Rihanna Goes Sheer White Braless Tank Top to the Nets Game

Well, you can’t wear much less up top and still get into an NBA game than Rihanna did to barely cover her yearning to be free boobtastic at the Nets playoff game. The Bajan diva traditionally does not favor covering up her body much, but does make allowances for modern social conventions. Like this sheer white tank top and no bra that essentially exhibited her muffins for all the basketball world to see. I saw. And I was happy.

Say what you will about Rihanna, if other sextastic celebrities followed her lead as to showy if at all there wardrobe, we’d have a hundred times more happy sights to see. She’s got the right spirit, and the body to match. Rihanna, you deserve a medal. And I see exactly where I’d like to pin it. Enjoy.

Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and More Hotties from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Let’s be honest. There’s really no reason for the MTV Movie Awards each year. MTV doesn’t even run music anymore, let alone have movie coverage outside of paid advertisements. The show hasn’t been fun since my fond memories of going with Tila Tequila to the red carpet to raise a ruckus and have Tila shot out her love for celebrity lady nest to all the MTV celebs.

Nevertheless, it’s Viacom which means publicity and some fine looking babes pimping various projects and showing up all hot and bothered. Hot at least. The parade of sextastic ladies at this year’s event included boobtastic Rita Ora, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan and others little bits of decked out delight. As for the show itself, let’s just say checking out these good looking ladies is 99.9% of the entertainment value from the entire evening’s events. Enjoy.

Rihanna Goes Bare Arse Up For Asstastic Photoshoot Greatness!

Well, this is a thing. I don’t care if you’re a big Rihanna fan or not. Personally, I’d steal any kids milk money to pay for five minutes alone time with Rihanna’s naturally hot body. But you must give her and her buttocks credit for going bare and crazy hot sextastic for a photoshoot in Hollywood.

Rihanna was clearly not wearing any panties, her tanlines showing as her rump was poked skyward in a very provocative set of poses for the camera crew snapping her immortal lady humps. Wow, I need a minute to myself.  Just stellar posing and preening and bare asstastic exhibiting by the Bajan diva. Rihanna has consistently delivered in the skintastic showoff department, an A-plus student in that regard. Even when captured telescopically from afar, she’s making a fine display of her alluring assets. I’m so happy, for her, for me, and for those yet to be converted. What an arse. Enjoy.

Rihanna Dares to Bare Midriff At Hollywood Nightclub

I really don’t go clubbing as often as I used to. It’s down from zero times a month to never. Which is sad, because I miss sights such as Rihanna exiting the establishment baring her taut tummy and showing off her cleavage. Because, of course, if I did go clubbing, it’d be the places where Rihanna hangs, and where I could get decent bottle service for eight bucks or less.

Rihanna has been one of our prime time sextastic performers for some time now, with no signs of slowing down. We don’t ever really see her working out, which doesn’t mean she isn’t, but it probably means she got blessed with those good genes that Mother Nature anoints one in ten with. But Rihanna has not forgot her own obligation to show off that body of hers, perhaps more than any other celebrity out there. She really does hate clothing. I love that. Enjoy.

Rihanna Looks Good and Bare Midriff Arriving Back in the U.S.

Being Bajan, I’m not sure technically Rihanna is returning to the U.S, but, this does seem to be her adopted homeland, so let’s call it a homecoming of sorts when the well-bodied diva arrives back from one of her overseas paid adventures. Say what you will about Rihanna, but she never isn’t showing some kind of skin and exhibiting her naturally hot body and alluring features.

In this case, her taut midriff coming out of the terminal at LAX and looking fit and passion inducing and ready for another round of body-baring touring and auto-tuned performances. The state of modern music may be acoustically dreadful, yet I can’t think of a time when pop music had more hot looking women running around half-nekkid. I’d do that tradeoff any day of the week. It’s already been done I suppose. Happy days we live in. Enjoy.

Rihanna Flashes Pink Panties Beneath a See-Through Skirt, It’s What’s for Dinner

Look, Rihanna doesn’t like wearing clothes. If you modern societal people are going to insist she wear clothes in public, she’s not going to wear much, and when she does, more often than not, it’ll be completely see through. Now, maybe the idea of getting arrested in Santa Monica for public indecency wasn’t super appealing, so Rihanna did manage to put on a pair of pink panties beneath her entirely see-through skirt when out to dinner last night. But make no mistake about it, Rihanna wants you to see her lady fun parts.

Rihanna has been showing off from the very early days of her public life. When her nekkid cell phone pictures were leaked, she was one of the very few ladies in Hollywood to simply say, yeah, I look effin’ amazing nekkid, go have your fun. I’ve always admired that about Rihanna. She has a sweet female form. She knows it. She flaunts it. And, now, check out her panties. Enjoy.

Hmm, I Wonder What Rihanna’s Funions Look Like These Days

Yep, the Bajan diva has once more figured out how to wear an outfit that shows off the entirety of her funbags without actually getting arrested.

Check out Rihanna see-through topless in Paris on WWTDD. Or don’t, and when your friends ask you, ‘Hey, did you see Rihanna’s boobs?’. you’ll have to awkwardly change the subject to ice dancing. Don’t be that guy. Enjoy.