Rihanna’s Spandex Outfit Is Super Snug and High Fashion

I don’t know who Alexander Wang is, but I guess his yoga workout outfits cost more than my shorts and t-shirt from Target by some exponential factor. Not that that’s a concern for Rihanna who was preening about New York in his super snug Lycra crop top and leggings so snug that Rihanna’s lady nest was starting to cry for air. At least, I’m pretty sure I heard it.

I’m not exactly who besides Rihanna with an absolutely perfectly toned body gifted by the gods would fit into this particularly expensive fashion statement. Then again, the ones who can I truly encourage to try. The sight of Rihanna’s top and shapely booty trucking around New York almost made Fashion Week relevant to men for several seconds. Keep up the good and skin-tight work Rihanna, and Alexander, whoever you are. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikini Sideboob, Kendall Jenner Sextastic Long Legs, Ireland Baldwin Sucking a Popsicle Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Here’s an interesting dichotomy. Half of Tinsel Town is lamenting the release of revealing hacked cell phone pictures while the other half are publishing revealing cell phone pictures to social media outlets. It’s not really half vs. half as many of them are the very same celebrities. I understand there’s a big difference between having your sextastic photos stolen and shared versus you deciding to share them. I’m not a three-digit IQ, but I am super super close. Still, I bet my childhood priest would’ve promptly announced that both sets of provocatively posing women were going to Hell, along with me naturally. I can only hope Hell doesn’t allow any clothing. That would be epic.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup include Bar Refeali in multiple POV bikini selfies, McKayla Maroney showing off cleavage, Jen Selter and her sweet lady humps, Rihanna bikini sideboob spectacular, Kendall Jenner long lovely legs, Alexa Vega bikini bottom scoping, Ireland Baldwin popsicle sucking, Joanna Krupa hot bikini goodness, and much much more. You owe it to the generous gods who bring us NFL football each year after Labor Day to check out each and every one of these wicked hot social media shares. Try not to injure yourself, but if you do, do not apply adhesive strips. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikinis on a Yacht in Italy

Rihanna spent some time scantily clad in a black bikini on a yacht in Italy. The amazing thing about Rihanna is that she really doesn’t like wearing clothes, which I appreciate. Her music I could take or leave but I do enjoy looking at her toned, thin, but curvaceous body. She’s got a lovely perky set of ta-tas. And her booty is a treat. I wish that she would stop dating d-bags. You deserve better, Rih-Rih.

But that aside she is seriously hot. Of all the girl pop singers out there I think she’s the sexiest. She can share my umbrella ella ella anytime.

Rihanna Braless And Leggy in NYC

Rihanna was showing off her assetts in a pair of short shorts and a tank top in New York City. The jean cut-offs are so tiny that the pockets are sticking out of the bottom. That’s how you know a pair of short shorts is serious. And then there is an additional slit up the side offering maximum exposure. Then her lovely chest puppies are on display in a cropped tank top. There is a peek of Rihanna’s patented amazing bare mid-riff. She’s got an amazing abdomen, probably from that dancing a whatnot. In general you have to love Rihanna’s penchant for not wearing a bra. I guess if your yum yums just stay up on their own there is no reason to resort to wearing an underwire. That and in general I think Rihanna just doesn’t like wearing clothes, which I’m totally OK with.

How come when I walk around New York I never see hot celebrities wearing no bras? The last celebrity I saw on the street was 90 year old star of Yiddish theater and movies Vyvush Finkle. Not sexy. Well, unless you are into really old Yiddish comedians.

Rihanna Braless Hot and I’m Feeling Bothered

In between stops on her Monster tour with Eminem, Rihanna took some time out to remind everybody that she’s still a lady at heart, a lady who really hates undergarments, showing off braless in her fancy dress leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica.

Rihanna remains one of our exhibitionist favorites, a fan of revealing as much as possible in public without getting arrested, I respect that wardrobe stance like you would not believe. Well, at least for the ladies with bodies naturally blessed like Rihanna. I quite imagine she likes to feel the summer breeze tickle her all over without artificial constraint. I wish all the hot women of Hollywood would adopt such a liberated stance. It would certainly make paparazzi duty more interesting. Enjoy.


Rihanna In A Bikini Bottom At The Beach In Rio

The real excitement in Rio yesterday wasn’t the World Cup final, it was Rihanna swimming in a bikini bottom at the beach. Ri-Ri  came presumably for the soccer games but she stayed for the sexy beach parties. The yellow bottom showed off a good bit of that famous Rihanna booty we all love so much. The gods of butt cleavage bestowed their bounty on these pictures. She was wearing a long top but it did allow for a little bit of bare midriff. Rihanna has an unbelievable stomach. The thing I admire most about Rihanna is her habit of being scantily clad. Then again, if I were a hot girl that looked like that I would run around half naked too. As it is I am not and the world is happy that I keep my clothes on.

The one sad thing, (for me at least), about the World Cup being over is that there will be less pictures of celebrities in bikinis galavanting around the beaches of Rio. Oh well, I have 2018 to look forward to.

Rihanna Celebrates July 4th In A See-Through Red Dress

The ever sexy Rihanna commemorated the founding of our great country this weekend by wearing a see-through red dress at Hooray Henry’s in Hollywood on July 4th. The outfit is made out of lace or something and is as transparent as one of my grandmother’s couch doilies, (old Latin ladies love their doilies). The whole outfit screams, “freedom”. Mainly, it’s freedom from bras because she isn’t wearing one. Rih-Rih’s luscious funbags were in almost full view from the front and you get a good eye-full of her sideboobs as well.  Rihanna has one of the most spectacular racks in the music biz.

I know that because I’ve seen them up close and personal and I can tell you that they are amazeballs. I was once in a room at a function with her and she was wearing a see-through outfit then too and I got a good look at them. I see a pattern emerging.