Rita Ora

Rita Ora See-Through Bra Goodness for Terry Richardson

I've seen Rita Ora in person. She's an incredibly attractive young lady. I'm saying that in a polite manner such that if I ever get the chance to meet her again, we can talk about what a gentleman I am before I ask her out on a date involving nekkid mud wrestling, not watching, engaging.

Rita got herself before the lucky bastard Terry Richardson's camera for one of his classic in-studio shoots featuring the blonde styled Britty diva in a see-through bra showing off her precious nipple treats beneath. She really is quite the alluring song bird. Those yum muffins need a little taste testing. Wait, did I write that out loud? Rita, you're messing with my mind. Enjoy.

Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and More Hotties from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Let's be honest. There's really no reason for the MTV Movie Awards each year. MTV doesn't even run music anymore, let alone have movie coverage outside of paid advertisements. The show hasn't been fun since my fond memories of going with Tila Tequila to the red carpet to raise a ruckus and have Tila shot out her love for celebrity lady nest to all the MTV celebs.

Nevertheless, it's Viacom which means publicity and some fine looking babes pimping various projects and showing up all hot and bothered. Hot at least. The parade of sextastic ladies at this year's event included boobtastic Rita Ora, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan and others little bits of decked out delight. As for the show itself, let's just say checking out these good looking ladies is 99.9% of the entertainment value from the entire evening's events. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Drops Serious Cleavage at London’s Serious Fashion Week

I guess there are so many fashion weeks now that they're running out of ideas. At the London fashion week they were celebrating the fashion of Italy, maybe some sort of fashion exchange program or for those who simply can't wait a week when I'm sure Fashion Week will be back in The Boot. Needless to say, like all horrible fashion related ventures, this one too has a silver lining. Or silver low cut bust line you might say as Rita Ora celebrated the fashions of Italy by showing off deep cleavage at the event.

Since my entire take on fashion is how much T&A it shows off, I have to say, I politely clap at Rita's haute couture. It certainly seems well put together judging by my careful scan of her chest. Yep, definitely going to be big this summer. Prints, stripes, and boobs all still in. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Black PVC Catsuit Knows How to Win an Evening

PVC has so many uses. The only one I care about at the moment is tightly clung across blonde diva Rita Ora's all lady like body. Rita wore the skintight catsuit out and about in the London party scene over the weekend with some explanation I'm quite sure. Or maybe she had none at all. Just check out my sextastic body in this catsuit, fellas.

That works for me too. You really never question a woman dressed as a hot nurse or wearing a catsuit. They have their reasons. And you have yours to stare wantonly. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Bare Midriffed and Sports Bra’d for Fit Viewing

I do so like Rita Ora. She's British in all the right places. But now picking up a little L.A. habits since spending so much time in our warmer climates. Like the sports bra fitness post-workout walkabout. That's very L.A. And I'm glad to see Rita Ora and other English styled hotties coming local and picking up on the skintastic tradition.

Rita has only more recently begun getting into the sweaty hardcore workouts. Maybe the effects of partying and life on the road got her to thinking it's time to get back to a tauter figure. I can only hope she lets us watch the progress along the way. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Upskirt Seems to Indicate Ms. Ora Does Not Like Panties So Much


If you're going to ride on somebody's shoulders through a line of press photographers, you might consider if you're wearing a dress and no panties. I can't say for certain, but it sure looks like daring pop diva Rita Ora did just that at a party at Milan fashion week last night, with her dress riding up and an upskirt view of her lady nest. The photos got blown out a bit being up so close, but I can't help but feeling we're seeing Ora patch. I'm starring it just in case, for the sake of the children, naturally.

Rita has a history of showing off up her hem line, so this is not a total surprise. But let's just still call it a wonderful gift to oglers. I've happened to have seen Rita in person before. She's a real eye-grabber. And that was even when she wasn't showing off her lady nest. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Mighty Cleavy Fine in Yellow at the BRIT Awards

Lest you think we are the only country that has silly celebrities who need to slap themselves on the back for being so awesome at awards shows, nay, everybody else is doing it too. Like the BRIT Awards, which much like our fine self-congratulatory shows here, do definitely bring out the hotties in their finest. Like Rita Ora who looked all kinds of blonde and cleavetastic on the red carpet of the award show. We haven't seen Rita in a while really, and ever so pleasant to see her return to our neighborhood chest first and smiling.

Of course, we're gearing up here at Egotastic! for the upcoming Oscars at the end of this month. And by gearing up, I mean, I'm going to spend a couple bucks extra on my liquor consumption for the evening and move my comfy chair closer to the bathroom. Always be prepared. Enjoy.