Rhian Sugden

Rosie Jones Throws Down Her Top at Rhian Sugden In the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Talk about two thundering Titans of the boobtastic. The inimitable Rosie Jones accepting the chestal fight club invitation from blonde hottie and international boner manufacturing mogul Rhian Sugden. This could be quite epic in terms of the annals of two-on-two sporting events. Or, it could be incredibly sad, for while two incredibly hot women enter the Battle of the Boobtastic, only one can leave with her head hung high and her funbags dangling at a perfectly passion inducing latitude.

It’s up to you, our faithful readers to decide. Whose glorious globes gives you the intense happy feelings? Whose melons do you covet for your personal cocktails? Whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Rhian Sugden

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Humpday Huzzah! Rhian Sugden Topless Chewing On Her Purple Bikini Bits

Rhian Sugden Topless in a Bikini for an Outside Photoshoot
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EgoReader ‘Demi’ rightfully pointed out that we have been sadly missing blonde au nautral bombshell Rhian Sugden for some time now on the site. A point I’ve not been missing as I’ve been weeping over her lack of new visuals almost nightly here in my shame closet.

To wit, Demi insists that this outrageously hot pictorial of Rhian stripping off her purple bikini in the great poolside outdoors was never shared with the Rhian lusters among our larger denizen and I was committing some kind of egregious boobtastic withholding crime. Seems harsh, but I do love verbal abuse as it reminds me of my Oliver Twist like childhood.

On this middle of the week celebration of all things pefectly squeezable and fluffy, feast your peeps upon the blessed lady humps of Rhian Sugden and see if you don’t start feeling a powerful calm overtaking your person in wave like format. Huzzah!

(For all your Rhian Sugden hotness needs be sure to visit the Official Rhian Sugden online site.)

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Lacey Banghard Plushy Top Throw Down Against Rhian Sugden in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Holy difficult choices, Batman. Or, Ben Affleck. This week’s epic Battle of the Boobtastic pits two true funbag giants against one another on the Thunderdome of the Ta-Ta’s where only one pert natural pair may survive, the other left to feel naught but the comforting massage of my cold holds as consolation.

In one corner we have Page 3 Idol winner Lacey Banghard, a legend in her own young right, against veteran blonde chest puppy dominator, Rhian Sugden, who holds her own, as would if I had her ridiculously hot set of knockers. Alas, we only had enough money for one fake trophy, so now you must decides, who’s blessed cups reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Lacey Banghard vs. Rhian Sugden

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Staci Noblett Melons Up to Rhian Sugden in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Say what you will about women with amazing funbags, and I can think of about ten thousand wonderful things to say, but they are steady in their purpose, and when pitted against one another in a chesty battle, the fur will most definitely fly. I might be generalizing a tad. But that’s the nature of sport, with no physical competition more demanding or more intense than our very own Battle of the Boobtastic.

This week we feature the eminently hot bodied Staci Noblett mounting her mammaries against one of our truly favorite bits of sextastic sunshine, Rhian Sugden. It’s not a battle to the death, but a battle for our hearts and lower minds. Only one girl can come win. Who shall it be? Whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Staci Noblett vs. Rhian Sugden

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Rhian Sugden Topless Cheeky Goodness for Interviu

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Oh, how I miss Rhian Sugden and her natural blonde beauty. Well, the hair may not be all natural, but the important bits remain untouched by hands other than for romantic intent. Seeing Rhian Sugden in this cheeky topless spread in Interviu magazine in Spain, well, it’s quite a nice Friday treat.

Rhian truly is one of those stunning young women of the sextastic world who makes you smile every time you see them. And when her clothes come off, well, you just smile all over. I also get a rash, but my doctor tells me it’s most psychosomatic, which I think is Latin for the fact that I really like hot nekkid blonde girls. I just wish the rash would move to an easier place to powder. Enjoy.

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Katia Ivanova and Rhian Sugden Topless Blonde Showdown in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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When the platinum haired busty ladies throw down, you know the fur will fly, skin will be bared, and my heart will probably stop three to four times just on principle alone. How dare we pit two such ridiculously hot blonde ladies against one another in our Thunderdome of Fungbags. Oh, we dare. We dare.

This week’s Battle of the Boobtastic features the delicious Page 3 model, Katia Ivanova, taking on the radiantly needing-to-be-ravaged hot body all over of our heavily belusted Rhian Sugden. It’s going to get ugly by getting super hot. But only one can come out the champion. And it’s up to you and your little man to decide. Who’s ta-ta-’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Katia Ivanova vs. Rhian Sugden

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Rosie Jones and Rhian Sugden Topless and Finger Biting (Is This Heaven?)

Rosie Jones and Rhian Sugden Topless and Touching Each Other in Nuts May 2013
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When two ridiculously hot women start taking off their clothes and touching and biting each other, don’t ask a lot of questions. In my case, just stay quietly hidden in the closet or from your vantage point outside their sorority room window. If you question it, it may go away.

Images of the belusted hotties Rosie Jones and Rhian Sugden going at it playfully in their new Nuts photoshoot brings back more than one, in fact, about 17,245, pubescent fantasies of my own involving girls getting all sweaty and Sapphic in grown up person lingerie, and not much else. Hey, some kids dreamed about hitting a home run in the World Series or landing a spaceship on Mars. I just wanted to see a hot topless girl biting another hot topless girls finger. I’ve achieved my dream. And you wonder why I’m happy all the time. Enjoy.