Riley Keough

Riley Keough Camel Toe Has Left the Building

In addition to being Elvis’ granddaughter and an actress friend of Kristen Stewart who Robert Pattinson was rumored to shnozzle with after his split with the very same K-Stew, Riley Keough brings some very proud and robust lips to bear on the streets of Los Angeles barely beneath a pair of tight grey sweat pants.

Riley Keough can be seen, well, not seen probably as she is here, in the upcoming Max Mad film installment and a couple other films as her star continues to rise in Tinsel Town. If she keeps wearing those skin tight sweats, I’d imagine that rise will be even faster, though I am just projecting how I would abuse my powers were I a casting director for the roles of ‘hottie 20-somethings’. Oh, the couches we would soil. Enjoy.