Rocio Guirao Diaz

Rocio Guirao Diaz Hot Blonde Braless Lingerie Pimping

Oh, how I love my Sudamericana lingerie models, with a special node to Argentiean hottie Rocio Guirao Diaz who has been stunning my frontal lobes with visual wonderment for several years now. This fair haired Latina beauty seems to work for just about every lingerie company south of the equator, including Pink Crush, which is a name I just happen to love just by how it sounds.

Rocio has the girl next door quality mixed with the fact that if this girl lived next door to you for real, her boyfriend who dead lifts 600 lbs would probably come by regularly to threaten you for staring at her through the window with binoculars. Thankfully, guys with 30 inch biceps tend not to run super fast. Rocio, you are one sextastic braless babe. You keep on modeling, I’ll keep on watching for free and writing you love letters in Crayola Magenta, the choice of stalkers everywhere. Enjoy.

Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures Reveal a Complete Package of Bra and Panties Goodness

Oh, how we love our wicked hot Latina girls in their skivvies. And they don’t really come much hotter than Rocio Guirao Diaz, the face and most definitely body of Sigry Lingerie. We could ogle her in silk and lace until we summon the will to ask to see Rocio in even less.

This sextastic Argentinean model may just be our favorite lingerie model from South of the equator, certainly right up there in the lower latitudes. With this Sigry line for Fall/Winter (and you know you’ve got to change up your undies for the cooler months, albeit, the cooler months are warmer in South America), Rocio continues to plant her hotness stake right through our lust-filled hearts. The power of a one hot woman in two tiny pieces of clothing is quite tremendous. Enjoy.

Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures Continue to Be the Definition of Sudamericana En Fuego

I’m not sure I could pronounce her name with great accuracy, but every time I see the name Rocio Guirao Diaz, I know something magical and visually wonderful is about to unfold.

Rocio is the face and body for sure, of Sigry Lingerie, down Argentina way, and her powerful panties pimpstress ways are quite remarkable. The TV show dancer and show hostess and all-around hottie model has the goods to move the merchandise that moves men to madness. If I were of the fairer gender, I’d probably imitate Rocio as much as humanly possible, in her wardrobe, her moves, and, if you should be lucky enough to rub a genie-filled lamp someday, her smoking hot looks as well. Rocio has it all working, overtime. Enjoy.

Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures for the Hot Bodied Skimpy Clothing Win

As you may know, I like to keep a secret girlfriend on each and every continent of this fair blue planet, and my current virtual mate from South America is the Argentinean super hot model Rocio Guirao Diaz, a vastly underrated lingerie and swimsuit model who is well known down way South in Buenos Aires circles, but really ought to be a poster on the wall of every boy learning how to be a man in the privacy of his own bedroom around the world.

In her current Sigry lingerie photoshoot, Rocio reminds us once more than super hot women in tiny bits of clothing really is quite a sight, and while the birthday suit will always be our number one outfit on sextastic celebrities, there’s nothing wrong with a little silk and lace lingerie to add to the mystique of the fairer sex. Enjoy.

And, by way of oops, if you haven’t seen what happened to Rocio Guirao Diaz on our very favorite Dancing For a Dream TV show in Argentina, then you really must see. Big time painful oops:

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Rocio Guirao Diaz Sexy Dirty Dancing Proves That Reality Shows Don’t Have to Suck (VIDEO)

Muchas gracias en esta dia de gracias for the hotties like Rocio Guirao Diaz, the sexy TV personality and model who proves that reality shows don’t have to be just for women any more, in fact, Dancing With the Stars minus the likes of Chaz and Nancy, and with the addition of some truly sextastic celebrities and less concern for decent dancing, and suddenly you have a competition that need not just be for shut-ins and Oprah watchers.

The Argentineans have much to teach us in the way of making watchable television. Rocio Guirao Diaz hotness has much to teach us in the making of just plain old fashioned sexy awesome. Enjoy.

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Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures Expose a Dancing With the Stars Sudamericana Hottie

While Dancing with the Stars in the U.S. proved again last night that it cares not a whit for its straight male audience, by booting off Elisabetta Canalis in one of the very early rounds, the overseas versions of the same reality craptastic dance show continue to prove that it’s not that hard to get men interested in dancing, if you keep the hotties shaking their butts on the dance floor from week to week. Say, for example, two time contestant on the Argentinean version of DWTS, the uber-hot Sudamericana MILFtastic model, Rocio Guirao Diaz, who also happens to be the face and body of Sigry Underwear, which so graciously snaps the dancing hottie in their little bits of bras and panties from time to time so that gentleman oglers can devour women’s shopping catalogs with unfettered delight.

The body on Rocio, wow, it’s just something almost impossible to explain with words, so, instead, I choose to dance the forbidden dance of the faptastic. And, when in Buenos Aires, even catch an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Enjoy.

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