Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead Hot Red in Sexy Black

Ginger snap.
There goes my heart.

Renee Olstead See Through to Awesomeness Candid Photo

(Shout out to Egotastic! super fan ‘Jim’ for this delightful find.)

What’s one step beyond super-mega-lust? Renee Olstead fans are about to find out as they ogle this sweet, charming, sexy-as-hell peek-a-boo photo of one of our very favorite ginger crushes. I’m still recovering from the Jessica Rabbit Halloween sexy bomb dropping, now this. My male mind needs time to process this sexy visual imagery. Enjoy.

(Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a fan of great boobs on hot women. You too? Yeah, I thought so.)

GINGER ALERT: Renee Olstead Sexy Halloween Pictures Redux

Renee Olstead was kind enough to share some much improved ‘Jessica Rabbit’ Halloween photos of her own sexy self with the Egotastic! audience this morning; and we are kind enough to stare at them until our eyes pop out of their sockets in uncontrollable lust like an ogling cartoon character. Wow, again. My not-so-secret ginger crush scored on my lust chart big time with her choice of hallowed saints’ day costumery, showing off her red hotness and bodacious body for all lucky enough to be in attendance. Bless you, young Ms. Olstead, for sharing your wondrous bounty with the Egotastic! Enjoy.

Egotastic! Sexy Celebrity Halloween Ho’ Down Includes Slips, Cleavage, and Latex


Here’s my Halloween in a nutshell. My girlfriend dressed as a naughty nurse, tres original, and after a few Ghoul’s Liquored Punches at my friend Ervin the Tree’s haunted apartment party, I kind of might of kissed the wrong naughty nurse, the one that wasn’t my girlfriend. That cost me, that cost me big time. Same story every year on Halloween, all trick, no treat. I lack proper foresight.

I ought stick to what I know, like sexy celebrities at their far superior Halloween parties this past weekend. We’ve picked out five noteworthy sexy bombs in costumes for our Egotastic! Halloween Ho’Down roundup. These weren’t necessarily the sexiest, but the most noteworthy of the all-hallowed saints.

Paris Hilton as a Nipple Slipping Squaw:

Kim Kardashian as Little Red Boobtastic Hood:

The ever-hot Brooke Burke as Shiny Pussy:

J-Woww As A Naughty Schoolgirl With Naughty Bits Showing:

And, Renee Olstead as Oh, I’ve Died and Gone To Ginger Heaven!:

Photo credit: Splash News / Fame / GSi media

Have You Seen (And Heard) Renee Olstead Lately?

Jealous much? Egotastic! spent the evening witnessing the dulcet tones and super ginger hotness of Renee Olstead doing her one woman songstress show this past weekend. (Okay, it’s not really a one-woman show, but one-woman is all we looked at ourselves). I must admit, when I hear about an evening of ‘singing the classics’, I’m thinking a little early years AC/DC, maybe some original Sabbath, so Renee’s jazzy/blues songbird music is not exactly on my iPod, but those sexy red locks on top of that amazing body, and a sultry voice that sounds well beyond her years — Renee Olstead could sing the fine print on a parking ticket and I’d melt. If you haven’t seen Renee Olstead lately, you really must. It’s an ogle delight for eyes and ears. Enjoy.

Watch the Video »

Renee Olstead and Victoria Justice Lead List of Young Hollywood Hotties at Teen Vogue Party

Ah, the Teen Vogue ‘Young Hollywood Party’; it’s like the farm system for Egotastic! Despite the amazing list of current sextastic celebrities that fill our pages daily, it’s reassuring to know that the next crop of ridiculously hot female celebrities are on the doorstep, ready to walk into the hottie spotlight.

Leading the list for me of attendees at the party, of course, my super ginger crush, Renee Olstead, looking out-of-this-galaxy hot, followed closely on her hot heels by, Victoria Justice, AJ Michalka, Brittany Snow, Christian Serratos, Francia Raisa, Kendall Jenner, Keke Palmer, and, Sarah Hyland. You can count on seeing much more of these young ladies on this site in the coming months and years.


Photo credit: Splash News / Fame

Renee Olstead Pictures Return to Drive Me Ginger Nuts

My heart is racing. My palms sweaty. That can only mean one thing: the return of my super ginger crush, Renee Olstead, let loose on the town this past weekend, looking ridiculously hot bodied and all kinds of sexy and boobtastic. I know it’s a PETA event, but all I can think about is hunting down some large defenseless animals and bringing their bloody carcass to her cave to impress her with my manly man-type skills. I’m in lust. Re-lust. I need to go to rehab for my re-lust. With Lindsay Lohan back in the justice system, I’d say there’s a new top sexy carrot in town, and her name is Renee Olstead. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News