Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens Elected Sexiest Woman of All Time By FHM (She Does Look Super Fine In Her Skimpy Lingerie)

Just like Major Tom, I don’t understand all this science. But somehow, FHM magazine went back through all their years of Hottest Woman of the Year voting since their inception and built some complex formulas on their Commodore computers and it spit out the name Rachel Stevens as the hottest girl every according to FHM readers. It’s kind of surprising really as the former British bubble gum pop singer never actually won any of the single year’s votes during the last two decades. Not that she’s not hot and I wouldn’t go through astronaut training just to get a chance to peck her on the cheek before my 27 year solo manned mission to Saturn, it’s just that I don’t understand science.

But I do understand the sextastic. And Rachel Stevens, now into her mid-30′s, is looking finer than ever in this pictorial where she’s barely covered with her hands or little bits of lingerie. The now mum of a brood never was much of a musical talent, but like so many American pop stars, she figured out how to look hot on stage with a wireless microphone and tight outfits while working some choreographed dance moves. That’s enough for me. You know of my distaste for superlatives. There is no one hottest woman of all time. But, if I happened to run into Rachel Stevens posing in her lingerie, I’d tell her they made the right decision. Enjoy.

FHM 2011 Calendar Reminds Us of a Past Year of Hotness

As we head toward the end of 2010, the 2011 FHM calendar is a great reminder of some of the hotness from this past year, more specifically, the best of the FHM magazine picture sets from this past season. Leading with this past January photos of the super sexy Rachel Stevens, and picking up lust-speed with the likes or Olivia Munn, Kelly Brook, Audrina Patridge, Diora Baird, Frankie Sandford, Marisa Miller, and Michelle Keegan, well, it’s been a wonderful year of sextastic celebrity on the British lads magazine. Really some of my favorite shots of this past year. Now, I’m making myself tear up a bit. This always happens around the holidays for me, just thinking of the amazingly hot women we’re all going to see in the coming year, each year just gets better and better. Enjoy.

See more of Rachel Stevens and other cover girls at FHM.com.

Rachel Stevens Topless Tease

At a time when we get random and unexpected Lindsay Lohan topless pictures with her tits and ass hanging out, it seems a bit quaint to have these Rachel Stevens topless pictures that really don’t show anything at all. Of course, Rachel Stevens isn’t desperately trying to cling to what’s left of her career by flashing her tits in a desperate (albeit effective) bid for attention. Too bad.

Rachel Stevens Will Make your 2010 Sexy

Remember S Club 7? Yeah… Well, I don’t know what Rachel Stevens has been doing since then, really, but at least we know she’s been keeping in shape, as you can clearly see from her new, and damn sexy 2010 calendar. Now, we definitely won’t be getting the same thing as we saw in the Keeley Hazell Nude 2010 Calendar, but this is one British hottie that we would mind having on our wall regardless.

Rachel Stevens Calendar Pictures

2006 is right around the corner. Yeah, kinda weird and scary, ain’t it? Anyway, I’m sure your all gong to be confused by the new number and all for the first couple weeks, so maybe this post will make the transition a little easier for you. May I present, the 2006 Rachel Stevens calendar.

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