Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson Boobtastic, Elizabeth Banks Hotness, and Irina Shayk Sextastic Highlight W.H. Correspondents Dinner

It’s good to be President.

Even though the Correspondents Dinner each year is hosted by the media, let’s face it, you’re not getting a bunch of Hollywood hotties to fly across the country to the swamplands along the Potomac to hang with a bunch of press nerds. They’re there to flaunt it for Obama, and flaunt they did, including Rosario Dawson who flashed almost every allowable inch of her pushed up and out funbags in the direction of the Commander in Chief. And Elizabeth Banks just looked all kinds of grown up veteran hot. Throw in supermodel Irina Shayk who I’m sure was involved in some high level foreign policy discussions after dinner, and you had quite a hotness headliner act firming up the Executive Branch, as it were, at the black-tie affair.

Now, we do our best to stay away from politics and religion on Egotastic!, because that’s the kind of stuff that people have been arguing slash killing each other over for thousands of years, and, let’s be real, widespread bloody human massacres can be a real boner killer, but when the sextastic celebrities, we will go anywhere to bring them to you. Enjoy.

Weekend Links

Rosario Dawson takes her amazing cleavage out of storage. (DrunkenStepfather)

Irina Shayk plays in a little yellow bikini. (Celebuzz)

Beyonce looking awesome in white lingerie. (HuffPo)

Secret twitpic of a pregnant Victoria Beckham. (GossipCop)

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Generous hotties share their boobage with the world. (TheChive)

Rachel Bilson in oh-so-short shorts. (Popoholic)

Cannes Winds Up In A Giant Hottie Party Featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk, and Bar Refaeli

It’s been a long, hotness week at Cannes. Next year, I swear, I’m going in person, even if I have to sleep on the public beach again.  Sexy actress rubbing elbows and bare backs with ridiculously hot models and a bunch of rich dudes with yachts and dark tans. It’s all there. And the big windup came last night at the amfAR Gala where the best of the hottest came together in a giant flaming visual orgy of decked-out sextastic that included Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, Doutzen Kroes, Elisabetta Canalis, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson, Mischa Barton, and Mila Jovovich.  Oh, yeah, Courtney Love was also there falling out of her top, so we thought that at least made her worth a couple ogles or two. Can you imagine how badly your neck would hurt after hanging out at a hottie hullabaloo like this? Enjoy.

Rosario Dawson Pictures Provide Boobtastic Sexiness in GQ Germany

Rosario Dawson simply does not get enough love around here. Okay, I’m probably the one to blame for that, but I realize now how much I miss her consistent Latina hotness. Oh, yeah, she’s a talented actress, but, more importantly, she has a killer body and sexy look that just makes me want to rob a bank or somebody to buy her whatever she wants. (Note: Egotastic! does not endorse the robbing of banks to buy sexy celebrities shizz, unless, you know, you can get some, then all bets are off.) These German GQ photos are the drop dead Rosario Dawson sexy bomb and are a must ogle for all fans of celebrity hotness. Enjoy.

Rosario Dawson Bikini Pictures

I like Rosario Dawson, and we don’t really see that much of her these days, so it’s nice to see a bit more of her in these Rosario Dawson bikini pictures. And since I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of her (the back side), it’s even better to see these Rosario Dawson bikini pictures. Of course, a little more of the front side wouldn’t hurt either.

Rosario Dawson’s Hotness Isn’t Very Complex

Here’s Rosario Dawson in the new issue of Complex magazine posing for some rather raunchy shots. I’m not sure which one I like the best. The leather corset and S&M gear, or the Asian massage parlour girl, or the naughty student. They’re all great. And they’ll all get the job done nicely.

Rosario Dawson Cleavage to the Max

Rosario Dawson is on the cover of the January issue of Italy’s Max magazine, and so are Rosario Dawson’s breasts! She really takes her cleavage to the Max! Get it? Cuz she’s on Max magazine, and she’s showing a lot of cleavage… Huh? Right?

Wow, I suck.