimping hot vinyl catsuits and other kinky type boudoir playtime intimates, why not bring in the assist of one wicked hot funbagged body like Sabine Jemeljanova to make everything rubber and lace look that much more enticing. Granted, this apparel should come with a warning that you or your lady who you're purchasing for may not look exactly quite like Sabine after greasing up and wiggling into these body hugging show off costumes.

I'm not precisely into this level or ornate costumery when it comes to special fun time in my abode. Generally, a yardstick and a nameplate reading Principal Bill is all the props I need to ensure my romantic partners have a memorable evening. But I don't judge those who love a good rubber sword fight or Fifth Element getting it on fest. It takes all kinds to make the naughty world go 'round. I'll take the kind that looks just like Sabine. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Sabine Jemeljanova Shares Her Sweet Teat Treats For Goodness Sake


When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you go it alone. Hmm, never quite understood those lyrics, until maybe now as I eyeball my object d' lust Sabine Jemeljanova flashing her glorious peaches in Zoo magazine. Maybe having a super hot girlfriend with a ridiculously hot body would actually make you an outcast in your social circle. Your buddies would rather check out your lady then ever watch a ballgame at your place. Your female friends might just disown you, and your lecherous Uncle Ray would be talking to your girl all the time about his high school football days in his attempted sexy voice. It could be ugly, and alone.

But then you get Sabine alone time and I have to think that makes up for all the troubles and pains of the day. The undressing for the making of the sexy. Maybe if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you take an ugly girl and make her your wife. On this mid-week celebration of all things sextastic, I'll take Sabine and an early grave. Huzzah!

Staci Noblett Throws Down the Hot Globe Gauntlet Against Sabine Jemeljanova in the Battle of the Boobtastic


Our dear darling glamour hottie Sabine Jemeljanova sure likes she's been getting some sun of late. I suppose the life of a really good looking woman with an amazing body is slightly different than that of a blogger built in the shape of a Hostess Sno-Ball. Hence, she is thirty-seven shades darker than I. But, more importantly, can Sabine's tanned tubes stand up to the outrageously sextastic female form of Staci Noblett, a girl so hot she sounds like your favorite dish at a restaurant.

Two girls, four funbags, only one winner. You must decide. It is your sacred Ego-civic duty. Between these two fair lasses, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Staci Noblett vs. Sabine Jemeljanova

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Sabine Jemeljanova Plays Topless Secretary of Every Man’s (And Amber Heard’s) Dream


Have you ever thought to yourself, boy, it sure would be nice to have a hot busty topless secretary working for me. I know I have, even when I've been the secretary. Sadly, I tend to keep employed the roustabouts, delinquents, and horribly failed streetwalkers that form the bulk of my moderate to moderate-light working staff. But I know it won't hurt their feelings to hear I'd trade them all in in a heartbeat for crazy salacious Sabine Jemeljanova and her goods aplenty in the workplace.

Featured in a new photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine, Sabine reminds us of a time that only really ever existed in our minds, but perhaps one of the finest fantasies ever, the naughty office worker who seems to have lost her top. I wouldn't chide Sabine for her office faux pas, just give her a gentle reminder that if she ever feels the need to unleash her beasts and give them some air, that the more proper setting would be my office with the doors closed and my Def Leppard mix tape playing softly in the background. Love Bites, Sabine, but I only nibble. Enjoy.