Rita Ora

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Double Down for Steamy Leggy Concert Duet in Jolly Old England

You probably won't find Iggy Azalea or Rita Ora on my iTunes playlist, not at least until you worked your way through an entire catalog of AC/DC Bon Scott era screeds, but I must admit these two put on quite the horny girl play time show at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham over the weekend. Individually, each of these bleached blondes is known for their rump shaking stage performances, but when they got together and started strutting, preening, and faux sexing each other up on stage, when then sweet music was most definitely made.

Iggy Azalea has been under fire of late for perhaps not writing her own raps. Oh, god forbid, I feel my world spinning around me. And Rita Ora did once date Rob Kardashian. But I forgive them both for their sins. Provided they stay in sheer and showy costumes and pantomiming lesbionics on stage, I am more than than ready to call them my heroes. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Flashes Panties in Fishnet Outfit

British singer and foxy chick Rita Ora was a vision in a sheer outfit at Capital FM's Summertime Ball in London. And by vision I mean you got an eyeful of her panties through the peek-a-boo fishnet shorts she was wearing. Rita has a pretty extraordinary butt. It's shapely and curvacious but still nice and trim. You can also see her bra in the matching fishnet top. There is a bit of sideboob action, allowing us a tiny glimpse at her amazing rack. Rita has some fairly spectacular Britannic majesties. I'd salute those crown jewels any day.

Rita is a seriously sexy chick. I didn't know who she was until we started covering her here on Egotastic. Since then I have become a big fan. Not so much of her music as her general hottness. I am a huge admirer of her penchant for not wearing a lot of clothes. This is an admirable quality in any hot young lady.

Rita Ora Cleavy In A Low Cut Black Dress In LA

Newly single British singer Rita Ora was all kinds of cleavtacular on an evening out in LA last night. She was sporting a low cut black dress that showed off her lovely ta-tas to one and all. Rita has a pretty outstanding pair of chest puppies and I should know, it's my job. I don't know what Calvin Harris was thinking when he let her go. I'm pretty sure I can overlook just about any problem if I had those jugs to look at every night. But that's just me. I'm willing to put in some extra effort in a relationship, especially if there are a spectacular set of boobies involved. The dress also showed off her amazing legs. Again, how could you let that go? If you had the chance to have those legs wrapped around you every night, Calvin, what could possibly possess you to break up with her?

Unless, of course, Rita broke up with Calvin, in which case, my condolences, dude. It's kind of hard to come back from that. Then again, he's rich and good looking so he'll be OK. The rich and good looking always are.

Katy Perry and Rita Ora Hot Hottie Body on Stage in Scotland

Aye, a wee bit of the hot birds on stage at Radio 1's concert in the Highlands this weekend. There were a bunch of acts, but Katy Cocktease in her ancient Egyptian themed tight dress and Rita Ora in her booty hugging body suit and some unusual looking dreads certainly stood out for me.

I can't say I'm particular fond of either young pop diva musically speaking, but pretty much obsessed in every other way and I could easily fake the musical interest part should I ever get a chance to help these girls change costumes backstage. That and a Ora-Swift-Perry sandwich are my two simultaneously occurring dreams at the moment. I wish you could see inside my brain, it's like a quilt of really vibrant and not-for-kids images. I'll be sure to donate it to some tawdry sex museum after my demise. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Hot Body and Camel Toe Leaving a London Workout

We really do dig Rita Ora here. I'm sure I've told you I've met her up close and she's really quite an attractive pop diva. Alluring with her blonde locks and exotic looks and a body she's been working out hard since she started showing it off more thoroughly in photoshoots and on stage. Which means trips to the gym on a regular basis. Which means tight yoga pants, naturally. Which means camel toe.

Indeed, Rita Ora was sporting the toe of the ship of the desert in Jolly Old England, much to the delight of the onlookers who were merely gawking at her heavenly top until they took note of her sizable clef under Spandex. I'd like to give another shoutout to the inventor of stretch pants, but an even bigger kudos to Rita Ora for putting in the effort to make our ogling of her that much more rewarding. You are a giver, Rita, and we appreciate that. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Strips Down To Her Calvins On Stage

I must admit I don't often get to the G-A-Y nightclub in London, though the performers there do love to put on a good show-off show, the ladies typically half dressed or less, including Rita Ora who did a striptease down to her cotton undies over the weekend. The result was a strong showing of Rita's recently heavily worked out body. Hey, you don't just decide to start stripping on stage without some confidence in your workout. I mean, drunken NYE parties aside.

It's really no surprise that Miley preceded Rita Ora at the very same venue. The bar on exhibitionism has been raised severely in the past couple of years, and thankfully so. It's about time we focused less on the music and more on the visually blessed notes of the Calvin only covered Rita Ora. Music is headed in the right direction. Enjoy.

Rita Ora See-Through Bra Goodness for Terry Richardson

I've seen Rita Ora in person. She's an incredibly attractive young lady. I'm saying that in a polite manner such that if I ever get the chance to meet her again, we can talk about what a gentleman I am before I ask her out on a date involving nekkid mud wrestling, not watching, engaging.

Rita got herself before the lucky bastard Terry Richardson's camera for one of his classic in-studio shoots featuring the blonde styled Britty diva in a see-through bra showing off her precious nipple treats beneath. She really is quite the alluring song bird. Those yum muffins need a little taste testing. Wait, did I write that out loud? Rita, you're messing with my mind. Enjoy.