Rita Ora

Rita Ora Bikini Picture Showoff on the Balcony in Miami

At any given time, there are 500-1,000 cameras poised to photograph any hot pair of knockers that emerge onto Miami hotel balconies. If you're a sextastic celebrity, you have no chance of avoiding capture. And, thankfully so. Else we might not have these private time photos of blonde minxy diva Rita Ora in her black bikini on the balcony of her hotel.

I'd like to imagine Rita is calling me on her cellphone to let me know how nice the sun feels beaming down onto her chesty goodness, and I'm telling her, I know, I can see, but tell me anyway in great detail, but hang on a second while I lock my door. Something like that. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Flashing Tightening Body Leaving Pilates

Miley Cyrus may not be a musical trendsetter, but I'll say this, the other girls of pop music are realizing that there's a new bare bar being set and if you're going to compete, you need to be worked-out hard and ready for exposure.

Such that now we are seeing more and more of our divas headed for hardcore Pilates workouts, like Rita Ora, who has been a little bit lax in the past with all over fitness, now flashing the sports bra and tight booty revealing stretch pants so common among the native L.A. musical star milieu. Might I add, I couldn't be happier. I've always had a major crush on Rita Ora, if she's now headed the way of sweaty hard workouts and wrecking ball type reveals, well, I'm going to need more towels. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora As the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpets Roll In

You know I simply refuse to watch this show. MTV doesn't even cover music anymore, but somehow they still run the pretense of being a voice for popular music and teenaged girls seem to still be buying it. Which means all the big names still need to show up big each year and the divas need their exhibition dues. That is where I pay attention. I care not for what the fashion and wardrobe and accessory set say about the gowns, but I do care to see some of our favorite sextastic celebrities gracing the red carpet of any big awards show.

Taylor SwiftLady Gaga, Katy Cocktease, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, and more.

Stay tuned as the red carpet photos from the 2013 Video Music Awards red carpet continue to roll in...

Rita Ora Booty Toned By Way of Yoga

I used to make fun of this whole yoga craze. It might be related to all the sweaty dudes with stinky feet and rolled up mats across their shoulders that turned me off. But what turns me on is how yoga is transforming the bodies of some of our most sextastic celebrities into even finer public viewing. Take for instance, Rita Ora and her curvaceous booty. Oh, how I would like to take that.

Those two rounds of downtown fun time were always cans of joy, now they are in the process of being treated to an Eastern culture molding and tightening. They can only get better. Though Rita Ora knows they are quite fetching already, which is why she was walking around London after her workout in tight stretch pants. I'm happy that she's proud of her work. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Covered Topless in GQ Magazine

Lovely Rita, mammarial meter maid. Nothing can come between us. Save for maybe a physical signal of my passion for the bleached blonde British pop diva. Consider that expression of profound lust to be doubled thank to this stellar pictorial of Rita Ora in GQ UK, covered topless (alas) and looking all kinds of classically hot.

Now, normally, I don't got for all this stylish and dramatic stage settings, but I must say, this grown up bit of visual production does suit Rita Ora. And her body. Which prefers to be unsuited as well. Oh, that I could be reincarnated as that chair she's sitting upon. Dare to dream big. Enjoy.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Highlight the Raunchy Stage Moves at Glastonbury

The biggest weekend in British pop music took place over the weekend in Glastonbury at the annual festival that is basically the Coachella of the U.K. That is, most of the music is pretty pop-py and act driven now, and tons of English celebs show up to drink and party in the V.I.P. tents while trying to look and act like normal concert-goers. It was largely a success. And the Rolling Stones showed up to headline, so you can't miss that if you've grown up in the Empire.

Nor did you want to miss the onstage antics of both new Aussie singer sensation Iggy Azalea or chart hitter Rita Ora, who has already made a name for herself in the grabbing, bending, flashing on stage department these past couple of years. Both young ladies came to prove that it's not what you say, it's how you say it that counts. Especially when your sextastic body is perhaps more alluring than your vocal utterances. And to this end, I must give both Iggy and Rita A-grades.

A+ really for Iggy in the flexibility and 'mama said never to do that on stage' move she pulled with her hand betwixt her crotch from behind. Kind of one upped Rihanna on that move. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Muffin Bare Midriff in a Sports Bra and Booty Hugging Pants in L.A.

We definitely have a major crush on Britty pop star and platinum blondie Rita Ora. She does like to show off. And, apparently, loves herself a decent meal, which is quite a difference from many of her fellow wafer thin celebrity peers.

We wouldn't throw a hot woman out of bed for eating crackers, let alone squishing our gonads with a ball peen hammer, so we wouldn't shoo away a fine lass like Rita just for having a little muffin top working. Just look at those curves wrapped in spandex, top and bottom, and you get an idea of how much soft and bouncy fun could be had after clothing peel-back time.

Finally, a girl who doesn't need a sandwich. Just some all over hugs. Enjoy.