Raica Oliveira

Raica Oliveira Bikini Photoshoot for Bluebeach Swimwear 2014

Raica Oliveira Bikini Pictures Because Crazy Hot Brazilian Women Really Do Grow on Trees

Victoria’s Secret continues the expansion of their bikini model cadre by digging deep into familiar Sudamericana territory. Brazil, and the utter hotness that is sultry Raica Oliveira, yet another supreme hottie from the arsenal of perhaps the world’s great supermodel producing nation.

Raica was in Hawaii shooting with the lingerie and swimwear company for summer sultry goodness, in a little two piece that will probably look amazing on you as well if you happen to have a body like a goddess born to model bikinis. If not, then just join me in a solid ogle of one very alluring Brazilian for whom I might actually kill a man to take his toweling off duties between takes. Oh, that would be my dream job. Enjoy.

Raica Oliveira, The New Hawt Face, Err, Hawt Body, of Ultimo Lingerie

Why should you get to know Raica Oliveira? Because she’s ridiculously hot, supermodel prize from the Brazilian stable of ridiculously hot supermodels, and the new ‘body’ of Ultimo Lingerie, having taken the handoff from Kelly Brook this past winter. Raicia has climbed all the rungs of the sextastic world class bikini and lingerie model — the Pirelli Calendar, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, the face of J-Lo’s craptastic fashions, (and, of course, dated Brazilian football star, Ronaldo), but Ultimo lingerie is going to provide an entirely new plateau of delicious body displays. I can not wait. Enjoy.