Rihanna Pours on the Naughty In New Music Video

I'm sure Pour It Up has some deep meaning to it, and I'm certain it's going to be a dance house classic beloved by young women and men trying to get with young women everywhere, but, you know.... the music video looks pretty darn smoking. I'm trying to be positive. And with Rihanna, that usually means less about the music and more about the hot body she constantly puts on display.

There's no doubt that Miley Cyrus has kicked up the music video soft core porn bar just a tad bit higher the past couple of months. Rihanna seems up to the challenge, in some dramatically meaningful, but always revealing costumes, making love to her throne chair in many boobtastic and crotch grabbing positions. Now, this is music the way it's supposed to be seen. Enjoy.

Rihanna Shares Pours on the Sextastic from the Set of Her New Music Video

Pour It Up. I'm sure it's an instant classic for my iPod. Either than or a song produced by a a team of producers who make general sounding beats that can be applied to any pop singer, English or Cantonese. Still, Rihanna does give it her own visual flare as evidenced by these behind the scenes photos from the making of 'Pour It Up'.

Rihanna seems to be a naughty queen of sorts, fondling herself atop a throne. I'm sure it's symbolically powerful. I know it is faptastically forceful. With everybody trying to raise their shock value in music videos to keep up with Miley, well, I'm surprised (and somewhat disappointed) to see Rihanna wearing any clothes at all. But, the girls do love their costumes. Enjoy.

Rihanna Braless in a See-Through Top to Earn Some Attention for Her Own Boobtastic Self

Maybe it's the pressure of Lady Gaga running around London and New York mostly nekkid these days, but Rihanna felt a need to step up her game and remind everybody that she was showing her boobs off in public before Poker Face every became a hit.

Rihanna made her way through New York last night back to her hotel braless beneath a sheer white tank top, her fine funbags fairly clear and presently dangerous to all the gentleman ogler onlookers. The see-through factor was aided a bit by the bright lights of the paparazzi flash bulbs, but make no mistake about it, Rihanna is not looking to win the silver medal in the pop diva public exhibition category. She's digging for gold, one see-through top at a time. Enjoy.

Rihanna Flashing Booty Prime Time in Barbados

Rihanna loves to show off her body. We know this. Many of us truly appreciate it. But the butt show she put on in her native Barbados, well, it was quite spectacularly arranged. I'm not sure how many times Rihanna got in and out  or on and off things requiring her bikini bottom to shine prominently beneath the midday sun, but it was often. I'll give you a precise count when I've completed my audit.

Say what you will about Rihanna, the girl knows how to wear a bikini. Or less. You will never see a hand over her mouth in gasped embarrassment. But if you look for a while, you are quite certain to see her hand over her lady nest simulating sexual excitement. She's that kind of girl. Shameless. We like it. Enjoy.

RIhanna Gets Down and Extra Dirty for Carnival in Barbados

One thing you can never take away from Rihanna, she loves to have a good time. You won't see Taylor Swift getting loaded in a half-dressed body suit costume and crawling around on the ground being slapped and slapping other girls in her home country's Carnival parade. I mean, I guess it's possible for Taylor, but don't hold your breath. Meanwhile, Rihanna is the life of the party at pretty much every party, without much care about press or public reaction. I can respect that. I can respect the hell out of it when her tight asstastic is part of any public exhibition.

And, not to try and outdo herself, but the very next day in the more formal Kadooment Day Parade, Rihanna once again found the perfect bodily exhibiting costume, which along with a few parade route cocktails, once again turned her into the girl you need to have at your party to make it a true success. Nothing but applause from this end staring at Rihanna's bottom end. She's a fun girl. Enjoy.

Rihanna Nipple Pokes Poking Proudly in West Hollywood

Rihanna does not like bras. Her nipples like the Los Angeles sun. The confluence of these elements often brings Rihanna's nipples to full headlight and remarkably visible status when she struts about in the City of Angels, as she did yesterday in a tank top in West Hollywood.

Say whay you will about Rihanna, she knows how to get attention. And while we don't generally condone the concept of attention seeking, when a woman with a hot body uses her fine female form to get attention, who are we to complain? Keep on poking on, Rihanna. Enjoy.

Rihanna See-Through to the Bare Boobtastic in Sweden

When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do. That means lots of see-through white mesh tops (though she is missing the red summer jeans) for Rihanna who decided to go and flash basically her entire bare chest for the good and gentle persons of Sverige yesterday.

Not that the Scandinavians are a modest people. Sweden practically modernized the world of video porn back in the day. So I guess a visit from Rihanna and her pierced nipple is bringing everything full circle. Or not. We're still going to show it to you.

Love her or leave her, Rihanna is never boring in her public displays of fashion and not so much fashion. Enjoy.