Rosie Jones

Courtnie Quinlan Dares to Bare Her Chest Against Rosie Jones in the Battle of the Boobtastic


I'll say this for Courtnie Quinlan, she has courage. Like the Cowardly Lion, but with an amazing rack and killer looks and a lot less hair. You need some serious valor to take on the likes of Hall of Famer Rosie Jones in a Battle of the Boobtastic, where four boobs enter, but only two can leave with the trophy in hand. Well, not so much as a trophy as a slap on the behind from me, like an enthused third base coach congratulating a home run hitter rounding my base. It's all about the love.

The powers are not vested in me to decide such matters of the heart, or heart area. So it's up to you to determine whether Courtnie has the raw funbag power to dethrone the mighty Rosie. Decide you must. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Courtnie Quinlan vs. Rosie Jones

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Rosie Jones Topless Wicked Hotness for Mammarial Monday


Rosie Jones not only floats my boat, she sets it to sea, puts the wind in its sails, and ultimately causes me to crash onto rocky shores as I spy her ridiculously sextastic topless female form standing along the shore like a visual Siren's entrancing call. How can you not be entranced by this outrageously hot and boobtastic brunette babe? That's rhetorical I suppose.

I feel like I've lusted for Rosie for three lifetimes, though it's only been a few glorious years. But in epic pictorials like these classic shots of Rosie from Nuts magazine, you can see why she is a faptastic fan favorite for ogling gentleman worldwide. Whatever it is that a woman can have going on, Rosie has it going on and then some. I have sin in my heart and most every other organ of my body right about now. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Pictures in Her Flat Likely to Cause Deeply Raised Feelings


There aren't many women who I can remember exactly the first time I met them. My mom I suppose, deep in my subconscious somewhere, the little hot girl who transferred into my fifth grade class and I just knew would be my first kiss, and, of course, Rosie Jones. I distinctly recall the first time I laid eyes upon Rosie Jones, just one young super hottie glamour model who has never really left my thoughts ever since. Some combination of sextastic and girl-next-door-with-amazing-tatas allure that just grabs hold tight and never lets go. Thankfully.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie continues to show exactly why if she's not your dream girl, you simply need to get your dreaming tools sharpened. She's an all-day sucker in a land where all-day sugar consumption keeps you alive. I stand ready to lick (that's a metaphor, kind of). Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and the Whole Gang Topless to Celebrate a 500th Anniversary


I'm not sure what you get somebody for their 500th anniversary, but in the case of the 500th edition of Nuts magazine, I suppose you send bronzed boobs or something contextually relevant. I know dinnerware won't do them much good.

To celebrate the 500th printed edition of the magazine, the lads across the pond brought together just about every heavy-boobweight in their arsenal for a celebratory photoshoot. Kind of encapsulating what is good and decent and round about curvaceous young British women with their coquettish smiles and flowing hair and flouncing funbags. Just one super groovy visual party, to say the least. Happy Anniversary!

Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, India Reynolds, and Lacey Banghard Are a Sextastic Brunette Foursome


A friend of mine from the Old Country the other day remarked about how obsessed Americans are with blondes. Without denying there is definitely a traditional favoritism in this fair land toward the fair haired ladies, I reminded him that the Egotastic! world is filled with beautiful, drop dead boobtastic woman of all colored tops and bottoms and in-betweens. You know of my personal passion for reds, and the special naughty fantasies I hold in my lower heart for brunettes. The raven haired hotties who seem to hold so much mystery inside, or at least beneath their sweaters.

Thankfully, our friends at Nuts feel the same, this month paying tribute to our favorite brunette buxom glamour models. Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, India Reynolds, and Lacey Banghard. If these four girls happen to be at your party, you've got a pretty damn good party going on. If you find these four women in your bedroom, be careful not to pinch yourself, because you're probably dreaming. But, oh, what a dream that is! Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Perfectly Chests Up to Lucy Collett In a Titanic Battle of the Boobtastic


Wow, just wow. Talk about two boob-giants of the industry getting together in a chest to chest competition. I'd watch UFC more often if they let their elites battle each other instead of hyped up contenders being squashed week to week. Not in the Battle of the Boobtastic. No sir.

We are talking Rosie Jones, who we took into our hearts and libidos at eighteen, and ginger hottie Lucy Collett and her squishy perfect curvaceous female form. Two legends entering the ring. I'm glad I don't have to decide on the winner. It'd be like picking which of your kids you love the most. But, you must choose. This is your sworn duty here each Thursday, to render a decision that will leave one ridiculously hot girl feeling triumphant and one supremely fine girl feeling so dejected she actually takes me up on my offer of rebound sex. So, I ask you, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Lucy Collett

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Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal Topless Bikini Pool Party for Labor Day Sweet Visuals


I'm not sure what you're up to this Labor Day, but unless you've got Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal flashing their bikini and topless body goodness in your backyard, you've still got room to improve your day.

Sure, barbecue, check. Cold brew, check. Friends, family, ball games, check, check, check. But I'm forced to counter check with the giggly topless goodness of these sweet treats in this holiday special edition photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine. By the way, if you you do happen to have these or similar girls taking off their bikinis at your Labor Day party today, please do send me photos. For research purposes only, natch. Enjoy.