Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively Fantasy Hot on a Mother****ing Boat

Here’s a good way to start a fantasy. Amazingly sexy Rachel Bilson and newly colored ginger hottie, Blake Lively, all dolled up and dressed up for a yacht trip out in the French Riviera. Oh, yeah, the fantasy part — I’m the captain, horrible storm, everybody below deck, cramped quarters, and subsequent stories of sweaty survivor sex that would burn the ears of even the most hardened seamen (yes, seamen). As it turns out, this twin sexy pair were really on some fancy boat courtesy of Chanel and whatever new line of merchandise their pimping for the season. Which is why my fantasies must remain lost at sea while some shmoes from Chanel marketing get to tip champagne with Rachel and Blake. Life can be so unfair at times. Enjoy.

Rachel Bilson Sexy Bikini Pictures From the Barbados Lost Weekend

You want your sextastic Rachel Bilson wet and lovely bikini pictures? Come and get ‘em. This Hebrew School hottie packed up a few of her skimpier two-piece lycra numbers and headed down to the islands with Hayden Christensen, aka Star Wars ruiner, for what we like to call the multiple-bikini candid photoshoot wonderment (or HAWT for short). Mmm, damp and drippy and nipply Rachel Bilson, I fear I may need some alone time to unconfuse my private thoughts.  Oops, is that cameltoe? Further confusion sets in. And people say leering is easy. Not a chance. Enjoy.

Cuckoo’s Nest

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Rachel Bilson Takes Be Kind To Animals Week to a Whole New Level

First, let’s be honest, that may not actually be a K-9.  It might just be the world’s most clever little person in a dog suit discovering a way to get Rachel Bilson to hump his backside. I’m not exactly sure what was going down on the streets of L.A. between vastly underrated hottie Rachel Bilson and the furry beast that was walking her, but I know that I’m hardly the man to judge others on their furry play conduct. Live and let live and, please, somebody get pictures of Rachel bathing that thing. Enjoy.

Rachel Bilson Pictures in C Are Grade A Bilson

Rachel Bilson gets her sextastic groove on in these pictures for C magazine where the smoking hot actress gets all kinds of heavenly looking in some kind of fashion and style I’ll never understand, but the minute I stop ogling her hot body and that look on her face, I suppose that might become important. Enjoy.

Rachel Bilson and Anna Faris, Just a Couple Hotties Pimping Target

There are few places on this blue planet where I’m considered a VIP. But Target is surely one of them, thanks to my intense and loyal shopping habits. I once bought 30 pairs of socks for $50. I don’t even wear socks, but my collection of puppets from said purchase has made the cover of many arts and crafts magazines. So, I was kind of surprised when I was not invited to the Target VIP event to pimp something or other discount merchandise related. Especially when I saw the array of celebrity hotties that the box store had lined up to co-pimp, not the least of which were the secret lust of my life, Rachel Bilson, looking fine in her Target frock, and Anna Farris, funny, sexy, cleavy, and looking all kinds of ‘wish she were my girlfriend (I mean, if I didn’t already have a girlfriend who reads this site and is a black-belt in some punishing form of mystical Eastern arts). Lucky for Target, I don’t take things personally; I’ll be back there this afternoon buying 10,000 rubber bands for $6. I love a bargain almost as much as I love sexy celebrities. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

Rachel Bilson Shopping For Lingerie Can Only Lead to Silky Dreams

Imagine the greatest places you can catch a super sexy celebrity like Rachel Bilson exiting. Well, to be fair, seeing Rachel Bilson leaving the dentist office is still kind of hot. But leaving a lingerie shop with a little silky purchase hoisted in her hand, well, um, it could lead a lesser man (very much like myself) to spend hours daydreaming what might be in that bag and just how it might look on a lovely lass like Rachel Bilson. In fact, give yourself five minutes to imagine thusly. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame