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Rose McGowan and Minka Kelly Head Up Red-Dressed Hotties at Heart Truth’s Benefit

Now, you know I'm not big on artistic themes when it comes to the presentation of the celebrity sextastic; just lay it out there simple and bare, that works for me pretty much all the time. But, once in a while, a theme goes come along that gets the old fantasy strings a tugging, and, well, we have to give it up for the folks at Heart Truth and their Red Dress Collection event each February. It's a cavalcade  of scarlet hotties each winter, each trying to be redder and hotter than the next.  

This year's list of Red Dress babes included a skin flashing Rose McGowan, ever hot Minka Kelly, veteran model Rebecca Romijn, and seemingly eternal blonde squeeze, Christie Brinkley. Yes, it was a night to see red until you were blue in the ... well, you get the idea. Enjoy.


Olivia Wilde and Rebecca Romijn Lead Hottie Pack at CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Back in the day, this kid Steve Fairly-Weathers had a brilliant idea to get a bunch of us high school kids laid. We'd invite over a bunch of girls from school to his place for chips and dip, and subtly drop in the adult films he had procured from his friend who had a friend who worked at a black-bag video store. Surely, the members of the fairer sex would be so overwhelmed with uncontrollable urges brought on by Ron Jeremy as the grabby office boss that a veritable bacchanalia would break out and a Roman style orgy would ensue. Yeah, no. Steve Fairly-Weathers got punched in the stomach by a girl named Sue and the Vice-President of the Chess Club I had a crush on called me a pervert and told me not to talk to her at school ever again. Point being, the man's way is no way to get a woman.

The same can be said when it comes to the world of women's fashion. Granted, what we know personally about fashion can be summed up as 'quick trip to Target to buy new retro t-shirts, don't forget coupons', but when it comes to the clothing for the hot ladies, we surely have preferences, generally starting with no clothes, and pretty much concluding there. However, early life lessons learned the hard way, if you want to get the sexy ladies to show up, you can't have a nekkid fashion awards. If only. So you need to put together something like the Vogue Fashion Fund awards, where the hot celebrities can get all decked out and compliment each other on how amazing they look even though they're jealous as hell of each and the in-tuned male of the species can tell them how amazing they look because he knows that's one of the five secret keys to opening the lady vault and, suddenly you have a thing.

And that thing brought out the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Allison Williams, Rooney Mara, and Karine Vanasse. A full on sextastic bunch of grapes. And nobody had to get punched in the stomach. This is the value of forward thinking. Enjoy.

Rebecca Romijn Bikini Photoshoot Shows the Hot Model Is Still Fully Loaded

Yep, Rebecca Romijn has still got it.

For the full set of Rebecca Romijn bikini photoshoot pictures check out Celebuzz.

Clare Grant Stuns With Bodacious Cleavage at Creative Emmy Awards

Well, there's nothing really more exciting than the Creative Emmy Awards; who doesn't look forward to these suckers each year. Well, the talent pool isn't quite the Oscars, but, nevertheless, we couldn't help but take note of some serious flesh filled fantasies on the red carpet over the weekend, somewhat surprisingly led by Clare Grant, I'm not even sure what she plays on TV, but I know she's the real life wife of lucky bastard Seth Green. Other hotties on the boob tube included Jeanette McCurdy, Victoria Justice, Cat Deeley, and Rebecca Romijn, though I'm still not likely to watch any their TV shows, I will definitely check out their cleavage. That's just what a gentleman does. Enjoy.

Rebecca Romijn Bikini Pictures from Esquire

Rebecca Romijn is on the cover of the Czech edition of Esquire magazine, and boy is she looking good. I have no idea what they are saying, as I really don't speak Czech, but they're probably saying something along the lines of "Holy crap do these Rebecca Romijn bikini pictures look hot!" At least that's what they would be saying if I wrote that article. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't.

And no, I don't know why they are still calling her "Rebecca Romijn Stamos," but that probably has something to with the fact that they only just got Full House over there...

Rebecca Romijn is a Total Bebe

I like Rebecca Romijn. She's hot, having been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, she's funny, and she was in X-Men. What more do you need? Still, she was married to John Stamos for a while, but nobody's perfect. And while I'd rather see her wearing a swimsuit, or nothing at all, like she did in Femme Fatale, these Bebe ads are pretty sexy, so I'm good for now.

14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Mega Picture Post

So the Screen Actors Guild Awards went ahead as planned, unlike the Golden Globes, and for once, people actually care about the SAG awards. Well, not really, but since this might be the only award show we get this year, everyone's really excited about seeing all the celebrities in their fancy dresses.

One particularly noteworthy attendee was Angelina Jolie, who showed up wearing a giant bed sheet of a dress, which is so obviously covering up her double-sized, twin-laden baby bump. But if you want to know who looked especially yummy, don't miss Amanda Bynes, Carla Gugino, Diane Lane, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale (my fave), Michelle Pfeiffer (looking as good as ever), and Sophia Bush.

Of course, there were a lot more ladies there, and you can check them all out after the jump. There are over 150 pictures in all.

Here's a little preview:

Photo credit: Splash / WENN
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