Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones Topless Shall Always Be Three Words That Thrill Me Like No Other

Rosie Jones Topless Nuts Outtakes April 2014
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I feel like I’ve been in lust with Rosie Jones since before my bobos even descended into their current location, though I’m certain that can’t possibly be true. Rosie Jones is still ever so young in her early 20′s but her several years now of showing off her fine female form without many clothes feels like she’s created a lifetime of memories already. Happy mammary memories.

But, like any great artist, there is no peaking for Rosie Jones. She’s back again in outtakes from her recent Nuts photoshoot and looking simpler hotter and more funbag faptastic than ever. I’m not exactly sure how she does it, I only know I wish I could bottle it and keep it by my bedside for occasional sniffs. Oh, the aroma of Rosie Jones sextastic could mean that I never sleep on my stomach again, Completely worth it. Bless you, Rosie Jones. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones Topless Dancing Jiggles Make Me Ever So Happy on a Mammarial Monday

Rosie Jones New Topless Nuts Screencaps
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Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world, and if you did, was she crying? I mean, I like to think Rosie Jones and her inimitable funbags cries nightly knowing what she lost when she refused to answer my last 900 (rounded down) letters beseeching her to consider me as a viable suitor. Until such time as Rosie Jones comes to her senses and accepts me as her towel boy slash toe-butler, I will have to settle for the libido unsettling of her glorious female form in guises such as this sweet new looks at Rosie from her Nuts behind the scenes video.

Rosie Jones would qualify as a masterpiece if she sat in any museum, as a priceless keepsake were she judged in auction, and as my main squeeze were she in my stable of incredibly hot women dying to use me as a male object. Rosie Jones stirs so many emotions in my bubbly cauldron. I wish would you come hang out more often. Strip Connect Four is in our future. Enjoy.

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Staci Noblett Dareth to Challenge a Topless Rosie Jones in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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There are many great challenges in life I’m not sure I’d undertake. Like challenging Peyton Manning to a football throwing contest (non-playoff game environment, naturally). Challenging Shaun White to a snowboard-off. Or playing liar’s poker with a Congressman. Such is the uphill battle to knock off king of the hill, err, queen of the hill, that Staci Noblett undertakes today in her Battle of the Boobtastic against the vaunted Rosie Jones. But, hey, just as in any sport, you play the game because you never know who might win on any given day.

The neat part is, you get to decide the winner. Not ‘get to’, you really must. This is your civic duty, your social contract with funbags. Between Staci Noblett and Rosie Jones, I ask you, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Staci Noblett vs. Rosie Jones

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Humpday Huzzah! Rosie Jones Topless Perfection Is… Perfect

Rosie Jones Topless in Lingerie for Nuts March 2014
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What can you say about Rosie Jones besides the fact she’s one stupendous young lady with one of the finest pairs of funbags on this planet. I do disfavor superlatives, but every time I see the perfectly pert and pouty pair on Rosie Jones, I am reminded all over again why I dedicate my workday, and a good chunk of my off-work time, to the pursuit of sweet lady melons. Rosie is inspiring.

Featured in the current edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie takes the simple act of the lingerie striptease and turns it into yet another Mona Lisa type classic passion inducing reveal. If Mona Lisa had yams like Rosie Jones, I’d actually visit the Louvre instead of just telling people that I have just to sound sophisticated. Rosie, you are my Huzzah!

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Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Apartment Playtime Outtakes Just Keep on Giving the Goodies

Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Nuts Outtakes
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That blessedly hot photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine featuring belusted hotties Rosie Jones and Holly Peers getting fun and kitty playtime in their apartment just keeps on giving, with extended outtakes taking us on an even deeper dive into the gloriously hot globes of these two young delectables.

The idea of two half-nekkid sextastic brunettes heading upstairs in their flat to finish off the stripping business would be too much to handle if it weren’t for the fact that that it’s just so amazing to handle. This Sapphic leaning menage-a-ta-ta’s is just what the doctor ordered for a Monday morning. Literally, funbags are the new healthy diet and exercise. Take two and don’t call me in the morning. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Rhian Sugden Undressed Up for the Nuts 10th Anniversary

Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and Friends Topless in Nuts VIP January 2014
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I’m not exactly sure what the 10th anniversary present is supposed to be, but our good friends at Nuts magazine are celebrating their 10th with a gaggle of their finest glamour models flashing their topless goodness in the place of candles. I’m quite certain that’s better than silver or pewter or aluminum or whatever the less interesting 10th anniversary gift givers producer.

The likes of Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Rhian Sugden, Lucy Collett and more all celebrating the lads magazines finest faptastic funbags. Now that’s a party the way parties ought to be. No offense to the Pictionary crowd, naturally. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Hottie House Party of Two

Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Shoot for Nuts Magazine February 2014
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It’s hard to imagine anything more sextastic than my belusted glamourous models Rosie Jones and Holly Peers hanging out at home in their cocktail dresses, and oh so much less, having a couple drinks, and stripping playfully topless in this Nuts magazine pictorial. I am of course open to suggestions on that front, but, for now, let’s call this the top of my fantasy-provoking list.

As hot as each of these young ladies are, there’s something so very extra Sapphic and special when they couple up for an evening of half-nekkid playtime in their flat. The whole is most definitely greater than the sum of their mouth-watering parts. What happened after the lights went out is anybody’s guess, though I have written my top 50 guesses down in detail here on a piece of paper with sketched pictures of how I believe it went down. So damn hot. Enjoy.

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