Rihanna Almost Topless (Stupid Pasties) for Vogue Photoshoot

I guess they didn't have money for actual pasties for Rihanna and her racy shoot for Vogue Brazil, because somebody just taped some pieces of paper over he fun bits for this otherwise sultry photoshoot. There's a bit of a slip here and there, but nothing nearly as exciting as if they couldn't find any paper at all. I'm quite certain that Rihanna doesn't mind baring her wares, even in front of crew, so I'm going to guess this was the magazine's doing. So, boo to you, least fun people in the world.

Nevertheless, Rihanna always looks comfortable and passion inducing in tropical beach climates with little clothing on. From whence she came, as it were. She's completely at easy with nothing but a bit of hand or paper block. There's something to be said for a woman like that. Like, won't you please be my girlfriend for the next hour? Enjoy.

Rihanna Gold Bikini Booty Barbardos Goodness, It Must Be New Year’s

Rihanna eases into her vacations back home like just about no other. She certainly looks relaxed. Cocktail on the beach with her golden booty lapping up the sun and surf, figuratively and literally. Mmm, just rather precious metal delicious. And, of course, the obligatory island living jet skiing time...

When I go home for the holidays it's mostly regrets and recriminations. Less so with the beach sports. Maybe next year I can go home with Rihanna and be in charge of keeping her bikini shiny and her booty glistening. It can't hurt to ask, again. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikini Pictures Are Too Female Fashion Friendly, But Still Ogle Worthy in Barbados

I'm not exactly sure what Rihanna is wearing in terms of bikinis. I'm going to guess it's something all the rage somewhere designed by somebody and sold somewhere and costs more than my entire faux designer t-shirt collection from Target. All I know is it's covering up too much of her typically fine booty and toned legs for my personal preference. Granted, I'm not the one wearing it, but I am the one leering, and there is some kind of sacred trust built into that relationship.

Still, we know Rihanna loves her holiday vacation and party times in her native Barbados, so we can expect the clothes to come easing off ever more as the trip continues through the end of December. She probably just needs a local beverage or two to begin peeling back the layers. I understand foreplay. I just don't like it so much. Impatience is a virtue. Enjoy.

Rihanna Loves Sheer Dresses and Fishnet Stockings (So Do We!)

Rihanna is perhaps the reigning queen of all things sheer and see-through top. We've always suspect the Bajan diva prefers no top at all, but if she must conform to some convention, the sheerest of tops that reveal her braless wonderments beneath it shall be.

Just in case you weren't bemused, Rihanna threw in some fishnet stockings for good fetish measure. I really do admire her fashion sense. It's how I would dress women if, I mean, when, I rule the world. Enjoy.

Rihanna in Black Body Suit and Thigh High Boots to Complete the Fantasy Picture

I must admit I've been wavering a bit on Rihanna of late, who seems to have lost a step in battle exhibitionist pop diva. Perhaps she's just off-cycle, so to speak, so leaving the big time shows to her peers for the moment. Then I read about Rihanna getting wild at a Houston strip club the other evening, slapping lots of nekkid girl booty, and, well, let's just so my interest peaked once more. I do so love the happy fun time Sapphic leaning ladies.

To further solidify her naughty lady credentials, Rihanna hit the New York nightlife in a black body suit and thigh high boots, for which I am more than a sucker, I am a submissive boy ready to take orders. Oh, man, the power of those boots on a lady with nicely toned legs. I'd like to pretend I'm strong enough to resist, but even now I can see myself cleaning Rihanna's apartment while she menaces with the riding crop. Then, when the punishing hand was put away, we'd couple with vigor while I begged her not to ditch the boots. Hey, somebody has to be thinking a few moves ahead. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikini Pictures for The Killer Hot Bajan Body

Once more, we have to give it up for Rihanna. Love her or love her less, she puts on one heck of a show both during her professional stage time and in her down time, when she prefers to wear very little at all. Especially when back home in Barbados, the diva likes to get into as little as possible, or sometimes less, to flash her Mother Nature gifted tight beach body.

In this case, in a skimpy bikini, posing and preening and stretching and reaching for the imaginary stars to provide an excellent 360-degree view of a ridiculously hot booty and body that makes her singing talents seems not worth debating in the least.

Rihanna, you do at least one thing very very well. For that, we carefully stand and applaud. Keep the hot shots coming. Enjoy.

Rihanna Shows Off Underboob For Gothy Style Photoshoot

I get the impression that if her handlers allowed it, and corporate America could handle it, Rihanna would be quite pleased to do completely nekkid, highly sexualized photoshoots. But that's simply not allowed in current times, so we are resigned to seeing Rihanna show off as much as humanly possible in highly stylized photoshoot like this underboob baring goth style pictorial for 032c magazine.

Rihanna is definitely not a shy girl. And she most definitely has the bodily tools from which to produce some fine female form works of art. Of course, we do wish she'd be let completely off the leash and give us some adult style moves that we're quite certain she possesses. Some day, Ri-Ri, we shall see you completely nekkid on that bear skin rug, in photos, or preferably, the Ikea faux version in our apartment. Enjoy.