Rihanna Nipple Pokes Poking Proudly in West Hollywood

Rihanna does not like bras. Her nipples like the Los Angeles sun. The confluence of these elements often brings Rihanna's nipples to full headlight and remarkably visible status when she struts about in the City of Angels, as she did yesterday in a tank top in West Hollywood.

Say whay you will about Rihanna, she knows how to get attention. And while we don't generally condone the concept of attention seeking, when a woman with a hot body uses her fine female form to get attention, who are we to complain? Keep on poking on, Rihanna. Enjoy.

Rihanna See-Through to the Bare Boobtastic in Sweden

When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do. That means lots of see-through white mesh tops (though she is missing the red summer jeans) for Rihanna who decided to go and flash basically her entire bare chest for the good and gentle persons of Sverige yesterday.

Not that the Scandinavians are a modest people. Sweden practically modernized the world of video porn back in the day. So I guess a visit from Rihanna and her pierced nipple is bringing everything full circle. Or not. We're still going to show it to you.

Love her or leave her, Rihanna is never boring in her public displays of fashion and not so much fashion. Enjoy.

Rihanna Goes See-Through White Mesh To Further Raise the British Hackles

I'll say this for Rihanna, she's not boring.

Fresh off her concert performance in Manchester where fans through potato chips at her onstage (see the video), Rihanna continues to stick her exhibitionist styles in the face of the pearl clutchers in The Old Country with yet another improper outfit you don't often see on the streets of London.

I'm not sure exactly what can and can't be seen here, though I suppose that is Rihanna's intent. She must sit up in her hotel room going through outfits with her friends and imagining old ladies gasping. There is something to that that we definitely encourage here at Egotastic!. Just imagine the horribleness of the opposite -- modesty, eesh! Enjoy.

Rihanna Self-Identifies in London (It’s Pretty Hot)

I never use the 's-word' around or about women. I feel it would be the ultimate in hypocrisy from a man who, well, let's put this delicately, likes to get around. Sadly, usually alone, but still, in my heart of hearts, I proudly wear the 'slut' label.

So does Rihanna. Or Slutz. Which I assume is slut but costs a lot more at some designer boutique. I love a woman who owns her sexuality, especially when she owns it and then turns around and sells it for free. Rihanna has never been shy about showing off any and all parts of her body. I applaud this on an almost daily basis. If I wasn't applauding her so much, I'd probably have more time to focus on my own slutting. I could raise my average from the measly to the paltry. Everybody needs a goal. I feel like Rihanna is already many steps ahead Enjoy.

Rihanna Black Sextastic Swimsuit and See-Through Tops and Bikini Bottoms and One Great Yacht Weekend

While many on here argue the merits of Rihanna in the straight up beauty category, I find that much fewer that Rihanna deserves top type recognition for the bodily exhibition she puts into both work and play. Including this weekend in the South of France where the Bajan diva drank and swam and smoked and yachted herself into all sorts of viewable positions. First in a see-through tank top and snug fitting bikini bottoms (above) and then again in a one-piece swimsuit that fit nicer than just about any one-piece we've seen on a sextastic celebrity in recent memory.

Rihanna isn't a super curvy gal, but she wins big time in the long and lean and tight bodied category, blessed with some killer genes. Someday, I'd like to vacation with Rihanna, on my yacht, where I will insist upon various forms of waterplay, some of which are so deviant they would require us to be more than ten miles out to sea in order to avoid legal peril. Enjoy.

Rihanna Nearly Slips Lip on Stage in Poland

Thanks to the million and one of you who let us know about the Polish magazine running photos of blurred out Rihanna lower body wardrobe malfunction. However, having found the originals for you, as we are want to do, the Polish magazine was probably being a bit overcautious in their blurring. It's close, but nowhere for Clinton to put his cigar as they say.

Rihanna nearly did flash her lady nest at an airfield show in Poland. And who hasn't been commando at an airfield in Poland before, right? I'd say we're a mere half-inches away from seeing her Bajan treasure, but it's only close. Still, big points I suppose to Rihanna, one of the clearly most bold about flashing her body parts in our sextastic land. She keeps on giving, not always all, but always a little something something. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikini Pictures Bring The Sexy Back to the Polish Beach

When you think Poland, you definitely think hot celebrities on the beach. Sunshine. Volleyball. Bikinis. Poland. In that order. And Rihanna is going to further that branding in the minds of world travelers, flashing some of her own sweet bikini goodness on the waterfront in Poland over the holiday weekend, in between gigs.

While other celebrities were lost in the clutter of Hawaii or the Caribbean or the South of France, Rihanna literally dominated the Polish beach scene, her tattooed sultry body causing neck damage to every passing local and the men aboard the industrial ships in the harbor. Yes, Poland has a vibrant beach lifestyle  And with Rihanna flashing that body and tush, it just got a whole lot more vibrant.